Sunday, January 24, 2016

Radio - Sunday, January 24th, 2016

We start off with a feature on Make Me Sick fest happening next Friday and Saturday in Hamilton. You can hear the show on the player above or download and MP3 file here.

SICKMARK - Hammer (Pain of Mind)

Ben Needham of former SCHOOL JERKS / TERMINAL STATE fame is helping organize this weekend fest that is taking place in Hamilton this coming Friday. This is the third or fourth fest under the Make Me Sick moniker and Ben explained some of who will be playing and pulled together a set of material representing some of the bands for these shows.

NAAMAHK – C.I.H. (Self-Released)
LOVE CANAL – Sold (Black Dots)
CHLORINE – Power (Self-Released)
THE BOYS – 4 Boys – Big Boy, Big Attitude (Self-Released)
FLESH RAG – Electric Dream (It’s Trash)

CHOKE CHAINS - Drag Queen Cartoon (Slovenly)
BANTAM ROOSTER - Tom Skinner (Crypt)
DIRTBOMBS - Underdog (In The Red)
THE GUN CLUB - Jack On Fire (Ruby)
PUBLIC ANIMAL - One Way Ticket (Yeah Right)

NO PROBLEM - Killing Game (Deranged)
OWEN WILSON - 72 Hours (Yeah Right)
GUILTY RAZORS - I Don't Wanna Be A Rich (Seventeen)
LA MOTO DE FERNAN - La Moto De Fernan (Rufus)
RAMONES - You Didn't Mean Anything To Me (Sire)
ZACHARY SLACKS - Remains (Self-Released)

THE LICKS - 1970's Have Been Made In Hong Kong (Stortbeat)
AFFLICTED - I'm Afflicted (Bonk)
STEREOTYPES – Parisian (Hinterland)
THE BEEZ – Girls (Edible)
THE FREEZE – Paranoia (A1)

SILENT ORDER - Decay (Self-Released)
SUFFER DAMAGE - Crisis (Vulle Pulle)
SVORDOM - Poltetaan Patria (Kierrepotku)
HJARNBLODNING - Världs Polis (Self-Released)
DETONATE - Motherless Children (Self-Released)

ALIENATION - Waste Of Time (Self-Released)
BRICKS - Insignificant Death (Self-Released)
NUEVA FUERZA - Mundo Material (Self-Released)
ULTIMO IMPERIO - Juventud Oportunista (Self-Released)
SECTA SUICIDA - Crisis de Identidad (Discos MMM)
UNWANTED - God Bless America (Self-Released)

SHADOW LAUGHTER - Final Solution To The Oogle Question (Self-Released)
ATZER 81 - Stuttgart Kaputtgart (Ku Kux Klan)
RUBBER MATE - Let's Go to the Beach (Saucepan)
THE CHEAP DATES - Daily Commute (Self-Released)
THE BLOW INS - Pan Bogaty (Self-Released)
BOYSCOUTS - Polar Bear Plunge (Self-Released)

X45 is a new band from Hamilton that features Ben from School Jerks / Terminal State, Scott from Born Wrong, and Casey of Naughty Girls. This demo is being released as a cassette and special edition lathe pressing at Friday night's part of "Make Me Sick". The song "Power" is up on youtube for you to get an idea of what it sounds like. 

X45 – Gods on Earth (Self-Released)
X45 – Power (Self-Released)
X45 – Maniac Mops (Self-Released)

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