Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Big Brother studio 3 session

I have worked with Ian Wilkinson for a few years now. He records all of our studio 3 sessions. He is a trained sound engineer recruited out of Harris Institute by our Station Manager, Ken Stowar and was paired up with our show because of his punk background. Ian has played in a number of punk bands and more recently has played in the Corporation and Ghetto Blaster, but like I said I have mostly known him for being the guy that rushes around to set up mics get a sound, take a session away and send it to me equalized and ready to play. He has done this work selflessly. Ian has a new skacore band called Big Brother with Chris who played in Ghetto Blaster with Ian. Chris plays guitar and sings, Ian plays bass and sings. Derek is their drummer who was on the show once before because he played with Ian in the Corporation. Big Brother self-describes their sound as Orwellian Skacore. The band takes that SoCal melodic punk sound and combines it with ska and offbeat song structures making for a unique sound. The lyrics are inspired by a mix of personal incidents and inspiration documentary films. We did an interview with Big Brother afterwards. This is the first session not recorded by Ian in some time. Andrew Denure from the Filthy Radicals recorded this session. Thanks to Andrew. He recorded the following songs:

1. Slave Wages / I Want for Christmas is the End of the World 
2. Some of us (Ruin it for the rest of us)
3. Labyrinth
4. Kids of the Sun
5. Island President
6. Cast Overboard
7. Slippin' Away 
8. They're Watching
9. Eco-Terrorist
10. Corexit

We also did a station ID, a show ID and a combined ID. The session was video taped by Aldo and candy from Punks and Rockers. 

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