Sunday, April 27, 2003

Zine - Konflict in the Kino, Issue 08

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This is issue number 8 of Konflict in the Kino. The feature is on Koo Stark. There is a diary by the Editor on a recent trip to Russia. Canadian rapper, Ricky J is interviewed in this issue. Dion asks pat Mastroianni (a.k.a. joey Jeremiah) 3 questions. And two pages worth of reviews.

Saturday, April 19, 2003

Bombstrike / Legion666 "Temple of Blasphemy" ep

Legion666 teams up with Bombstrike from Sweden. This gets released on Schizophrenic Records. Legion records a Crude SS cover and an original. Songs on here are:
1. Pessimistic Skies
2. Blue Eyed Devils

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Legion666 "Die scheisse christus" CD

This full length release came out on Yellowdog Records which is a label in Germany. Darrin Cosgrove did the artwork again. This is true Canadian misanthropic blackened hardcore. the songs on here are:
1. Immortal Schisms
2. Vestige through Darkness
3. Witchcraft
4. Moral Disillusions
5. Tomorrow's Prayer
6. Dead Stare
7. Frostbitten
8. Sensory Overkill
9. Close Your Fucking Book
10. Abuse in Isolation
11. Exhausted

Friday, April 11, 2003

Career Suicide "Reach for the SARS with Career Suicide" ep

This was recorded in the summer of SARS. This was recorded by Chris hegge at AudioLab Studios. Deranged Records released this. Songs on here are:

1. Quarantined

2. Sucker
3. Part and Parcel
4. While You're Ahead

Tuesday, April 1, 2003


This issue came out in April 2003 and features interviews with the awesome No Time Left from Buffalo, which featured the Ellman borthers and Nick Baran of Third Party Records. This also features an interview with the Skinjobs, who are a queer-core band from Vancouver and feature Kim Kinakin formerly of Sparkmarker. And there is an interview with Heather and Derek Emerson on their film "Let Me Be Your Band" which is a documentary about one man bands. There are also reviews and show listings.