Thursday, January 28, 1982

DOA "War on 45" 12"

This was the first DOA record I ever owned. I picked it up at the Record Peddler. it first came out in 1982 and was self-released by the band as an 8 song 12". "War in the East" was one of the first punkified reggae songs I had heard. And the cover of the song "War" was also great.

A review that best describes the 12" was by Darryl Smyers of a fanzine called Truly Needy back in May of 1982.

"Yes, still another hardcore record. I bet you preppies are really getting mad now. Anyway, this is DOA's fourth 12". They have had many personnel changes since the early days of "Hardcore 81" and "Something Better Change". Chuck Biscuits went off to drum for Black Flag (I believe he isn't in anymore). DOA quickly picked up Dimwit and Wimpy Roy from another Canadian punk group, the Subhumans. All of this leads up to their newest creation, "War On 45". It has 8 tracks, 4 of which are excellent, the other being mediocre. The record starts off impressively with "Liar for Hire", a heavy metal/punk tune with great lyrics. This is followed by the boring "I'm Right, You're Wrong" and the rehash of an old tune "Let's Fuck". The last track is "America the Beautiful" which also appeared on the "Rat Music" compilation LP. Side two starts off with "War", an old Jam song which really is even older than that ("Edwin Starr wrote it and had a hit with this song around '69. Check it out."--D/D). It is a great tune, and DOA does it fantastically. It is very, very produced, but it is nice to hear distinct guitar lines and audible vocals. A real original tune called "I Hate You" borders on ludicrous and an attempt at reggae falls flat in the form of "War in the East". The final cut is a cover of the Dils (an early West Coast punk band) "Class War" which is much better than the original. Overall, a mighty impressive EP with production and variety. It may not be consistant but it's damned good."

This got re-issued as a CD by Sudden Death Records in 2005 with loads of extra songs but the original contained:
1. Liar For Hire
2. I'm Right, You're Wrong
3. America the Beautiful
4. Let's Fuck
5. War
6. I Hate You
7. War in the East
8. Class War

Saturday, January 23, 1982

Monday, January 18, 1982

Monday, January 11, 1982

Porcelain Forehead "What the World Needs is a Clear Head" ep

This band was from Ottawa. These covers were hand silk screened. There is a great review for this ep up at No Cause for Concern. The songs on here are:

1. That number again Folks
2. Q
3. How High?
4. Human Torch
5. Unfinished Porch
6. Gleaning Ground
You can download the ep at Media Fire.

Tuesday, January 5, 1982

Zine - The Pig Paper #14

This issue of the Pig Paper came out in January 1982. This issue had a colour cover and sheets inserted inside. It is a neat binding trick. This issue features material on Jerry Lee Lewis.