Friday, February 28, 2014

Top 10 - February 2014

1. GAS RAG "Market Crash" ep (Even Worse)
2. CHAIN RANK "The Grip" demo (Self-Released)
3. MERCY KILLINGS "F.B.A.T.P." ep (Beach Impediment)
4. BATTLESCARD "Speed Chaos" demo
5. DARFUR "Systematic Error" ep (Bad Hair Life)
6. KOSZMAR "Jeniec Wojenny" LP (Rust and Machine / Charged and Distorted)
7. RIISTETYT "Korppien Paraati" LP (Stupido)
8. ABNORMI "Viimeiselle Matkalle" 10" (Blame the Victim)
9. FISSURE demo (Self-Released)
10. PURE DISGUST demo (Self-Released)

* EVEN WORSE RECORDS – Noel de Boer / Van Ostadestr 93-f / 1072 SR Amsterdam / Holland /
* BEACH IMPEDIMENT – P.O. Box 8335 / Virginia Beach, VA / 23450 / USA /
* STUPIDO - P.O. Box 301 / 00121 Helsinki / Finland /,eng.php

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flyer - Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Thursday, February 27th @ Call the Office (London)
Chi Pig (SNFU frontman) performing an acoustic set.
Chris Walters reading from the updated edition of What No On Else Wanted To Say 
There will also be a Q&A with Chi & Chris and a night of sweet punk rock tunes.

Friday February 28th @ Maxwell's Music House
Mr. Chi Pig (Acoustic set)
Chris Walter (Reading one of the chapters and Q&A)
The Nasties (Guelph sleaze punk)

Saturday March 1st @ Bovine Sex Club
CHI PIG accoustic set
CHRIS WALTER reading from "What No One Else wanted to say"
CACTUS VELLA of Class Assassins
CHUCK COLES of Organ Thieves

Sunday March 2nd @ Van Gogh's Ear (Guelph)
Mr. Chi Pig
Chris Walter
Jon Creeden
The Band

Monday March 3rd @ Club Absinthe (Hamilton)
CHI PIG accoustic set
CHRIS WALTER reading from "What No One Else wanted to say"
CACTUS VELLA of Class Assassins
CHUCK COLES of Organ Thieves

Tuesday March 4th @ the Atria (Oshawa)
CHI PIG accoustic set
CHRIS WALTER reading from "What No One Else wanted to say"
Jon Creeden (Punk/Acoustic from Stratford) -
Intercoarse (Oshawa Folk/ Acoustic/ Hip Hop)
Kyle Wilson (Oshawa Acoustic)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Zine - EXD, Volume 14, Issue 1

The new issue of the EXD zine is out and this issue features an interview with two members from Creative Zero who were a hardcore band from the early 80's that formed in the Peterborough area. James Zero, who played guitar, and Joel Wasson, who played drums, were the interviewees. They fill us in on the band tell us about moving to Toronto, give us stories about the shows they played, the bands they played with and the clubs that this all happened in. They also inform us that they were recorded for a second T.O Hardcore comp that never came out. But they were in "Not Dead Yet" so that is part of the narrative. Tim Freeborn transcribed this beat of a discussion. We also included a few reviews of an ealry Toronto punk zine called "Smash it Up" with links to on-line versions so that you can download them for yourself.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Radio - Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Tonight's show starts out with a feature of Toronto's latest power violence band, Burial Permit, recorded here in studio 3 on Tuesday. You can hear the show on the player above or download an MP3 of the show here.

BURIAL PERMIT - Out for Blood (CIUT)
BURIAL PERMIT - Less than Nothing (CIUT)

In honour of Bob castles passing away this past Monday we will start this set off with Devo. We played this cover by Allen Toussaint.

DEVO - Working in a Coalmine (Superior Viaduct)
VCR - Scream (Self-Released)
NEGATIVE TREND - How Ya Feelin' (Superior Viaduct)
ABNORMI - Hiljaisuus on Kultaa (Blame the Victim) (Silence is Golden)
SUICIDE DATES - I Don't Mind (Unreleased)
TZN XENNA - Wasza Wiara? (Refuse)

Given the stand off that has happened in Kiev this week we wanted to pay tribute with a couple of bands from the Ukraine.

THE UKRANIANS - Pretty Vacant (Zirka)
XRETALIATIONX - For my Freedom (Self-Released)
DEAD SURE - Cranky Old Man (Self-Released)
GAZ-66 INTRUSION - Not That Way (Self-Released)

Lots of new material mostly from Canadian bands

KOSZMAR - Aniol Milosierdzia (Charged Distorted / Rust and Machine)
CRUNKY KIDS - Our Little War (Hibachi)
EARTH CRUST DISPLACEMENT - Reasons of War (Heartfirst)
SILENT ORDER - Forward to Death (Self-Released)
TWO CROSSES - Sunshowers (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is from Portland. See the review from MRR in January's issue.

HELLGASM - Aufstand (Self-Released)
HELLGASM - Night Gewinnen (Self-Released)
HELLGASM - Bombs (Self-Released)
HELLGASM - Shout out the system (Self-Released)
HELLGASM - Lords of Pestilence (Self-Released)
HELLGASM - Lopan (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Burial Permit studio 3 session

Burial Permit are a new power violence band, although they toy with descriptors like metal violence and the ungrindliest grindcore band. D'Arcy brought them to my attention last year just after they released their 5 song demo on bandcamp. At the time I knew that Spencer from Direct Approach had formed the band and had switched from bass to singer in this new band. Spencer has a theatre background and has learned how to sing from the diaphragm. Good thing because there was still a voice at the end of last night's session. That is particularly remarkable considering they did most of their songs more than once and they played a show the night before. 

I also knew Lautaro from Total Trash. Both bands had played in Studio 3 before, although Total Trash recorded in the old studio. I learned that Total Trash broke up or morphed into a new band called Home Invasion. I should also mention that Lautaro and Spencer have five other bands outside of Burial Permit and  to with each other. They list them off in the interview. 

Spencer warned me that we needed to do some work with Lautaro's set up. They had to bring a separate amp for pedals and sound effects that would become a big part of the song "Sleep". Lautaro was creating a layer of noise using guitar pedals, an old school portable tape recorder (old technology), and a cell phone (new technology). The cell phone was the first as in instrument for these sessions. Lautaro was wearing a Column of Heaven shirt and he talked about them as being an influence on the band's sound. Column of Heaven have adopted the sound and atmospherics of the early industrial scene and morphed it into their power violence influenced meanderings which also channel Man is the Bastard. Spencer spoke of the two bands as being peers in the Toronto scene. 

With regards to the song "Sleep", the guitarist Luciano, contributed by playing the guitar with a drumstick like it was a slide pick on the fret board's but not in the country and western application of the style.  It was to layer noise in a droning song to resemble pain. 

Luciano is Lautaro's younger brother. And the drummer, Thomas, is Spencer's cousin. The band is made up of a set of relations. And many great bands are built around families. Think of Devo who are two sets of brothers (Bob Castle, RIP). I have been reading about No Means No and the Wright Brothers who have made thirty years of great music. There is lots of promise for this band and the chemistry between them allows for creative dialogue to evolve. 

Luciano is an original member. Spencer is the self designated band leader. Lautaro is the most recent addition  not playing on the original demo. Thomas is the youngest and plays one of the most elaborate drum kits to ever set up in Studio 3. Spencer joked that Thomas plays the Neil Peart (Rush drummer) set ups. There was an extra floor tom, a double bass drum pedal, and loads of cymbals some of which were stacked on top of each other and others which had holes cut in then resembling Swiss cheese. Thomas also had a great story about being tutored by the drummer from Cryptopsy at drum camp over the summer. Thomas used to play in a prog metal band and Burial Permit is his first introduction into the punk world. 

Lots of these songs are the first times they are being committed in a studio. Some of these songs are re-recorded with the current line up. There is a YDI cover and a couple of improvised IDs. All of this was recorded and mixed by Ian Wilkinson from Big Brother. The songs are:

1. Writhe
2. Calloused
3. Less than nothing
4. Burial
5. Failure
6. Meat
7. Cycles
8. Privilege (which is now being called Willful)
9. Stray
10. Sleep
11. Out for Blood (YDI)
12. Truth
13. ID 1
14. ID 2

A video mix was edited together by Aldo from Punks and Rockers which will be posted up here soon. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Radio - Sunday, February 16th, 2014

You can play the show above or download an MP3 file of the program. 

The beginning of this show was inspired by the Olympic hockey game witnessed earlier in the day that went into sudden death overtime. The Hanson Brothers song "Sudden Death" started out the show. Then we went into sets by Canadian bands and Finnish bands. I tried to keep it more contemporary.

HANSON BROTHERS - Sudden Death (Wrong)

Canada vs. Finland
AK47 - Season of Death / Winter is Over (Self-Released)
PICK YOUR SIDE - This Is Not A Test (Regurgitated Semen)
NAPALM RAID - Essence of War (Rust and Machine)
NO PROBLEM - Debts (Handsome Dan)
PROXY - Wasted Days (Imminent Destruction)
BISHOPS GREEN - Tumbling Down (Rebellion)

KAUNEUS AND TERVEYS - Tyollistettava (Urban Gorilla)
TERVEET KADET - Peikotila (Kamaset Levyt)
YDINASEETON POHJOLA - Grynderi (Nightstick Justice)
HAISTELIJAT - Syksyn Harrastusvinkkeja (Nuuhkaja / Joteskii Groteskii)
HERO DISHONEST - Suomi tarvitsee peloittavan armeijan (Peterwalkee)

Continuing with a women in punk series starting out with one of John Peel's favourites from Australia.

XL CAPRIS - My City of Sydney (Residoll)
STRAPAZE - Tage (Tritt)
RAKKETAX - Van Agt (Rock Against)

THE REACTORS - World War Four (Nuclear Waste)
DEBILS - Maso (Teva)
BLITZKREIG - Szene (Lost and Found)
THE DISTURBERS - KZ Syndrome (Self-Released)
LOST CHERREES - Living in a coffin (Mortarhate)

This is a set of straight edge material most of which is new.

BEYOND PINK - Thanks to the Boys (Emancypunx)
THUG LIFE - I don't need you (Refuse)
STAY HUNGRY - Quick to Judge (Refuse)
CHAIN OF STRENGTH - True 'til Death (Revelation)
DEMOLITION - Us Against You (Triple B)

A set of early 80's American hardcore

THE FARTZ - Idiots Rule (Fartz)
BIG BOYS - No Love (Touch 'n Go)
FLIPPER - Living for the Depression (Beggars Banquet)

THE BRAINIACS - Don't tell me why (Mental Health)
STATE - New Right (Statement)
I ACCUSE - Thinking Free (Self-Released)

Contemporary hardcore out from the last year

YOUTH CHOIR - Make bombs not bumper stickers (Self-Released)
FALSE LIGHT - The great unwashed (Self-Released)
SHIT LUCK - Slow death (Self-Released)
FEVER DREAMS - Spine (Self-Released) 
REVENGENCE - Darker Dialects (Worldwide powerviolence)
HAUNTED GROUND - Rats in the Walls (Worldwide powerviolence)
SKUFF - Smog dav (Worldwide powerviolence)
HENRY FONDA - Mainstream media killed all my friends (Worldwide powerviolence)

PARA-METHOXY N METHYL-AMPHETAMIME (PMMA) - Master of your mind / Overdose (Imminent Destruction)
PASSIV DODSHJALP - Evolutionen Backar (Halfabrikat / Totalpunk)
HYSTERIA - Luxury (Imminent Destruction)
KRONOEGDEN - Detfinns inte mer (Blindead)

SIZE - Tonight (New Rockers)
CHAOTIC SUBVERSION - Why Fur (Self-Released)
NEGATIV - Glitter hair creme (Self-Released)
STADES - Gunfight (Adventure)
PICTURE FRAME SEDUCTION - Get your rocks off (Self-Released)

FUGAZI - Blueprint (Dischord)

Tonight's demo feature is from Toronto and this demo has been out for some time. We will be recording a session in Studio 3 with the band this Tuesday so we will have more material and an interview for Sunday.  You can download the demo from their bandcamp page.

BURIAL PERMIT - Writhe (Self-Released)
BURIAL PERMIT - Privilege (Self-Released)
BURIAL PERMIT - Burial (Self-Released)
BURIAL PERMIT - Ash (Self-Released)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Radio - Sunday, February, 9th, 2014

You can listen to tonight's show on the player above or download an MP3 here.

Tonight's show started out with a live session recorded on Tuesday with VCR.

VCR - Pizza Party (CIUT)
VCR - Interview (CIUT)
VCR - Scream (CIUT)

We spoke about a video for "Scream". Here it is

VCR - SCREAM (MUSIC VIDEO) from Scott Thomas Jenner on Vimeo.

VCR - Interview - CIUT
VCR - Fake Freaks Fuck Off (CIUT)
VCR - Interview (CIUT)
VCR - Dirty Girl / City Boy (CIUT)
VCR - Interview (CIUT)
VCR - Interview (CIUT)
VCR - Think Twice (CIUT)
VCR - Interview (CIUT)
VCR - One Trick Dog (CIUT)

Lots of re-issues sets tonight.

THE #1'S - Boy (Sorry State / Alien Snatch)
GROWN UPS - The things I could live without (Mammoth Cave)
STEVE ADAMYK BAND - For you (Hold On) (Hosehead)
THE FINGERS - Work It Out (Last laugh / Paradox)
THE VILETONES - Wet Dream Girl (Distortions / Funkadelphia)

ADIEXODO - Alternative Solution (B Other Side / Scarecrow)
STRESS - Fear (B Other Side)
THE ADICTS - Numbers (Fallout)
THE DISRUPTERS - Norvic the Clown / Gas the Punx (Resistance)
ROVSVETT - Världskrig 3 (Just 4 Fun)
H.C.P. - Policja (Warsaw Pact)

THOR'S HAMMER - My Life (Ugly Pop)
THE SONICS - Have Love will Travel (Norton)
SIMPLY SAUCER - Bullet Proof Nothing (Mammoth Cave)
DEVIL DOGS - Tattoed Apathetic Boys (Helter Skelter)
RAYDIOS - Fast Boy (Three Dimensional)

A set of releases by new bands.
GAS RAG - Chernobyl (Even Worse)
COKSKAR - Cokroachskar (Self-Released)
LIFE CHAIN - Dead End (Imminent Destruction)
MODORRA - Strangle Games (Plague Island / 11th Boil)
FULL OF HELL - Return to the Mines (a389)

Tonight's demo feature is a band that comes from Texas but takes their influences from Sweden. A copy of the demo can be downloaded from their bandcamp page.

ISKALLT REGN - Chaotic Advance (Self-Released)
ISKALLT REGN - Kaotisk varld (Self-Released)
ISKALLT REGN - Javala Framtid (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Friday, February 7, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

VCR studio 3 session

These studio 3 posts as of late have been pre-occupied with bad weather and tonight is no exception. A multi-waved snowstorm is to begin at midnight tonight, or so I keep hearing on the weather reports. At least it is not as cold as it has been. But I am still concerned about where I am meeting VCR. Fortunately two members played in Wrong Generation and have done a studio 3 session, so Matt and Scott know where the tower was on Tower Road (there are two). And I didn't recognize Scott with his hair so short. It was shoulder length the last time he was here. Still has the same baby face. As introductions are being done I learn that the keyboard player, Erica, just learned the songs over the last three days. The regular keyboard player goes to school in Montreal. That sounds like Julian from the Wastoids.

Having keyboards is unusual and we have only ever had a band with keyboards a few times with Tijuana Bibles and the Diodes and maybe Simply Saucer (although that might have just been a theremin). Anyway I wasn't sure what the sound was going to be like. I didn't need to worry because VCR rocked. And not just in some poor excuse for an adjective way. The band really pulled from garage rock inspirations citing some of Jay Reatard's projects as well as some bands from the current New York scene like Hand Wood and the Hammerheads or Coachwhips. I certainly heard a hi energy style of rock 'n roll that fuelled bands like the Mummies and New Bomb Turks. Scott was singing and playing guitar and really played up some of the drama. He is great at hyping a moment and helps you get right into their sound. There is neat interplay between him and Matt which is heard in the intro to "Scream". And he sounds like Doc Dart from the Crucifucks when he is singing.
The band also wore costumes. So the front line (Scott, MacKenzie, and Erica) sported bright red VCR shirts complete in the Blade Runner font. Scott had a bandana made out of police line tape. Mackenzie wore one of the brightest multi coloured dress I have ever seen. And Erica sported a mullet wig on top of her shoulder length hair. But Matt was the highlight nuzzled up into a yellow hazmat suit (can someone say Devo) and his hi hat was topped off with a rubber skull just waiting for a Shakespearean soliloquy.

The band played the following set of originals:

1. Pizza Party
2. Think Twice
3. One Trick Dog
5. Fake Freaks Fuck Off
6. Dirty Girl / City Boy
7. Scream
VCR was also very good at doing IDs for the station and the show:

8. BDSM ID - The girls did a play on the Poly Styrene intro to "Oh Bondage".
9. Pizza Party ID - Matt does a British snooty accent with a dedication to D'Arcy.
10. Muzak ID - Matt played elavator music while Scott did his best New Yorker impersonation.

Wrong Generation had to play a show on Sunday so we did the interview after the session.

Aldo from Punks and Rockers caught the set on tape even though the lighting was a bit absent.

Speaking of tapes, VCR have a demo that you can download at their bandcamp page.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Radio - Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Use the player above or download an MP3 of the show here.

Tonight we start off with a tribute to Black History month with a punk band that used dub on a punk song.

GENERATION X - Wild Dub (Chrysalis)

This set features punk bands playing reggae
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Bloody Dub (Chrysalis)
THE RUTS - Jah War (Captin Oi)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS - I Understand (Captain Oi!)
THE CLASH - Justice Tonight / Kick it over (Epic)

This set features hardore bands mixing it up with ska
CITIZEN FISH - Write it all down (Bluurg)
4-SKINS - Plastic Gangster (Captain Oi!)
OPERATION IVY - Unity (Lookout)
THE RESTARTS - Times Hard (No Label)
VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - Empty Bottles (Signal Sounds Systems)
SNUFF - Rivers of Babylon (Fat)

This set features hardcore bands with members who are black playing some of the most raging hardcore
BAD BRAINS - Big Takeover (Abstract)
S.C.U.M. - So M.U.C.H. Hate (Psyche)
SCREAM - The Zoo Closes at Dark (Dischord)
McRAD - Acid Drop (Red)
BEEFEATER - 40 Sonnets on Plants (Dischord)

This set features my top 10 new releases that came out in January
COKE BUST - Sent in Circles (Grave Mistake)
OBLITERATION - Where do we go (Beach Impediment)
ABUSE - Cold Sweat (To Live A Lie)
BUMBKLAATT - Ripped and Torn (Prank)
PARANOID - Hightech Future (Phobia / Rawmantic Disasters)
VAASKA - Anyone (Beach Impediment)
CRUNKY KIDS - The Corrupt (Hibachi)
TV FREAKS - Mine / Think (Schizophrenic)
GENERACION SUICIDA - Mil Amores (Mata la Musica)
JUNGBLUTH - Wakefield (Halo of Flies)

COMMITED - Fast Lane (Bin Liner)
GROUT - Fast Cars (Bin Liner)
SCHOOLGIRL BITCH - Ausing the Rules (Bin Liner)
ACCIDENT ON THE FAST LANES - Tell me what you mean (Bin Liner)
AMAZING SPACE FROGS - Necrophilia (Bin Liner)
HENRY ESSENCE - 14 Year Old Love (Bin Liner)

MIELENHAIRIM - Vapaa (Self-Released)
VARAUS - Vasynyt Noryrtymanh (Kraklund)
HIE SYSTEEMI - Simivalkooin (Kraklund)
POHJASAKKA - Sorta ja vihaa (Kalma)
DESTRUCTIONS - Kenella on Vlta (Rockorama)

NO FRAUD - Failure (No Clubs)
NOG WATT - Hunted (Revenge)
RADICAL LEFT - Society hates You (Self-Released)
S.N.O.T. Cashing in (KML)
TYRADES - I am Homoicde (Shit Sandwich)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

MRR Review - EXD, Volume 13, Issue 1

The recent issue of our zine is reviewed in February's issue of MRR (#369).

MRR Review - Sleight demo

Another great band from Halifax. The demo can be downloaded at 
This review appears in the demo section of MRR #369 (February).

MRR Review - Negative Rage "Does Yours?" demo

Negative Rage features Cody Cross and only Cody. I guess this is what Cody does when he is not jamming with one of the twenty bands he is in. This demo is reviewed in the demo section of the February 2014 issue of MRR (#369).

MRR Review - Kremlin last cassette

This is it. Kremlin have broken up and this is their last ever recording. Great Toronto band. Sad to hear of their demise. MRR review it in the February 2014 issue (#369).

MRR Review - Koszmar "Jeniec Wojenny" LP

This band from Vancouver that songs in Polish has a full length out and it is reviewed in MRR (#369).

MRR Review - Jimmy Vapid "Triangulator" ep

The TV Freaks refer to Jimmy Vapid as one take Jimmy. The number of songs on this release speak to that record a good idea and be done with it. Jimmy is a riff machine. This was reviewed in the February 2014 issue of MRR (#369).

MRR Review - Jimmy Vapid "Realities of War" ep

This was in the February 2014 issue of MRR (#369)

MRR Review - Jimmy Vapid "Humble Beginnings" ep

Jimmy Vapid can't be stopped from making music. He moved out to the sticks away from his brother and band, but he continues on as a one man band. I love that spirit about Jimmy.This is the one of three releases by Jimmy reviewed in the February issue of MRR (#369).

MRR Review - Column of Heaven "Failures" demo

Column of Heaven's latest release in the demo review section of the February 2014 issue of MRR (#369).

MRR Review - Auve "V.L.O.M." demo

This demo was reviewed in the February issue of MRR (#369).

MRR Review - Life Chain "Uniformed Cowards" ep

Life Chain are also from Halifax  and this is their first ep. This review comes from the February 2014 issue (#369) of MRR. You can hear more Life Chain material at their bandcamp page.

MRR Review - Koszmar "Jeniec Wojenny" LP

Koszmar, from Vancouver, releases a full length released on two labels. This review come from the February 2014 issue (#369) of MRR.

MRR Review - Hard Charger "Chrome Lord" ep

This is Hard Charger's latest ep. This review comes from the Feburary 2014 issue (#369) of MRR.

MRR Review - Concete Asylum "Social Anxiety" ep

The first ep of Concrete Asylum's gets reviewed in the February issue of MRR (#369). Local label Bad Vibrations releases this recoridng which you can find at