Sunday, February 9, 2014

Radio - Sunday, February, 9th, 2014

You can listen to tonight's show on the player above or download an MP3 here.

Tonight's show started out with a live session recorded on Tuesday with VCR.

VCR - Pizza Party (CIUT)
VCR - Interview (CIUT)
VCR - Scream (CIUT)

We spoke about a video for "Scream". Here it is

VCR - SCREAM (MUSIC VIDEO) from Scott Thomas Jenner on Vimeo.

VCR - Interview - CIUT
VCR - Fake Freaks Fuck Off (CIUT)
VCR - Interview (CIUT)
VCR - Dirty Girl / City Boy (CIUT)
VCR - Interview (CIUT)
VCR - Interview (CIUT)
VCR - Think Twice (CIUT)
VCR - Interview (CIUT)
VCR - One Trick Dog (CIUT)

Lots of re-issues sets tonight.

THE #1'S - Boy (Sorry State / Alien Snatch)
GROWN UPS - The things I could live without (Mammoth Cave)
STEVE ADAMYK BAND - For you (Hold On) (Hosehead)
THE FINGERS - Work It Out (Last laugh / Paradox)
THE VILETONES - Wet Dream Girl (Distortions / Funkadelphia)

ADIEXODO - Alternative Solution (B Other Side / Scarecrow)
STRESS - Fear (B Other Side)
THE ADICTS - Numbers (Fallout)
THE DISRUPTERS - Norvic the Clown / Gas the Punx (Resistance)
ROVSVETT - Världskrig 3 (Just 4 Fun)
H.C.P. - Policja (Warsaw Pact)

THOR'S HAMMER - My Life (Ugly Pop)
THE SONICS - Have Love will Travel (Norton)
SIMPLY SAUCER - Bullet Proof Nothing (Mammoth Cave)
DEVIL DOGS - Tattoed Apathetic Boys (Helter Skelter)
RAYDIOS - Fast Boy (Three Dimensional)

A set of releases by new bands.
GAS RAG - Chernobyl (Even Worse)
COKSKAR - Cokroachskar (Self-Released)
LIFE CHAIN - Dead End (Imminent Destruction)
MODORRA - Strangle Games (Plague Island / 11th Boil)
FULL OF HELL - Return to the Mines (a389)

Tonight's demo feature is a band that comes from Texas but takes their influences from Sweden. A copy of the demo can be downloaded from their bandcamp page.

ISKALLT REGN - Chaotic Advance (Self-Released)
ISKALLT REGN - Kaotisk varld (Self-Released)
ISKALLT REGN - Javala Framtid (Self-Released)

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