Sunday, February 16, 2014

Radio - Sunday, February 16th, 2014

You can play the show above or download an MP3 file of the program. 

The beginning of this show was inspired by the Olympic hockey game witnessed earlier in the day that went into sudden death overtime. The Hanson Brothers song "Sudden Death" started out the show. Then we went into sets by Canadian bands and Finnish bands. I tried to keep it more contemporary.

HANSON BROTHERS - Sudden Death (Wrong)

Canada vs. Finland
AK47 - Season of Death / Winter is Over (Self-Released)
PICK YOUR SIDE - This Is Not A Test (Regurgitated Semen)
NAPALM RAID - Essence of War (Rust and Machine)
NO PROBLEM - Debts (Handsome Dan)
PROXY - Wasted Days (Imminent Destruction)
BISHOPS GREEN - Tumbling Down (Rebellion)

KAUNEUS AND TERVEYS - Tyollistettava (Urban Gorilla)
TERVEET KADET - Peikotila (Kamaset Levyt)
YDINASEETON POHJOLA - Grynderi (Nightstick Justice)
HAISTELIJAT - Syksyn Harrastusvinkkeja (Nuuhkaja / Joteskii Groteskii)
HERO DISHONEST - Suomi tarvitsee peloittavan armeijan (Peterwalkee)

Continuing with a women in punk series starting out with one of John Peel's favourites from Australia.

XL CAPRIS - My City of Sydney (Residoll)
STRAPAZE - Tage (Tritt)
RAKKETAX - Van Agt (Rock Against)

THE REACTORS - World War Four (Nuclear Waste)
DEBILS - Maso (Teva)
BLITZKREIG - Szene (Lost and Found)
THE DISTURBERS - KZ Syndrome (Self-Released)
LOST CHERREES - Living in a coffin (Mortarhate)

This is a set of straight edge material most of which is new.

BEYOND PINK - Thanks to the Boys (Emancypunx)
THUG LIFE - I don't need you (Refuse)
STAY HUNGRY - Quick to Judge (Refuse)
CHAIN OF STRENGTH - True 'til Death (Revelation)
DEMOLITION - Us Against You (Triple B)

A set of early 80's American hardcore

THE FARTZ - Idiots Rule (Fartz)
BIG BOYS - No Love (Touch 'n Go)
FLIPPER - Living for the Depression (Beggars Banquet)

THE BRAINIACS - Don't tell me why (Mental Health)
STATE - New Right (Statement)
I ACCUSE - Thinking Free (Self-Released)

Contemporary hardcore out from the last year

YOUTH CHOIR - Make bombs not bumper stickers (Self-Released)
FALSE LIGHT - The great unwashed (Self-Released)
SHIT LUCK - Slow death (Self-Released)
FEVER DREAMS - Spine (Self-Released) 
REVENGENCE - Darker Dialects (Worldwide powerviolence)
HAUNTED GROUND - Rats in the Walls (Worldwide powerviolence)
SKUFF - Smog dav (Worldwide powerviolence)
HENRY FONDA - Mainstream media killed all my friends (Worldwide powerviolence)

PARA-METHOXY N METHYL-AMPHETAMIME (PMMA) - Master of your mind / Overdose (Imminent Destruction)
PASSIV DODSHJALP - Evolutionen Backar (Halfabrikat / Totalpunk)
HYSTERIA - Luxury (Imminent Destruction)
KRONOEGDEN - Detfinns inte mer (Blindead)

SIZE - Tonight (New Rockers)
CHAOTIC SUBVERSION - Why Fur (Self-Released)
NEGATIV - Glitter hair creme (Self-Released)
STADES - Gunfight (Adventure)
PICTURE FRAME SEDUCTION - Get your rocks off (Self-Released)

FUGAZI - Blueprint (Dischord)

Tonight's demo feature is from Toronto and this demo has been out for some time. We will be recording a session in Studio 3 with the band this Tuesday so we will have more material and an interview for Sunday.  You can download the demo from their bandcamp page.

BURIAL PERMIT - Writhe (Self-Released)
BURIAL PERMIT - Privilege (Self-Released)
BURIAL PERMIT - Burial (Self-Released)
BURIAL PERMIT - Ash (Self-Released)

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