Tuesday, January 26, 1993

Sparkmarker "Gerberick" ep

This record was named after an artist named Ken Gerberick. Ken had a studio across the street from Sparkmarker. The cover is one of Ken's pieces. Ken creates art out of years of odds and sods form somewhere else. Just incredible stuff. This 7" was the first in a series of three 7" that worked at exposing Canadian artists. The songs on here are:

1. Levi's Deklein
2. Sleeping with the TV on
3. Memorenda

Friday, January 8, 1993

Armed and Hammered / Suckerpunch split ep

Armed and Hammered were a drunk punk band from Toronto and they recored this ep in November 1992. It was a split with Suckerpunch who were like a Rockabilly inspired punk band similar to the Cramps. Both bands were awesome. The songs on the Armed and Hammered side are:

1. Tragic Story
2. Crad Kilodney was innocent
3. Beans on Toast
The songs on the Suckerpunch side are:
1. Smack
2. Witch Doctor