Sunday, January 30, 2005

Radio - Sunday, January 30, 2005

DISRESPECT – Timmy (Profane Existence)

WORDS THAT BURN – The Art of Theft (Crimes Against Humanity)
NEO NASTIES – Samurah (Self-Released)
DEFIANCE – Final Hour (Punk-Core)
CAUSTIC CHRIST – Postcard from Hell (Havoc)
INTENT – Socialisation (Suspect Device)
MUKEKO DI RATO – Mundo Venerico (If Society / 625 Productions)
SEE YOU IN HELL – Lode (Insane Society)
HRYDJUVERK! – Iandrad (Holy Shit)
SPEND 4 – Starting Over (Acme)
TOMORROW – Bomba (Answer)

MUMMIES – Test Drive (Estrus)
VELVET UNDERGROUND – White Light / White Heat (Verve)
SIMPLY SAUCER – Mole Machine (Get Back)

MENTAL ABUSE – Gimme Death (Mental Abuse)
CIRLCE ONE – F.O. (Grand Theft Audio)
ILL WILL – Paranoid (New Underground)
YDI – Not Shit (Parts Unknown)
TAR BABIES – Punch (Boner)
NYC MAYHEM – Nothing Song (Bootleg)

THE AGE – Back from the Dead (Commitment)
FIGHTING CHANCE – Global Homicide (Insurgence)
IN TIME – You Should Know (In Time)
KEEP IT UP – Think like the Rest (Feelin’ It)
PATIENT ZERO – Save the Kids (Holy Shit)

ANGELIC UPSTARTS – Shotgun Solution (Warner Brothers)
PORCELAIN FOREHEAD – Gameshow Riff (No Pigs)
SPORES – Conspiracy in the Sky (Criminal)
DA STUPIDS – Alien (Mindless)
LAST PRAYER – Religion (No Pigs)

THE CLASH – Remote Control (Epic)
HIT AND RUN – Anger (Longshot)
SOUND CITY HOOLIGANS – Johnny 45 (Sound City Hooligans)
ACTION – Rise (Punk-Core)

RUTS – Stepping Bondage (Bohemian)
LIKET LEVER – Hjarts Slag (Redrum)
RIVALS – here Comes the Night (Redrum)

THE BAD AMPS – Nothing Left to Lose (Self-Released)
THE BAD AMPS – Sirens (Self-Released)
THE BAD AMPS – Broken Bottles (Self-Released)
THE BAD AMPS – Yeah Yeah (Self-Released)
THE BAD AMPS – Stay Out Tonight (Self-Released)
THE BAD AMPS – Bad Man (Self-Released)
THE BAD AMPS – The Way It Is (Self-Released)
THE BAD AMPS – Second Story (Self-Released)
THE BAD AMPS – Lost Cause (Self-Released)

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Radio - Sunday, January 23, 2005

ENDLESS NIGHTMARE – Into the Abyss (Self-Released)

LET’S GROW – Mankind’s Son (Know)
UNITY – Explanation for Action (Wishing Well)
CHUCK NORRIS – Sop It Over Jerk (Distorted Riffs, Circle Pits)
9 SHOCKS TERROR – Prozac logic (Devour)
LIM – Snutas (Know)
BLACK EYES CLUB – System, System (Self-Released)
SEND MORE COPS – Nothing (Self-Released)

THE ACTION – TVs on the Blink (Montreco)
THE UGLY – One Foot in the Gutter (Other People’s Music)
DAMNED – Anti-Pope (Chiswick)
FREESTONE – Bummer Bitch (Redrum)
DRY HEAVES – Shoot Yourself (Rave Up)

HEART ATTACK – You (Damaged Goods)
DISCHARGE – Religion Instigates (Clay)
OUT OF ORDER – Survival of the Fittest (Victory)
CAPITOL PUNISHMENT – Wrong Direction (Stage Dive)
DEADLINE – Deep Sixed (Bootleg)

THE FARTZ – Con Game (Alternative Tentacles)
Interview with Blaine CookTHE ACCUSED – In a Death Bed (Earache / C.O.R.)

AUTHORITIES – Drop the Bomb (Bootleg)
REDD KROSS – S&M Parties (Poshboy)
THE GERMS – Communist Eyes (Slash)
DICKS – Lifetime Problems (Alternative Tentacles)
THE FORGOTTEN REBELS – Peica ‘n Roll (Other People’s Music)
RAMONES – Commando (Sire)

TEENBEATS – I Can’t Control Myself (Gamma)
BLUE PETER – Same Old Place (Ready)
B-GIRLS – B-Side (Bomp!)
ROMANTICS – When I Look in Your Eyes (Nemporer)
20/20 – Cheri (Portrait)

KNIFE FIGHT – Destruction (My War)
NO FRAUD – Failure (No Clubs)
RED TIDE – Price for Progress (Toxic Shock)
THREATS – Go to Hell (Rondelet)
ARTICLES OF FAITH – Bad Attitude (Wasteland)

BRUTAL KNIGHTS – Not Fun (Deranged)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS – Stop Whining (Deranged)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS – Wet My Pants (Deranged)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION – Nuclear Threat (Self-Released)
LIFE AGAINST DEATH – I’m Not Here to get Fucked Up (Self-Released)
THOUGHT CRIME – I Wanna Drink (Self-Released)
POISON IDEA – Rich Get Richer (Taang)

EMERGENCY – I Ain’t Listening (Step 1)

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Flyer - Saturday January 15, 2005

Flyer - Saturday January 15, 2005

Radio - Sunday, January 15, 2005

THE FINAL FOUR - Out All Night (Insurgence)

CHRONIC THRASH SYNDROME - Boys Will Be Boys (Self-Released)
THIRD DEATH - Lights Stay On (Self Released)
NEO NASTIES - Out of the Gash (Self-Released)
WALK THE PLANK - Blackspot (Self-Released)
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Columbian Education (Self-Released)

KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO - Vaarassa vai Yksin? (Self-Released)
TASTE OF FLESH - Point which we will not find there any lead us each (Self-Released)
I OBJECT - 8" of Crap 7" of Passion (Self-Released)

BASTARDIZER - Mehong Delta (Self-Released)
WRECKAGE - Endless (Self-Released)

THE FALLOUT - The Tin Canners (Longshot Music)
UNDER PRESSURE - Anthem (Sound Pollution)
LEGION666 - Vestige Through Darkness (Yellowdog)

HOSTAGE LIFE - Happy Two Thousand and Anything (Self-Released)
FUCKED UP - Colour Removal (Test Pattern)

DECONTROL - Will the Living Envy the Dead (Hardcore Holocaust)
ACTION - Won't be a Victim (Punk-core)
HONG KONG BLONDE - Split Finger Fastball (Ugly Pop)
CAREER SUICIDE - Another Sign, Another Year (Ugly Pop)

S.F.T.U. - Big fat Boss (Six Weeks)
INFECT - Sociedade Masculina (Emancypunx)
WE MUST BURN - Against Me? (Too Circle)
DENY EVERYTHING - More of the Same (Moo Cow)
NOISE ATTACK - Moment (MCR Company)
ON ALERT - Mending 500 Years (Third Party)
I OBJECT - Burn Out Now (Punks Before Profit$)
DISIDENCIA - (Lengua Armada)

HIGH AND THE MIGHTY - If the Time is right, Ready to Fight (Grand Theft Audio)
YDI - Out for Blood (Parts Unknown)
THE WORST - We are Those (Parts Unknown)
REALLY RED - Pigboy (Empty)
CHIEFS - Lonely (Dr. Strange)
NUNS - Savage (Get Back)
13th FLOOR ELEVATORS - You're Gonna Miss Me (Get Back)
CRIME - Frustration (Swami)
TRANSPLANTS - Suicidal Tendencies (Rave Up)
SIB - My Secret Life (Bootleg)
FOREIGN OBJECTS - Lose Some Weight (Rave Up)

KAKISTOCRACY - All Wrong (Self-Released)
175 GRAMS - 41 Shots (Rodent Popsicle)
SELF DEFENSE - 1,000 Channels and Only One Thing On (Self Released)
MASSKONTROL - Genocide (Havoc)
BESK - Propaganda (Arson)

SHAM 69 - What have we Got (Captain Oi!)
THE VIBRATORS - Suplhate (Captain Oi!)
SLIME - Hey Punk (Aggressive Rock)
THE BUSINESS - Blind Justice (Captain Oi!)
THE WEIRDOS - What Will You Do? (Frontier)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS - I'm an Upstart (Captain Oi!)
THE BIG BOYS -Shut Up (Gern Blandsten)
COCKNEY REJECTS - Are You Ready to Rock? (Captain Oi!)
THE FREEZE - No Ones Coming Home (Dr. Strange)
THE VECTORS - Don't Need Nothing (Busted Heads)

P-NISSARNA - Plastic (Swedish Punk Classics)

Polidicks "Mutenation" CD

This was a new line up for the band. Andrew McLuhan leaves and they gain the drummer from a Dying Race and start sounding more like a metal influenced grind band. This gets released on Wounded Paw as well. The songs on here are:

1. Fuck It
2. Money Grubbing Motherfucker
3. Devoid of Choice
4. Out of Touch
5. Kill Dr. Phil
6. Bigotry, Violence, Brutality
7. Forced Submission
8. Question It
9. Ridicule
10. Abused, Controlled, Enslaved
11. Methods of Murder
12. Let's Go to the Bar
13. Minimum Rage
14. Anyway
15. Living the Lie

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Radio - Sunday, January 9, 2005

BALLAST – Plastic Towers (Self-Released)

OUTNAUTS – Lost Day (Revine)
REGUALTIONS – Destroy (Busted Heads)
SKITKIDZ – Du Har Inget Varde (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
THE SPARK – Honest Question / Eleven Billion / So It Goes (Mike Fitzgerald)
REGRESS – Your Vote Counts for Nothing (Lengua Armada)
DIRECT CONTROL – Hardcore for Heroin (Kangaroo)
SUNDAY MORNING EINSTEINS – Alla 3 ar Grisar (Prank)
CROSSING CHAOS – Riot (Blindead)
WIDESPREAD BLOODSHED – Product of Environment (We are the Enemy)

LEATHERFACE – Diddly Squat (BYO)
NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS – Suicide City (Kick ‘n Punch)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS – Teen Sex (Self-Released)
SUNDAY SINNERS – Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool (Self-Released)
THE MINDS – Plastic Girls (Alien Snatch)
CLOROX GIRLS – Victims (Smartguy)
THE BRIEFS – Orange Alert (BYO)
THE OBSERVERS – Symbols, Slogans, Lies (Vinyl Warning)
CATHOLIC BOYS – Psychic Voodoo Mind Control (Trick Knee)
GORILLA ANGREB – Mit Lille Sarte Ang (Kick ‘n Punch)

NASUM – Fear is your Weapon / The Deepest Hog / Storm Shield (Burning Heart)
KRIGSHOT – Maktmissbrukara (Sound Pollution)
GENOCIDE SS – Superstar Destroyer (Relapse)
VICTIMS – This is the End (Havoc)
SAYYADINA – Oppression (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)

URBAN BLIGHT – Quit Harshing My Buzz (Self-Released)
TERMINAL STATE – Your Rules (Hate the 80s)
UNDER PRESSURE – Escapist (Sound Pollution)
HONG KONG BLONDE – Split Finger Fastball (Ugly Pop)
CAUSTIC CHRIST – Sadist Society (Havoc)
FUCKED UP – Litany (Test Pattern)
ACTION – Rise (Punk Core)
VILE – White Collar (Parts Unknown)
OBSERVERS – What a waste (Vinyl Warning)
DIRECT CONTROL – Crash and Burn (Kangaroo)

86 MENTALITY – Violent Nights (Minor Disturbance)
KRUW – The Punx (Partners in Crime)
THE EXECUTE – Voice (Bootleg)
ASSAULT – Break Through (Partners in Crime)
APPENDIX – Ruitenkin Kualemma (Hohnie)

THE PROWL – Theatre 13 (Painkiller)
VILLAGE PISTOLS - Big Money (Rave Up)
OBSERVERS – Expiration (Vinyl Warning)
REPOS – Laughing in my Sleep (Youth Attack)
MIND ERASER – (Painkiller)

KEEP IT UP –Think Like the Rest (Feelin’ It)
THE AVERSIONS – (Self-Released)
SINKIN’ SHIPS – Rocker Genes (Sink and Destroy)
THE BAYONETTES – Guilty Pleasure (Self-Released)
C.C.S.S. – Work (Self-Released)

DIRTY BLACK SUMMER – (Self-Released)

Monday, January 3, 2005

Young Canadians "No Escape" CD

The YOUNG CANADIANS were a band from Vancouver and were originally called the K-Tels. The K-Tels were on the "Vancouver Complication" comp. They had to change their name because of that shitty label that did those stupid product sampler comps back in the 70's. Anyway the band was able to record a number of eps collected on this CD. The first song comes from the comp.

1. I Hate Music

The next batch are from the "Automan" ep.

2. Automan
3. Don't Tell Me
4. Where Are You

The next batch come from the "Hawaii" ep

5. Hawaii
6. Well, well, Well
7. Hullabaloo Girls
8. No Escape

The next batch are from the "This is Your Life" ep

9. Data Redux
10. Just a Loser
11. This is Your Life
12. Don't Bother Me

The last batch of stuff is previously unreleased live material taken from a variety of sources and sontains songs that weren;t recorded in studios.

13. Son of Spam
14. Can't Be Denied
15. Question of Temperature
16. Wait for Your Approval
17. Fuck Your Society
18. Beg, Borrow, or Steal
19. Last Tango (Femme Fatale)
20. Picture of Health
21. Poison of the Thought
22. The Remainder

Saturday, January 1, 2005


This issue came out in January 2005. The Bayonettes are on the cover of this issue. A Year in Review for 2004 appears. there is an interview with Domestik Doktrin from Indonesia. This issue also has reviews, gossip, show listings, a movie review of Ramen Days, and flyers.