Friday, June 29, 1979

Flyer - Friday, June 29th, 1979

Flyer - Friday June 29, 1979

A show at the Pulon Theatre whoch would become the Royal Theatre as part of the festival chain of rep cinemas.

Tuesday, June 26, 1979

Martha and the Muffins "Insect Love" ep

This was the first single by Martha and the Muffins. The recording was done at Integrated Sound Studios in Agincourt in June 1978. The band recorded four or five songs. Keith Elshaw of CFNY went back to that studio in January 1979 and remixed these two songs which would become a double A Side release. The band put the single out by themselves on Muffin Music Records and sold the single at shows. The other songs were never released.  "Suburban Dream" was the B-Side but wound up having more staying power in the end. The back of the single is a photo of the band's old practise space at 4 St. Patrick Street, which was the original stable for the Rex Hotel. There is some other great material about this single on Canuckistan Music about this single. The single doesn't make it into official texts about the band but there is good information about the band history and the other releases on the official M+M site.

Monday, June 25, 1979

Friday, June 15, 1979

The Mods "Step Out Tonight" ep

This was the first release by the Mods. The recording was done at Comfort Sound and was recorded back in October 1978. The Mods are Greg Trinier on vocals, Scott Marks on guitar, Mark Dixon on bass, and Dave Quinton on drums. Songs on here are:
1. Step Out Tonight
2. You Use Me

Thursday, June 14, 1979

Saturday, June 9, 1979

Lowlife "Leaders" ep

From Winnipeg and featured a future member of Personality Crisis. This was released on Airout Music and then was immoratlized on the second "Smash the State" comp.

Friday, June 8, 1979

Thursday, June 7, 1979

Saturday, June 2, 1979