Sunday, May 31, 2015

Radio – Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Tonight we featured part two of an ongoing series on punk from the former Yugoslavia. This is part of our series called "Notes from Behind the Iron Curtain". Beri Sabolic, featured punk bands from Serbia between the late 70's and early 90's. You can download the show here.

PEKINSKA PATKA - Bolje Da Nosim Kratku Kosu (Jugoton)


PETAR I ZLI VUCI - Kozaci (Jugoton)

SARLO AKROBATA - Fenomen (Jugoton)
URBANA GERILA - Proces (Jugoton)

DEFEKTNO EFEKTNI - A (Izdrzi Udarac) (Jugoton)

RADNICKA KONTROLA - Dosada (Jugoton)
SOLUNSKI FRONT - Samoubica (No Time to be Wasted / Intermusic)
TV MORONI - Pada Noc (Jugoton)

PROCES - Luzije Krvare (NE! Records)

VRISAK GENERACIJE - Beer Drinkers (Self-Released)
KBO! - Balada (Wipe Out Records)

NAPRED U PROSLOST - Ne Verust Masanon Sionnu (Muzike Omladna Panceva)

CRIST - Delayed Answer (No Profit Tapes)
B.B.G. - Beton Blok (Self-Released)

EX-CESS - Tramvajljudi (Dedalus)

THE OSLOBODIOCI - John Wayne is my friend (Mr. Montenegro)
KONTEJNER A.D. - Grcka (Dedalus)


Here are some new bands from Southern Ontario takiong a song from recent demo recordings all of which can be found on bandcamp. 

ZERO - Ground Zero (Self-Released)
HOWITZER - Keep It Up (Self-Released)
THE SYNDROME - At My Age (Self-Released)
THE FRAGS – Fragged (Self-Released)
CHLORINE - Creatures-Mutants (Self-Released)
TRIAGE - White Eyes (Self-Released)

Poison Spur are a new band from the London/St. Thomas area featuring Dave, Aaron and Mike from Disdonut and Steve from Recension. The demo is available on bandcamp

POISON SPUR - Plague Fields (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Intelligent Haunting (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Waiting Mortuary (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Swimming the Witch (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Tornado of Teeth (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Three Hearts (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Demonically Strong (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Puzzle Factory (Self-Released)

ANTI-VIBES - Alien City (Self-Released)

Top 10 - May 2015

1. G.L.O.S.S. Demo(Self-Released)
2. PILLAGE Lash Out ep (Residue)
3. KRONOFOGDEN Archete Och / Eller Fritid (Blindead)
4. RIXE Coup et Blessures ep (La Vida Es Un Mus)
5. KORSFAST Huvuden Borde Rulla LP (D-Takt & Rapunk)
6. BARCELONA Extremo Nihilismo LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
7. CUCHILLO Sin Miedo ep (Self-Destructo)
8. SCAB EATER Constant Failure ep (Hardcore Victim)
9. PUBLIC ASSAULT No Way Out ep (Foreign Legion)
10. TO THE POINT Give Me a Reason ep (Deep Six)


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Radio - Sunday May 24th, 2015

Last night we showed up to the station and access to the building was restricted because of the Pan Am games. it made me think of the opening song because you say hi to welcome the international athletes but the joke is on the domestic population because you have to pay for it and put up with the circus of the games. The field hockey pitch is restricted by high fences and circus like tents. Download last night's show here.

ZYNTHSLAKT - Hi, Hi, Ha, Ha (Self-Released)

This set is built around song that have the "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie" drumbeat.

THE FREEZE - Misguided Memories (Schizophrenic)
CIRCLE JERKS - Live fast die young (Frontier)
BLACK FLAG - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie (SST)
SCHOOL JERKS - Crux (Bad Vobrations)
OOZE - Feed Drugs (Not Normal)
VALLEY BOYS - Shooting Politicians (Cut the Cord)
FLQs - Never Here (Self-Released)

The drummer from the Rotten passed away from cancer so we started off the next set as a tribute to Angie. 

THE ROTTEN - Scenewrecker (Rebel Time)
CONFLICT - No Island of Dreams (Mortarhate)
INEPSY - Ride Til I Die (Feral Ward)
MOTORHEAD - Love me like a Reptile (Bronze)
THE RINGS - I Wanna Be Free (Chiswick)

This set was inspired by the Infest song it starts out with comparing the variety of sounds that go into making an INFEST sound. 

INFEST - Three or Nothing (Draw Blanks)
VACANT STATE - Not the Same (Hardware)
ANCIENT HEADS - Who Am I (React)
IMPULSE - Obsession (To Live a Lie)
BOLO - Red Cross (Gears that turn)

THE OUTCASTS - Self Conscious Over You (Good Vibrations)
THE HUNCHES - Lisa Told Me (Sweet Nothing)
VOX POP - Just Like Your Mom (Bad Trip)
NEW SWEARS - TV Shows (Bachelor)
AMOEBAS - You Shake Me (Gimme Gimnme / Modern Action)

Beaver Slap have a new CD coming out with a CD release party happening this Friday. 

BEAVER SLAP - War Paint (She's Dead)
THE SLITS - Vindictive (Bitter Fruit)
La URSS - Pasos que agitan el polvo (Sabotage / La Corporacion)
BUZZCOCKS - Oh Shit (United Artists)
DEMOB - No room for you (Pax)
TRANZMITORS - Just the Other Day (Deranged)
RAMRODS - I Don’t Know (Tilt!)

ANGRY SAMOANS - They saved Hitler's Cock (Bad Trip)
BOYS - Brickfield Night (Rhino)
THE SMUGGLERS - Rock and Roll was never this fun (Lookout/Gearhead)
OUTTA CONTROLLER - Prescription Thrills (P Trash)
RADIO BIRDMAN - You're gonna miss me (Sire)

SYSTEMATIK - Sick Sadist (Sabotage)
KOSZMAR - Tchorz (Feral Ward)
GOMS - Hard Mentality (Slow Death)
GLUERASH - Surface (Self-Released)
LEATHER DADDY - At Night (Self-Released)
TURTLENECK - Acquantance (Self-Released)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Flyer - Friday May 22, 2015

This looks to be a great film on the DC hardcore scene. But the trailer for this is a great little teaser.

Salad Days Official Trailer from Scott Crawford on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Radio - Sunday, May 17th, 2015

The Victoria Day weekend is all about drinkin', colloquially known as the May 2-4 weekend for the 24 beers in a case. Most Canadians get away and get loaded in the woods. Teenage Head have one of the best drinking songs so we started the show with that. You can download the whole show here.

TEENAGE HEAD - Teenage Beer Drinkin' Party (Attic)

Given that this is the first long weekend where people try and go camping I thought I would play some punk songs with some accoustic guitar tat would be suited for a campfire

CHUMBAWAMBA - Nazi (One Little Indian)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS - England (Anagram)
SNUFF - In the Stocks (Fat)
KNUCKLEHEAD - North of the 45 (Stumble)

We played a set of music by bands off the beaten path fromlaces like Nepal, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Lithuania, Iceland, Syria, and Honduras. We started off with the Napalese band because there was another earthquake that hit Kathmandu.

RAI KO RIS - 9-5 you got it (Self-Released)
ADAPTATION - There’s where I’m from (Self-Released)
QSS - Propaganda (Primitiv Cozak)
MARICHUANA - As Pasiruoses (Self-Released)
VONBRIGDI - O, Reykjavik (Mauerstadtmusik)
MAZHOTT - Mazhott (Tian An Men 89)
KE SE MUERAN - Asignada (Histeria Katrazha)

A while back I came across this hidden gem of a compilation from 1987 on the Melonville Hardcore blog. I finally got a chance to listen to "Uncovered Reality" this week and picked a selection of lesser known bands for this next set.

FRATRICIDE - Grave (Uncovered Reality)
LETHAL VIRUS - Bad Type (Uncovered Reality)
HOUSE OF COMMONS - Raid (Uncovered Reality)
THE FITZ - Hate (Uncovered Reality)
THE BUBONIC PLAGUE - I hate my job (Uncovered Reality)
NEOMANTE - Nutra Sweet (Uncovered Reality)
THE R TEAM - Junta (Uncovered Reality)

SUBVERSION - Shot Down By Machine Gun Fire (Game of the Arseholes)
STOP BREATHING - Bombs Away (No Idea)
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT - Bombs (Self-Released)
DRI - Stupid Stupid War (Death)
HUSKER DU - Folklore (SST)

KLICHE - Farvel (Kong Paere)
THE BRIGADES - D'you Remember Revolution (Negative)
BETON COMBO - Heiderîslein (Aggressive Rockproduktionen)
BLITZ - New Age (Victoria)
PROXY - Skeleton Eyes (Self-Released)

HALBSTARK - scherbendemo - Hipsteralarm (Self-Released)
INJURED LIST - Hey It's Me (Self-Released)
FIRST BASE - You've Got A Hold On Me (Hosehead)
STRANGLED - Fast Motion (Crude City)
INDIREKT - Ik Wilde Leven (Diehard)

CRIMEN - Undergroundundergroundunderground (Self-Released)
SKIJT LARS - Overdose (Pure punk for now people)
SPINE - Who are you? (Iron Mind Crew)
FREEDUMB - Illusjonen (Chimney)
TEARGAS - Omega Supreme (Skull Crusher)
2:20 - Stuga I Sverige - (Sjakk Matt Plater)
JUGGERNAUT - Ulster 77 (Spittle)
SKITKIDS - Idiotin Har Just Talat
KOLOKOL - Solgt (Sjakk Matt Plater)

Tonight's demo feature is by a band from Calgary that was just out here. Raging demo sung in Spanish found here.

DESGRACIADOS - Falsa libertad (Self-Released)
DESGRACIADOS - Sangre azul (Self-Released)
DESGRACIADOS - Systema de opresión (Self-Released)
DESGRACIADOS - Desgraciados (Self-Released)
DESGRACIADOS - Mi vida no vale nada (Self-Released)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Radio - Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Tonight's show starts out with an ode to the weather and how it went from winter to summer skipping spring all together.

TOTAL LOVE - Gimme Summertime (Self-Released)

We started out tonight with a Top 10 for April 2015.

KELLERASSELN - Selbstverwirklichung
IDNS - Global Abuse (Self-Released)
MALOKIO - Selvaggio (Self-Released)
DRUGS OF FAITH - Placing Bets (Malokai)
WASTOIDS - Nailbiter (High Anxiety)
DEFORMITY - Mannequin (Katorga Works / Toxic State)
CONCRETE ASYLUM - Works For Me (Self-Released)
BAD JESUS EXPERIENCE - Ilta elämän keskipisteessä (nuncahkupunk / Popo’s Bistro)
AJAX - Escape (Katorga Works)
GAS RAG - On The Beach (Lengua Armada)

FASHIONISM - Where have all the rock n roll girls gone? (Hosehead)
NERVOUS TALK - Hit the Town (Mammoth Cave)
TEENGENERATE - She's Alright (Crypt)
DOGS - No Quarter Asked (Rubber Factory)

NEW GODS - American Pleather (Painter Man)
RESTARTS - Painter Man (Self-Released)
THE NEW ENEMY - Benevolent One (Self-Released)
BARRICADED SUSPECTS - Inside Job (Self-Released)
ANIMAL CRIMES - You're Your Own (Self-Released)

CHROME CRANKS - Backdoor Maniac (Hozac)
LAUGHING HYENAS - Desolate Son (Touch 'n Go)
HAMMERHEAD - Anvil (Amphetamie Reptile)
STIKKY - Tim Yohannon's Christmas (Pintonium AG)
RORSCHACH - My War (Chainsaw Safety)

THURNEMAN - De ra_knar mina dagar (Gaphals)
LIE - Seams (That's Cool)
SYNDICATE - Commune (Self-Released)
T.V.C. - Wash Your Brain (Vertigo / Polygram)
SIERPIEN - Radioactive Ash (Same Day)

VICE SQUAD - Last Rockers (Anagram)
BLITZ - New Age (Cleopatra)
RUTS - Babylon's Burning (Strange Fruit)
TUFF DARTS - Here Comes Trouble (Sire)
EFFIGIES - Haunted Town (Autumn)

WIRED SHUT - Distorted Head (Self-Released)
KILL ORDER - Constant War (Self-Released)
HOWITZER - Concelaed Violence (Self-Released) Niagara Falls
DESGRACIADOS - Systema de opresión (Self-Released)
CHLORINE - Retribution (Self-Released)

Blockhead demo feature
BLOCKHEAD - Intro / Blockhead (Self-Released)
BLOCKHEAD - Bored (Self-Released)
BLOCKHEAD - Under the Boot (Self-Released)
BLOCKHEAD - Quarantine Me (Self-Released)
BLOCKHEAD - Death Shake (Self-Released)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Radio - Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

Tonight's show starts out with a session we recorded back on April 7th in studio 3. The session is with a new local band called Fathers which covers all the band's written material to date. You can hear the entire show here

FATHERS – Lover Boy (CIUT)
FATHERS – Interview (CIUT)
FATHERS – Silver Dick (CIUT)
FATHERS – Interview (CIUT)
FATHERS – Bath Bomb (CIUT)
FATHERS – Interview (CIUT)
FATHERS – New Phone Who Dis (CIUT)
FATHERS – Interview (CIUT)
FATHERS – I Gotta Piss (CIUT)
FATHERS – Interview (CIUT)
FATHERS – Boy Pussy (CIUT)

KIKEIJI – Harassing Fire (Ducase)

This is a set of bands who are playing or just played in Toronto.

WARSICK - Enough Is Enough (Self-Released)
TRIAGE - Fear Eater (Self-Released)
VEXX - Sleeping In The Attic (Katorga Works)
GAUCHO - Maldita sociedad (Self-Released)
ANCIENT HEADS - Waste of Life (Deathwish Inc.)

NO FRAUD – Thinking of You (No Clubs)
TYRADES – He’s so popular (Shit Sandwich)
MANIFEST DESTINY – Screamatorium (Mystic)

NEOS – Hassibah gets the martian brain squeeze (Alandhiscar)
LUBRICANTS – Activated Energy (Relative)
MENTAL DECAY – You suck (Buy Our)
GOOGLEPLEX – Have a Sadistic Dream (Kagai Mousou)
POWERAGE – Stop Apartheid (Neg FX)
MISGUIDED – You beat me (Reality)
REGULATORS – Thoughts of war (Fartz)
STARK RAVING MAD – Machine gun youth (Slob)
S.N.O.T. – Life-Death (KML)
SUBHUMANS – Death to the sickoids (Friends)

With the recent killing by the police in Baltimore here are a couple of sets about the police.

GOVERNMENT WARNING – Arrested (Grave Mistake)
AUTHORITIES – I hate cops (Selecta)
BLACK UNIFORMS – A good cop is a dead cop (Hard Core Horror)
THE A.G.’s – Hurt a cop (Super Seven)
HARD SKIN – Copper Cunt (Househood Name)
HARD SKIN – A.C.A.C. (Helen of Oi)
HARD SKIN – Law and Order (Househood Name)
REGULATIONS – Police Car (Havoc)
DEMOB – Anti-Police (Round Ear)

GOVERNMENT ISSUE – No Rights (Dischord)
RIOT SQUAD – Police Power (Rot)
TV FREAKS – Fuck the Police (Self-Released)
EATING GLASS – To the Vultures (High Anxiety)
BANRAN – Breeded like animal (Way Back When)
JAILCELL RECIPES – Armtwister (First Strike)
THE GLASSPACK – Twenty Five Cents (Small Stone)
X X – A (Drome)
THE SPORES – The Nasty Song (Criminal)

Friday, May 1, 2015

MRR Review - EXD - Volume 15, Issue 1

A review for the recent issue of a zine we did on the School Jerks which can be downloaded from our blog. The review appeared in the May issue of MRR (#384).

MRR Review - Strangled "Body Bag" 12"

Can I just say that Crude City is a great name for a label from Edmonton? Strangled is a new project band featuring Graeme Mackinnon (WNH, No Problem) on drums and Graeme's sister on vocals. You can get this from the band's bandcamp page. 

MRR Review - Lie "Consent"

Lie are from Vancouver and this is their third recording. This review is from MRR from the May 2015 issue (#384). 

MRR Review - First Base "You've got a hold on me" ep

First Base are from Toronto and this is not their first recording. This review appears in the May issue of MRR (#384).

MRR Review - Dethfox "Natural Media Teleforce" ep

First release by this new band from Montreal reviewed in the May issue of MRR #384. Chaos Rurale has a website. Dethfox has a tumblr account. Their 2013 demo is up on youtube.

Flyer - Friday, May 1st, 2015