Sunday, May 10, 2015

Radio - Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Tonight's show starts out with an ode to the weather and how it went from winter to summer skipping spring all together.

TOTAL LOVE - Gimme Summertime (Self-Released)

We started out tonight with a Top 10 for April 2015.

KELLERASSELN - Selbstverwirklichung
IDNS - Global Abuse (Self-Released)
MALOKIO - Selvaggio (Self-Released)
DRUGS OF FAITH - Placing Bets (Malokai)
WASTOIDS - Nailbiter (High Anxiety)
DEFORMITY - Mannequin (Katorga Works / Toxic State)
CONCRETE ASYLUM - Works For Me (Self-Released)
BAD JESUS EXPERIENCE - Ilta elämän keskipisteessä (nuncahkupunk / Popo’s Bistro)
AJAX - Escape (Katorga Works)
GAS RAG - On The Beach (Lengua Armada)

FASHIONISM - Where have all the rock n roll girls gone? (Hosehead)
NERVOUS TALK - Hit the Town (Mammoth Cave)
TEENGENERATE - She's Alright (Crypt)
DOGS - No Quarter Asked (Rubber Factory)

NEW GODS - American Pleather (Painter Man)
RESTARTS - Painter Man (Self-Released)
THE NEW ENEMY - Benevolent One (Self-Released)
BARRICADED SUSPECTS - Inside Job (Self-Released)
ANIMAL CRIMES - You're Your Own (Self-Released)

CHROME CRANKS - Backdoor Maniac (Hozac)
LAUGHING HYENAS - Desolate Son (Touch 'n Go)
HAMMERHEAD - Anvil (Amphetamie Reptile)
STIKKY - Tim Yohannon's Christmas (Pintonium AG)
RORSCHACH - My War (Chainsaw Safety)

THURNEMAN - De ra_knar mina dagar (Gaphals)
LIE - Seams (That's Cool)
SYNDICATE - Commune (Self-Released)
T.V.C. - Wash Your Brain (Vertigo / Polygram)
SIERPIEN - Radioactive Ash (Same Day)

VICE SQUAD - Last Rockers (Anagram)
BLITZ - New Age (Cleopatra)
RUTS - Babylon's Burning (Strange Fruit)
TUFF DARTS - Here Comes Trouble (Sire)
EFFIGIES - Haunted Town (Autumn)

WIRED SHUT - Distorted Head (Self-Released)
KILL ORDER - Constant War (Self-Released)
HOWITZER - Concelaed Violence (Self-Released) Niagara Falls
DESGRACIADOS - Systema de opresión (Self-Released)
CHLORINE - Retribution (Self-Released)

Blockhead demo feature
BLOCKHEAD - Intro / Blockhead (Self-Released)
BLOCKHEAD - Bored (Self-Released)
BLOCKHEAD - Under the Boot (Self-Released)
BLOCKHEAD - Quarantine Me (Self-Released)
BLOCKHEAD - Death Shake (Self-Released)

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