Sunday, May 3, 2015

Radio - Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

Tonight's show starts out with a session we recorded back on April 7th in studio 3. The session is with a new local band called Fathers which covers all the band's written material to date. You can hear the entire show here

FATHERS – Lover Boy (CIUT)
FATHERS – Interview (CIUT)
FATHERS – Silver Dick (CIUT)
FATHERS – Interview (CIUT)
FATHERS – Bath Bomb (CIUT)
FATHERS – Interview (CIUT)
FATHERS – New Phone Who Dis (CIUT)
FATHERS – Interview (CIUT)
FATHERS – I Gotta Piss (CIUT)
FATHERS – Interview (CIUT)
FATHERS – Boy Pussy (CIUT)

KIKEIJI – Harassing Fire (Ducase)

This is a set of bands who are playing or just played in Toronto.

WARSICK - Enough Is Enough (Self-Released)
TRIAGE - Fear Eater (Self-Released)
VEXX - Sleeping In The Attic (Katorga Works)
GAUCHO - Maldita sociedad (Self-Released)
ANCIENT HEADS - Waste of Life (Deathwish Inc.)

NO FRAUD – Thinking of You (No Clubs)
TYRADES – He’s so popular (Shit Sandwich)
MANIFEST DESTINY – Screamatorium (Mystic)

NEOS – Hassibah gets the martian brain squeeze (Alandhiscar)
LUBRICANTS – Activated Energy (Relative)
MENTAL DECAY – You suck (Buy Our)
GOOGLEPLEX – Have a Sadistic Dream (Kagai Mousou)
POWERAGE – Stop Apartheid (Neg FX)
MISGUIDED – You beat me (Reality)
REGULATORS – Thoughts of war (Fartz)
STARK RAVING MAD – Machine gun youth (Slob)
S.N.O.T. – Life-Death (KML)
SUBHUMANS – Death to the sickoids (Friends)

With the recent killing by the police in Baltimore here are a couple of sets about the police.

GOVERNMENT WARNING – Arrested (Grave Mistake)
AUTHORITIES – I hate cops (Selecta)
BLACK UNIFORMS – A good cop is a dead cop (Hard Core Horror)
THE A.G.’s – Hurt a cop (Super Seven)
HARD SKIN – Copper Cunt (Househood Name)
HARD SKIN – A.C.A.C. (Helen of Oi)
HARD SKIN – Law and Order (Househood Name)
REGULATIONS – Police Car (Havoc)
DEMOB – Anti-Police (Round Ear)

GOVERNMENT ISSUE – No Rights (Dischord)
RIOT SQUAD – Police Power (Rot)
TV FREAKS – Fuck the Police (Self-Released)
EATING GLASS – To the Vultures (High Anxiety)
BANRAN – Breeded like animal (Way Back When)
JAILCELL RECIPES – Armtwister (First Strike)
THE GLASSPACK – Twenty Five Cents (Small Stone)
X X – A (Drome)
THE SPORES – The Nasty Song (Criminal)

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