Sunday, May 24, 2015

Radio - Sunday May 24th, 2015

Last night we showed up to the station and access to the building was restricted because of the Pan Am games. it made me think of the opening song because you say hi to welcome the international athletes but the joke is on the domestic population because you have to pay for it and put up with the circus of the games. The field hockey pitch is restricted by high fences and circus like tents. Download last night's show here.

ZYNTHSLAKT - Hi, Hi, Ha, Ha (Self-Released)

This set is built around song that have the "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie" drumbeat.

THE FREEZE - Misguided Memories (Schizophrenic)
CIRCLE JERKS - Live fast die young (Frontier)
BLACK FLAG - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie (SST)
SCHOOL JERKS - Crux (Bad Vobrations)
OOZE - Feed Drugs (Not Normal)
VALLEY BOYS - Shooting Politicians (Cut the Cord)
FLQs - Never Here (Self-Released)

The drummer from the Rotten passed away from cancer so we started off the next set as a tribute to Angie. 

THE ROTTEN - Scenewrecker (Rebel Time)
CONFLICT - No Island of Dreams (Mortarhate)
INEPSY - Ride Til I Die (Feral Ward)
MOTORHEAD - Love me like a Reptile (Bronze)
THE RINGS - I Wanna Be Free (Chiswick)

This set was inspired by the Infest song it starts out with comparing the variety of sounds that go into making an INFEST sound. 

INFEST - Three or Nothing (Draw Blanks)
VACANT STATE - Not the Same (Hardware)
ANCIENT HEADS - Who Am I (React)
IMPULSE - Obsession (To Live a Lie)
BOLO - Red Cross (Gears that turn)

THE OUTCASTS - Self Conscious Over You (Good Vibrations)
THE HUNCHES - Lisa Told Me (Sweet Nothing)
VOX POP - Just Like Your Mom (Bad Trip)
NEW SWEARS - TV Shows (Bachelor)
AMOEBAS - You Shake Me (Gimme Gimnme / Modern Action)

Beaver Slap have a new CD coming out with a CD release party happening this Friday. 

BEAVER SLAP - War Paint (She's Dead)
THE SLITS - Vindictive (Bitter Fruit)
La URSS - Pasos que agitan el polvo (Sabotage / La Corporacion)
BUZZCOCKS - Oh Shit (United Artists)
DEMOB - No room for you (Pax)
TRANZMITORS - Just the Other Day (Deranged)
RAMRODS - I Don’t Know (Tilt!)

ANGRY SAMOANS - They saved Hitler's Cock (Bad Trip)
BOYS - Brickfield Night (Rhino)
THE SMUGGLERS - Rock and Roll was never this fun (Lookout/Gearhead)
OUTTA CONTROLLER - Prescription Thrills (P Trash)
RADIO BIRDMAN - You're gonna miss me (Sire)

SYSTEMATIK - Sick Sadist (Sabotage)
KOSZMAR - Tchorz (Feral Ward)
GOMS - Hard Mentality (Slow Death)
GLUERASH - Surface (Self-Released)
LEATHER DADDY - At Night (Self-Released)
TURTLENECK - Acquantance (Self-Released)

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