Sunday, May 31, 2015

Radio – Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Tonight we featured part two of an ongoing series on punk from the former Yugoslavia. This is part of our series called "Notes from Behind the Iron Curtain". Beri Sabolic, featured punk bands from Serbia between the late 70's and early 90's. You can download the show here.

PEKINSKA PATKA - Bolje Da Nosim Kratku Kosu (Jugoton)


PETAR I ZLI VUCI - Kozaci (Jugoton)

SARLO AKROBATA - Fenomen (Jugoton)
URBANA GERILA - Proces (Jugoton)

DEFEKTNO EFEKTNI - A (Izdrzi Udarac) (Jugoton)

RADNICKA KONTROLA - Dosada (Jugoton)
SOLUNSKI FRONT - Samoubica (No Time to be Wasted / Intermusic)
TV MORONI - Pada Noc (Jugoton)

PROCES - Luzije Krvare (NE! Records)

VRISAK GENERACIJE - Beer Drinkers (Self-Released)
KBO! - Balada (Wipe Out Records)

NAPRED U PROSLOST - Ne Verust Masanon Sionnu (Muzike Omladna Panceva)

CRIST - Delayed Answer (No Profit Tapes)
B.B.G. - Beton Blok (Self-Released)

EX-CESS - Tramvajljudi (Dedalus)

THE OSLOBODIOCI - John Wayne is my friend (Mr. Montenegro)
KONTEJNER A.D. - Grcka (Dedalus)


Here are some new bands from Southern Ontario takiong a song from recent demo recordings all of which can be found on bandcamp. 

ZERO - Ground Zero (Self-Released)
HOWITZER - Keep It Up (Self-Released)
THE SYNDROME - At My Age (Self-Released)
THE FRAGS – Fragged (Self-Released)
CHLORINE - Creatures-Mutants (Self-Released)
TRIAGE - White Eyes (Self-Released)

Poison Spur are a new band from the London/St. Thomas area featuring Dave, Aaron and Mike from Disdonut and Steve from Recension. The demo is available on bandcamp

POISON SPUR - Plague Fields (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Intelligent Haunting (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Waiting Mortuary (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Swimming the Witch (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Tornado of Teeth (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Three Hearts (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Demonically Strong (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Puzzle Factory (Self-Released)

ANTI-VIBES - Alien City (Self-Released)

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