Sunday, October 25, 1981

Zine - Civil Disobedience

Civil Disobedience is a Toronto punk fanzine. I think members of Youth Youth Youth are involved because there is a Youth Youth Youth logo on the front cover and partially because I remember the guitarist, Rob, told me about this zine. But I have never seen a copy until this one that Dhaibid James of Moondog Ballroom loaned me to scan. This issue came out in 1981, but I have no clue as to which month. I believe this is the second issue because it makes reference in an editorial to feedback they received about the last zine. The zine has opinions and collage artwork to lyrics by other bands. This issue has:

- a piece on lookism or discrimination based on looking like a punk;

- a piece on World War III possibly coming out of Libya;

- a piece criticizing the US;

- a piece promoting the local scene which may have been inspired by the band's choice to cover the Young Lions "Made in England";

- a piece bring attention to pseudo intellectual hyperbole from the press; and

- a back cover poster about the riots in Brixton.
You can download this issue as a PDF here.

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