Sunday, December 29, 2019

Radio - Sunday December 29th, 2019

Big Brother were just in Japan and set up a DIY tour in Tokyo. They played with a lot of bands most of which are hard to find on the internet, so BIG BROTHER bought their official CD releases so that they could be shared with you on this show. Download the show here.

BIG BROTHER – Unwanted Guest (Self-Released)

VAIWATT - Walk (Bee Rose Cross)
AGE OF KID- Passed (Self-Released)
U CAN'T SAY NO - King Hanna Master

TORNADO - Don't Ask Me Why (Left Hand)
FRIS BEE DOG - Jumping Knee (
SEVEN STEP - I'm Hungry (Self-Released)

DREI DRUG - Junkie Man
AGE OF KID - Too Late (Self-Released)

COQUETTISH - Friends (Asian Man)
SUBLIMINAL RIPPLE - Corruption and Destruction (Cranky Ska Punk)
SKALAPPER - Super Strong (Parking Lot Sounds)

IDOL PUNCH - Future (Bandai Music)

At some point on the tour a typhoon hits Tokyo. The worst one in 60 years. And BIG BROTHER survive it. Check out these empty shelves in the stores. Check out all their photos on our facebook page.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Review - Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records

So there was a film about the Clash called Rude Boy back in 1980, but this is not that movie. This is a kind of biopic on a record label. This is a biopic on the scene that the label represented. This is a partial biopic on the artists that were part of that stable. The label is Trojan Records, a label that captured the pioneering new sound coming out of Jamaica after independence. That sound has many names, ska, rock steady, and reggae being the primary ones. And the movie gets into the back story with the American soul scene falling out. There were a few champions for this new sound which starts with Duke Reid being the person that Trojan gets their name from. Other champions include the early sound systems, the gangsters (rude boys), the first producers, and the artists. Getting to hear their take on this scene as it developed was the reason for this film. The inter generational and inter cultural conversations are part of the point. Don Letts makes this point when he said integration came about because of music. Politics didn't do that. Economics didn't do that. Music did that. And this film is about music. Ska music. 

The film organizes itself with chapter story titles and in chronological order. So getting back to Duke Reid - the Trojan. Duke Reid was a retired cop turned bar owner. He carried a shotgun with him. He had a good sound system to attract customers. And he started recording local singers. Derrick Morgan talks about how he came to audition for Duke Reid. Bunny Lee, the producer, explains his part in all of this. Marcia Griffiths (I-Three's fame) talks about "Young Gifted and Black". And the film employs re-enactments to good effect. As Ansel Collins tells a story about Desmond Dekker, a performance set to "Israelites" is re-enacted and the point is made that these were the pop stars of their time. Some skinheads talk about how awful the radio was, and ska started showing up on pirate radio. The music became a salvation to the dreary English times. Symarip talks about creating a them song for the skinheads with "Skinhead Moonstomp" that just grew out of the studio. The talking heads and the re-enactments tell so many great stories. 

But the other story is the story of Lee Gopthal, an East Indian entrepreneur who starts selling West Indian records out of the back of his car under the name Musicland. Lee teams up with Chris Blackwell of Island Records to form Trojan Records. Trojan go on to introduce reggae to the world through artists like Lee "Scratch Perry, Toots and the Maytals, Jimmy Cliff, compilations like "Tighten Up". And the biggest supporters are the Trojan sons, the original anti-racist skins that become early boosters for this new sound. Pauline Black talks about the kids in her school who were listening to these singles in a student lounge which filled her with pride. Trojan would go on to polish up singles with string sections getting them multiple simultaneous hits in the charts in England. Artists were being flown up to perform on Top of the Pops. Everything was going so well until but the arrangements were expensive and Island pulled out and the label had to liquidate. It has been kept alive over the years by various investors and they have re-released the back catalogue through compilations. But the sounds of Jamaica had changed and the music industry had changed and some artists changed with it. The next generation of English kids started the two-tone scene, a ska revival, that continues to this day. Anti-racist skins were another offshoot. The roots rock rebel army within punk was another. And these are just some of the flowers that came up through the punk side of the scene. 

Thanks to Donna G for interviewing Don Letts when the film came out. You can check out her show called "The More the Merrier" on CIUT. She tipped us off to a one off screening at the Grande Gerard Theatre last week. 

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Radio - Sunday, December 22nd, 2019

The annual punk rock x-mas show hosted by Dave Stevenson starts out with a new Reagan Youth song that suits the theme of the show just fine but sounds anything like a Reagan Youth song. Keep listening. You will be rewarded with Angry Snowman and Dead Milkmen tributes among other themed sets around the holiday. Here are some vegan christmas cookies that dave's mom made. Fuel for the show. Download the show here.

REAGAN YOUTH - Punk Rock Christmas (Cleopatra)

PUNK RAWK ELVISI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Unreleased)
SLED KENNEDYS - I Got You This Present (Self-Released)
TWO INCH WINKY - Elves (Self-Released)
TWO INCH WINKY - Festivus (Self-Released)

Angry Snowmans from Victoria have the best songs about Christmas. They combine punk rock covers with Christmas themes. The sense of humour is clever and they come up with themes. This year "the Yule Album" pays tribute to Steve Soto. And the "Snow means Snow" is a tribute to NoMeansNo who retired last year and is from Victoria. 

ANGRY SNOWMANS - Christmas (Self-Released)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Eight Deer, One Sleigh on One Run (Self-Released)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Elf Destruct (Self-Released)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Elves Of The North Pole (Self-Released)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Gift Card - Angry Snowmans (Self-Released)

Dave also programmed a set of Dead Milkmen connections starting off with this song to the tune of "Punk Rock Girl".

DAN STEVENS AND JOE JACK TALCUM - Santa, Take Me Off That List (Unreleased)
THE CHEESIES - Time For Christmas Time (Unreleased)
SHISHO - Merry Christmas, Now Leave! (Self-Released)
MICROPENIS - Happy Christmas Stalin (Filthy Little Angels)

ANAL TRUMP - Make America Say Merry Christmas Again (Joyful Noise)
SHITEATER AND CLIT EASTWOOD - Jingle Balls (Blackened Death)
AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE - Jingle Bells (Metal Blade)
DIAGNOSIS? BASTARD! - Black Christmas (Kink)
A HUMAN AND HIS STDs - One Tragic Christmas (Back Door)

HUNTINGTONS - It's Always Christmas At My House (Knowhere)
JIMMY VAPID AND LASHA LORRAINA - Fairytale of New York (Unreleased)
THE QUEERS - Ramones Christmas (Cleopatra)
THE RAMOMS - Merry Christmas (Pirates Press)

BAD WHOREMOANS - Black Christmas (Self-Released)
VIBRAVOID - Christmas on Earth (Krauted Mind)
TIN CAN ARMY - White X Mas (Power It Up)
THE KRYPT KEEPER 5 - Santa Called You a Ho' (3 times) (Murder Cow)
THE MEANIES - Play the Slay Bells (Au Go Go)

BOBNOXIOUS - Merry Christmas (Self-Released)
MCRACKINS - Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer (Gutter Pop)
CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRLS - I Hate Christmas (GS Records)
SPLINTER - Fairy Tales (Cleopatra)
NIAGARA BALLS - Don't Be A Dick At Christmas (Cherry Ade)

GIGANTOR - Do They Know It's Christmas? - Gigantor (Lost and Found)

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Review - Clash in Toronto: A selection of photographs 1979 - 1984

This is the latest in curated books by Nick Smash of Smash It Up zine. This book follows up all the speaking engagements about the CLASH at the Rex Danforth Theatre. This book is a collection of stories and artifacts about all four of the CLASH shows in Toronto. 

Nick outlines the tour details of the ones that brought the CLASH through Toronto - i) "Pearl Harbour" tour at the Rex Danforth Theatre in February 1979, ii) "Take the Fifth" tour at the O'Keefe Centre in September 1979, iii) "Combat Rock" tour at the CNE Grandstand in September 1982, and iv) "Out of Control" tour at Maple Leaf Gardens in April 1984. 

Nick covers events from the Clash's itinerary that were effecting at the band at the time. Important context.

A collection of newspaper articles with pulled out quotes usually misunderstanding the CLASH. 

And then the photographers recollect their thoughts. Brother Simon has some choice nuggets about the Rex Theatre. Don Pyle explains how he got those shots at the O'Keefe. Some of the photographers talk about technical details of cameras, lenses, and aperture speeds. But the stories and reflections are the gold to be mined out of this book. Ivor Levene even transcribes a back stage interview with Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon from memory. And Mike Coffey recollects the stories from his departed brother Joe. Joe had told these stores to his family with a lot of proud about shooting the Clash at the Rex Danforth. 

Good attempt at a CLASH exhibit in the Smash museum of music for the T. Dot.

Review - Clash in Toronto

On December 21st, Nick Smash hosted a talk on the impact that the Clash had on Toronto with radio hosts Alan Cross and Ivar Hamilton. But think of it as metaphor for the impact that the Clash had on Toronto in general. 

Nick starts out with some thoughts on the importance of the Clash. This is backed up by Allan Cross experience of finding out about the Clash on Winnipeg radio. That's where he first heard them and how they stood out. And then trying to find them at the local record store. It was a behind the counter purchase (in other words the special records were not in the regular racks). 

Ivar Hamilton had some stories about a variety of punk shows that happened back in the day. the crowd got involved as a hive mind experiment with people sharing stories about shows and the particulars. Nick's brother Simon told the back story to the infamous New Music interview with the Clash at the O'Keefe Centre. And then the piece de resistance was an interview that Ivor Hamilton did with Joe Strummer in '86(?). Could have been the last interview with Joe Strummer in Toronto and he talked about the number of projects he was involved with. There was also a great story about Joe Strummer trying to play the CFNY studio that was on Yonge Street. Something happened where he could not play and he retreated to the street to do a busking session. 

The event was a launch party for a new book that Nick Smash has curated called "Clash in Toronto: A selection of photographs 1979-1984". Photographers who made contributions include Simon White, Don Pyle, Erik Christensen, Joe Coffey, Carm Ferrari, Randy Johnston, Ivor Levene, and Paul Till. The book argues that in the absence of a rock and roll museum, publications like this have to collect these moments. Nick's thoughts along with those of the photographers collect memories for the four times that the Clash played Toronto. I am not sure of there are any copies left, but f you are interested in one reach out to Nick Smash on facebook. Proceeds for this book are going to Strummerville

Flyer - Saturday December 21st, 2019

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Top 10 – December 2019

1. SORE POINTS "Not Alright" ep (Slovenly)
2. THE RESTARTS "Uprising" LP (Pirates Press)
3. BATO "Ravages of Time" ep (Not for the Weak)
4. TOTAL LOSERS "(Do You Remember) Youth Energy" cassette (Best Seller)
5. UNDER ATTACK "Through the Blade" ep (Iron Lung)
6. JUGGLING JUGULARS "Insurrection" LP (Trujaca Fala)
7. TERRITORIES "Quit Thus City" (Pirates Press)
8. THE DROWNS "Hold Fast Demons" (Pirates Press)
9. UBIK "Next Phase" LP (Iron Lung)
10. THE CONTROL FREAKS "She’s the Bomb" LP (Slovenly)


Sunday, December 15, 2019

Radio - Sunday December 15th, 2019

This show starts out with a tribute to Katakombes which will be closing at the end of the month. Jose programmed some bands playing the last show.  Download this broadcast here.

LIFELESS DARK - Radiation Sickness (Self-Released)

SUBVERSIVE RITE - System's Childs (Bloody Master)
SPIRIT CRY - Darkness Provides (Self-Released)
BLOODSUCKERS - War in my Head (Run State)

Bands from Greece
KONEPISTOOLI - Kylman Sodan Tregedia (Terminal)
HONDA SS - Mobilization (Terminal)
CHAIN CULT - Uninvited (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CARTRIDGE - Mournful Cries (Self-Released)
REGRESSION - No Voice (Self-Released)

AXE RASH - Spineless (Adult Crash)
MAGIC MOMMY - Vampire (Self-Released)
CALAMIDAD - Ignorantes (Self-Released)
SCREAMING FIST - La Nada (Iron Lung)

JARADA - Fed Up with the Future (Doomtown)
KA TZON LA TEVACH - Futile Birds (Self-Released)
NAMATAY SA INGAY - Verdugo (Self-Released)
HETEROFOBIA - Me Das Asco (Drunken Sailor)
MALDICION - Monitoreados (Misfortune)

DECENTES - Destruido (Self-Released)
CRIPTAS - Verdugo (Self-Released)
BOSQUE ROJO - Nada (Sself-Released)
ROSAS ROTAS - Mundo de cagada (Self-Released)
GENOGEIST - Synaptic Ruin (Black Water)

A set inspired by the recent election in England
SLOW FACTION - You've Been Fooled Again (Self-Released)
SCRAPS - Another Eviction (Refuse)
THE ELITE - Power-Control (Self-Released
NO-HEADS - Battle Plan (Refuse)
CHARGER - Watch Your Back (Pirates Press)
ZHUKOV - Join The Brick Throwers' Union Today (Self-Released)

Top 10 – December 2019
10. THE CONTROL FREAKS “She’s the Bomb” LP – Time’s Up (Slovenly)
9. UBIK “Next Phase” LP - John Wayne (Is A Cowboy (And Is On Twitter)) (Iron Lung)
8. THE DROWNS “Hold Fast Demons” 12” - Demons (Pirates Press)
7. TERRITORIES “Quit This City” - Defender (Pirates Press)
6. JUGGLING JUGULARS “Insurrection” CD - Insurrection (Trujaca Fala / Break the Silence / Roku)
5. UNDER ATTACK “Through the Blade” ep - Blood Soaked Eyes (Iron Lung)
4. TOTAL LOSERS “(Do You Remember) Youth Energy” cassette - Death in my Head (Best Seller)
3. BATO “Ravages of Time” ep – Rot (Not for the Weak)
2. THE RESTARTS “Uprising” LP - Black Dog (Pirates Press)
1. SORE POINTS “Not Alright” ep - Not Coming Back (Slovenly)

Warkrusher is a new-ish band from Montreal featuring members of NAPALM RAID, PARASYTES, I.D.N.S., DISTERROR, and ZYMOTIC. They will be in town mid January to play a show at See-Scape. See show listings at the side. You can find the demo on bandcamp.

WARKRUSHER - Intro (Self-Released)
WARKRUSHER - Bloodlust (Self-Released)
WARKRUSHER - Tyranny of Vengeance / All is Not Lost (Self-Released)
WARKRUSHER - Endless Night (Self-Released)
WARKRUSHER - Epitaph (Self-Released)
WARKRUSHER - Screaming from Hell (Self-Released)

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Radio - Sunday, December 8th, 2019

Tonight's show was in honour of the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. To commemorate this day we pulled together a show of women in punk bands and we noticed that there were some strong feminist ideas by punk bands, there was some bands with women in the band, and there were some all women band. Tonight's show is made up of a mix of all and mostly from the early scene. We put years when the song was recorded. You can download the show here

1976 - THE RUNAWAYS – Cherry Bomb (Mercury)

Los Angeles scene
1977 - AVENGERS - I Believe in Me (Dangerhouse / Superior Viaduct
1978 - THE BAGS – Survive (Dangerhouse / Artifix)
1980 - THE BRAT – Attitudes (Fatima)
1981 - X - We're Desperate (Dangerhouse / Superior Viaduct / Fat Possum)
1994 - GO-GO's - The Whole World Lost Its Head (I.R.S.)

NYC scene
1974 - PATTI SMITH - Piss Factory (Mer / Sire)
1976 - BLONDIE - In the Sun (Private Stock)
1977 - TALKING HEADS - Psycho Killer (Sire / Phillips)
1978 - PLASMATICS - Butcher Baby (Stiff)
1980 - THE STIMULATORS - Loud Fast Rules (Frontier)

UK scene
1977 - THE SLITS – Shoplifting (Strange Fruit)
1977 - ADVERTS - Bored Teenagers (Anchor)
1977 - XRAY SPEX - Oh Bondage, Up Yours! (Virgin / Missing link)
1979 - AU PAIRS - Domestic Departure (021)
1979 – CRASS – Shaved Women (CRASS)

1979 - HONEY BANE - Girl on the Run (CRASS)
1980 - POISON GIRLS - Political Love (Small Wonder / CRASS / Xntrix / Water Wing)
1980 - VICE SQUAD - Latex Love (Riot City)
1982 - THE VIOLATORS – Fugitive (No Future / Visionary Vinyl)
1982 - ACTION PACT - Times Must Change (Fallout)

Toronto scene
1977 - THE CURSE - Somethin' Ya Can't Tell Your Mother (Other Peoples Music)
1977 - B-GIRLS - Jealousy (Bomp!)
1979 - TYRANNA - Back Off Baby (Chameleon / Boppa Do Down / Rave Up)
1980 - MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS - Monotone (Virgin / Dindisc)
1981 - ZRO4 – Poor Poor Girl (Unreleased)

Canadian scene
1979 - THE DISHRAGS - Just Another Girl (Zulu / Supreme Echo)
1980 - MODERNETTES - Little Girls (Quintessence / Sudden Death)
1985 - RUGGEDY ANNES - Dead and Gone (Tabb) 
1992 - FIFTH COLUMN - All Women Are Bitches (K)
2005 - THE LORRAINAS - Kiss My Ass (Self-Released)

Around the World
1979 - B52s - 6060-842 (Warner Bros / Island) 
1980 – NEO BOYS - Between Borders (K)
1980 - SARAH COFFMAN – Retro (Konkurens)
1982 – SCREAMING SNEAKERS - I Can't Help It (Self-Released / Revoltation / Generation
1982 – TAPPI TIKARRASS – London (Spor)

Spain scene
1982 - ULTIMO RESORTE - Bareclona es Differente (Flor Y Nata)
1983 – LAS VULPESS – Me Gusta Ser una Zorra (Dos Rombos Discos / Munster)

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Radio - Sunday, December 1st, 2019

Tonight's show looks at a number of releases found in the November 2019 review section of MRR getting us to a top 10 for the month. A good look at contemporary punk releases. Download the show here

FLYIN SPIDERZ - I'm Made of Stone (Bovema Negram)

GINO AND THE GOONS - Black Leather Blue Denim (Sunwray / Slovenly / Black Gladiator)
CASUAL BURN – Wrong (Handstand
BRANDY AND THE BUTCHER - Pretty Girls (River Monster)
MARK SULTAN – Heart Attack (Slovenly)
THE HUSSY - Better Stuff (Dirtnap)
DISCO JUNK - Mutual Hate (HoZac
DEATH LOTTERY - Wrong Side of the Sun (Freetime Boyz Entertainment Worldwide Inc.)

SURFBORT - Hippie Vomit Inhaler (HoZac)
THE CAVEMEN - Can't Resist (Slovenly)

ODD MAN OUT – Pound for Pound (Warthog Speak / Refuse)
JAD - Jestes sam (Self-Released
POWER - The Fool (Feel It
TOTAL MASSACRE - Shock Doctrine (Self-Released)
SLUMP - (Do the) Sonic Sprawl (Feel It)

Top 10 – November 2019
10. MYSTERY GIRL - Heartbreaker (Brain Slash)
9. HELLBENT - The Worm's Turn (Self-Released)
8. HOTET - Ny Dag Nya Jävligheter (Alleycat)
6. HAIRCUT – Seeking (Beach Impediment)
5. CURLEYS - T2 (Total Punk)
4. SUBHUMANS - Punk Machine (Pirates Press)
3. RESTARTS - The One Percent (Pirates Press)
2. LARMA - Konkurrens Är Livet (Adult Crash / Beach Impediment)
1. LOOSE NUKES - I Could've Been a Killer (Beach Impediment)

CHIEF STATE – Deciduous
SHOOK ONES - No Bucket (Revelation)
UGLYBONES – Lazy (Self-Released)
Дотти Дэнжер - Чорт простога люда (Go Tape)
THE HARD TOMS - It's Not Unusual (Self-Released

DAVID QUINTON - Never Lonely with Yourself (Secret Mission
SCREAMING SNEAKERS - Violent Days (Screaming Sneakers / Revoltation / Generation)
SYMBOL SIX – Taxation (Posh Boy
GAY COWBOYS IN BONDAGE – A Funny Red Moustache (of Kool Aid) (Sublapse) 
CHAIN CULT - City of Ruins (La Vida Es Un Mus

DEATH RIDGE BOYS - Right Side of History (Black Water)
MARTIN AND THE BROWNSHIRTS - Taxi Driver (Tabitha / Lightning / Breakout)
HAERVERK - Ingen Visjoner (Torpedo Plate / Mediasyndikatet)
X - Your Phone's off the Hook (But You're Not) (Slash)
X-RAY SPEX - Genetic Engineering (EMI)