Saturday, November 23, 1985

Saturday November 23, 1985

I saw this show. DRI and COC together. This was when everyone had both bands on their jean jackets and my friedn Mike Canzi used to say it as one name Dry Cock.

Friday, November 22, 1985

Wednesday, November 20, 1985

V/A " It Came from the Pit" LP

Psyche Industries followed up the "Primitive Air Raid" comp with a comp that featured bands from across Canada.  Psyche Industry was done by a guy named Randy Boyd who was a guy from Edmonton that re-located to Montreal to start up this label.  This comp was done in the spirit of the "Something to Believe in" comp. Randy approached SNFU about being on the comp when SNFU played a show in Montreal. The Belke Brothers knew Randy Obsure Alternatives, which was a punk record store that Randy had back in Edmonton. When SNFU got back from their tour in the fall of 1985, Chi's roomate David Mockford had just finished a course in sound engineering. His teachers encouraged him to take on this project as a course project which he did. Rather than use material from the next album SNFU decided to cover Warren Zevon's "Poor Pitiful Me". Chris Walter notes that "this was an unusual choice of covers for a punk compilation." SNFU chose the song because they just wanted to have some fun. The rest of the songs on "It Came from the Pit" are :

1. S.C.U.M. - Exit Death
2. My Dog Popper - Rock Stars are Assholes
3. My Dog Popper - Equal Time
4. Enigmas - Teenage Barnacle
5. Sudden Impact - To Our Glorious Dead
6. Sudden Impact - Drunk Driving
7. Entirely distorted - Abstinence
8. Count Down Zero - Count Down Zero
9. Ruggedy Annes - Casual Design
10. S.N.F.U. - Poor Pitiful Me
11. Problem Children - Thrashing with your Parents
12. League of Dead Politicians - Mr. Profylactic Man
13. Gassenhauer - Local Youths
14. October Crisis - Everyday
15. Stretch Marks - Old Man Understand
16. Nomeansno - No Sex

Saturday, November 9, 1985

Fair Warning "You Are the Scene" LP / CD

The LP was originally self-released in 1985. The band was often compared with bands like SSD and DYS from Boston. Sonik's Chicken Shrimp released a CD version with loads of extra tracks 20 years after the original release. The songs on here are :
1. Time & Place
2. Second Chance
3. Blood on the Bumper
4. Skating
5. Do You Know What You Do?
6. Frayed Nerves
7. Six O'Clock Blues, Part 2
8. Caught in a Trap
9. Wake Me Up
10. Problems
11. Could Be Worse
12. Bag Ladies
13. You are the Scene
14. Six O'Clock Blues, Part 1
15. Open Your Eyes
16. A Man and His World
17. Say No More
18. Pain in My Brain
19. Remember the Days
20. I Will
21. Am I Guilty?
22. Consequences
23. Search for....
24. United Thrashers of Canada
25. Days of Loneliness
26. Problems
27. Death by Injection
28. Skating
29. Time for a Change
30. Bag Ladies
31. Video Victims
32. Fight as One

Saturday, November 2, 1985

Problem Children "We Are the Children"

Problem Children were from Dunnville but this was at some bar in Hamilton.

A.P.B. "Angel of Death"

"Angel of Death" by A.P.B.

Sudden Impact "Same in the End"

The song "Same in the End" had a video and this was taken from a broadcast on Much Music.

Friday, November 1, 1985

MRR Review - Negro Jazz Funeral ep

Tim Yohannon wrote this review for MRR of the NJF ep. This appeared in issue #22, which came out in February 1985. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Scene Report - Winnipeg, November 1985

Doug Humiski writes a scene report on the Winipeg hardcore scene talking about the Rugged Annes, the Stretch Marks, the Beach Mutants, and the Unwanted among others. One of the Stretch pads was being torn down and is reported in this report. This appeared in issue #30 in November 1985. Click on the image to enlarge this to a readable size.