Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

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McBAIN - Fuck That Noise (Self-Released)

Studio 3 Session
McBAIN - Fuck That Noise (CIUT)
McBAIN - Skate Like You Fuck (CIUT)
McBAIN - Get Outta Town (CIUT)
McBAIN - P.M. Me Baby (CIUT)
McBAIN - So Bad (CIUT)
McBAIN - Slow (CIUT)
McBAIN - Shadow People (CIUT)
McBAIN - Fuck Relationships (CIUT)
McBAIN - Interview (CIUT)
McBAIN - Fuck Relationships (CIUT)

FUCKED UP - Baiting the Public (Deranged)
VICIOUS CYCLE - I’m Watching You (Self-Released)
PIXIES - Oh My Golly (4 AD)
TRAGEDY - Crucifier (Feral Ward)
HUSKER DU - The Biggest Lie (SST)

CAREER SUICIDE - Moron (Deranged)
BLACK FLAG - Rise Above (SST)
THE CLASH - Spanish Bombs (Epic)
CURSED - Into the Hive (Goodfellow)
FUGAZI - Waiting Room (Dischord)

CRAWLERS - I Hate Michael Vick (Blind Spot)
NO SLOGAN - Howard Jones (Residue)
BITE DOWN - Hand Painted Casket Expo (Crucial Response)
KUNG FU KILLERS - Now More Than Ever (Zodiac Killer)
ADIXION - Track 4 (MCR Company)

Demo Feature
GAS CHAMBER - Price for Greatness (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Spelling Backwards (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Return the Shape (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Childhood’s End (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Strontium (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - The Nineteeth Hole (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Experiment on Direction (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Comfort Food (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Last of the Dogs (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Drug Induced Coma (Self-Released)

DECEIVING SOCIETY - Difference of a Place (MCR Company)
CLOWN - Bastards Law (MCR Company)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Radio - Sunday, April 19, 2009

ONE VOICE - The Difference (Crucial Response)

THE LIBYANS - Increase the Frequency (Chamber of Commerce)
RED MASS - Terrorizer (Psychic Handshake)
KRIEGSHOG - Zouo (Heartfirst)
OMAISUUSVAHINKO - Uusi Sukupolvi (Ratbite)
LEATHERVEIN - Endless Night (Hjernespind)

S.O.A. - Lost in Space (Dischord)
BLANK STARE - Fuck Drugs, Fuck You (Third Party)
UNIFORM CHOICE - Straight and Alert (Wishing Well)
MINOR THREAT - Out of Step (Dischord)
CHAIN OF STRENGTH - True Till Death (Revelation)

IMMORAL SQUAD - Trash Vortex (Choking Hazard)
SHITFIT - Hold (Vital Communications)
CHOKEHOLD - Religion on a Stick (Bloodlink)
RAH - Peace of Mind (Chez Ogilvie)

GOOD CLEAN FUN - Coll-edge (Equal Vision)
BANE - Superhero (Equal Vision)
BETTER THAN A THOUSAND - Poison in Your Brain (Grapes of Wrath)
TRUE COLORS - Strong Minds (Powered)
YOUTH OF TODAY - Youth Crew (Revelation)

HOSTAGE LIFE - Hostage Life’s Young Wards (Black Pints)
THE BRAT ATTACK - Hey Harper You Anti-Choice Homophobe Fuck Die Die Die (Rebel Time)
KNUCKLEHEAD - Integrity (Longshot Music)
THE BRISTLES - Banned from Employment (MCR Company)
COCK SPARRER - Lies? (Captain Oi!)
THE BUSINESS - Last Train to Clapham Junction (Captain Oi!)

AT THE DRIVE IN - Rolodex Propaganda (Fearless)
CAREER SUICIDE - Recipe for Disaster (Deranged)
TRASH TALK - Walking Disease (Self-Released)
THE CLASH - Tommy Gun (Epic)

FIX MY HEAD - Swirling Vortex (No Options)
CONTROL DE ESTADO - Licencia para Matar (KOFB Records)
ACCIDENTAL GUN DEATH - No Reason (Blind Spot)
NASA SPACE UNIVERSE - Inspence Experience (Gradual Limbo)
ZYANOSE - Media (MCR Company)

Demo Feature
LOW VISION - Just Believe (Self-Released)
LOW VISION - This World is Pain (Self-Released)
LOW VISION - Touch the Truth (Self-Released)
LOW VISION - Wanna be… (Self-Released)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

BURNT CROSS - Jacking Up Jesus (Pumpkin)

CRASS - Have a Nice Day (Crass)
EXIT STANCE - Christian Militia (Overground)
FEEDERZ - Jesus (Flaming Banker)
REALITY CONTROL - Forgive Me (Overground)
DEAD KENNEDYS - Religious Vomit / Moral Majority
THATCHER ON ACID - Our Gods Are Falling Down (Overground)

R.A.M.B.O. - No Circle Pits in Heaven (625 Productions)
CURSED - Guilt Parade (Goodfellow)
HAYMAKER - God can Fuck Hymnself (Deranged)
LIMP WRIST - Twelve Years of Church (Lengua Armada)

RETAINERS – Waste of Time (Radio 81 / P Tash)
TRUE COLOURS – Way to Myself (Powered)
PSYCHED TO DIE – Final Path (Grave Mistake)
VITAMIN X – Get in the Pit (Havoc)
INFEST – Mankind (Draw Blank)

KEITZER - Doom Shall Rise (Yellow Dog)
GENETIC ANGRY - Change (Sewercide)
VITAMIN PARTY - Black Armband (Get It Out!)
DCOI - Life’s a Blur (True Records)
GUILTY FACES - Hospital Eyes
NK6 - Life No Way
ALTERNATE ACTION - Nowhere To Go (Longshot Music)
RATS, THE - Praying (Thrashbastard)
FIX MY HEAD - Fix My Head (No Options)

STATUES - The Audition (Shooting at Decoys)
THE TOYOTAS - (The Girl on) Channel 2 (P Trash / Radio 81)
CITY SWEETHEARTS - Wrong Direction (Self-Released)
ZRO4 - Disgusting (Unreleased)

HUL - Ingen Lektier (Hjernespind)
AMDI PETERSENS ARME - De Hjernedodes Nat (Kick ‘n Punch)
DEAN DIRGE - Neon Nightmare (Dead Beat)
DEMON SYSTEM 13 - Fukked Up System (Deranged)

PHANTOM LIMBS - Girl on a Trapeze (Alternative Tentacles)
SONOURS GALE - Dogmatic Equations (Wrong Foot)
GUILT TRIP! - Call Me Old Fashioned …. (Absent)
BORED STRAIGHT - Holy Cross Hoax (Data Control)
AND THE SAGA CONTINUES - Big Talker, Small Thinker (Fuck the Bullshit)

Demo Feature
SICK JUMP - Weekend Rock Shit (Self-Released)
SICK JUMP - Sbarro Sucks (Self-Released)
SICK JUMP - McBeef (Self-Released)
SICK JUMP - Fuck Kids (Self-Released)
SICK JUMP - Stoner with a Boner (Self-Released)
SICK JUMP - Drug Stupido (Self-Released)
SICK JUMP - Geoff Hates Jews (Self-Released)
SICK JUMP - Food Not Bread (Self-Released)
SICK JUMP - Stoner Phillips (Self-Released)
SICK JUMP - Lloyd Christmas (Self-Released)
SICK JUMP - Fives on the Tucci’s (Self-Released)
SICK JUMP - My Life is a Septic Tank (Self-Released)

COCK SPARRER - Runaway Johnny (Captain Oi!)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

School Jerks ep

The SCHOOL JERKS feature the singer and drummer of TERMINAL STATE, except the singer has converted to guitar. And he does a great job of it playing super raw, keeping one foot in the garage world and one foot in the hardcore world. They remind me of DEAN DIRG in that ability to straddle both. Ivan’s drumming reminds me a lot of the CIRCLE JERKS. Luke’s blown out vocals are very raspy and come off like a cross between Darby Crash and Alec MacKaye (circa the FAITH era). I can’t really comment on the lyrics because there are none, even though there is sheet with particulars about the recording which I do appreciate having. I learned that Ben, the guitarist, did the recording on this. Tara delivers another amazing cover which may create some controversy. But I think they’d be into that. For the record they are not Nazis. (Riff Raff Records – - SP

Radio - Sunday, April 5, 2009

LEGION666 - Left with Nothing (Unreleased)

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Black Hundreds (Prank / HG Fact)
PISSCHRIST - Rise up (Yellow Dog)
DISKELMA - Nihilistic Statement (Kamaset Levyt)

BROWN SUGAR - Blow (Feral Kid)
FIX MY HEAD - Beat Me Down (A Vinyl Addict)
VILE NATION - Stupid Game (Even Worse)

CIVIL VICTIM - Punx of the Past (Loud Blaring Punk)
GUILTY FACES - Nightmares (Room 101)
SMART COPS - Quel Dubbioso Manganello Rosa (Sorry State)

IN TIME - Road (Unreleased)
ROCKET REDUCERS - Feel This Way (Kick Yer Butt)
VACANT STATE - Tight Grip (Self-Released)
DISCO ASSAULT - My Fate (Schizophrenic)

SUBHUMANS - Death to the Sickoids (Alternative Tentacles)
PERSONALITY CRISIS - Twilight’s Last Gleaming (Worker Cooperative)
THE SPORES - Shopping Binge (Sudden Death)
TYRANNA - Back Off Baby (Boppa Do Down)

AMEBIX - No Gods No Masters
NOMEANSNO - Teresa, Give Me That Knife (Wrong)

HAZARDOUS WASTE - Dust Cloud / Skate Block (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Welcome to Gilead (CIUT)

ZRO4 - Gimmie Attention (CIUT)
63 MONROE - What the Fuck ? (CIUT)

DURESS - Guilty Mind (Self-Released)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009