Sunday, April 19, 2009

Radio - Sunday, April 19, 2009

ONE VOICE - The Difference (Crucial Response)

THE LIBYANS - Increase the Frequency (Chamber of Commerce)
RED MASS - Terrorizer (Psychic Handshake)
KRIEGSHOG - Zouo (Heartfirst)
OMAISUUSVAHINKO - Uusi Sukupolvi (Ratbite)
LEATHERVEIN - Endless Night (Hjernespind)

S.O.A. - Lost in Space (Dischord)
BLANK STARE - Fuck Drugs, Fuck You (Third Party)
UNIFORM CHOICE - Straight and Alert (Wishing Well)
MINOR THREAT - Out of Step (Dischord)
CHAIN OF STRENGTH - True Till Death (Revelation)

IMMORAL SQUAD - Trash Vortex (Choking Hazard)
SHITFIT - Hold (Vital Communications)
CHOKEHOLD - Religion on a Stick (Bloodlink)
RAH - Peace of Mind (Chez Ogilvie)

GOOD CLEAN FUN - Coll-edge (Equal Vision)
BANE - Superhero (Equal Vision)
BETTER THAN A THOUSAND - Poison in Your Brain (Grapes of Wrath)
TRUE COLORS - Strong Minds (Powered)
YOUTH OF TODAY - Youth Crew (Revelation)

HOSTAGE LIFE - Hostage Life’s Young Wards (Black Pints)
THE BRAT ATTACK - Hey Harper You Anti-Choice Homophobe Fuck Die Die Die (Rebel Time)
KNUCKLEHEAD - Integrity (Longshot Music)
THE BRISTLES - Banned from Employment (MCR Company)
COCK SPARRER - Lies? (Captain Oi!)
THE BUSINESS - Last Train to Clapham Junction (Captain Oi!)

AT THE DRIVE IN - Rolodex Propaganda (Fearless)
CAREER SUICIDE - Recipe for Disaster (Deranged)
TRASH TALK - Walking Disease (Self-Released)
THE CLASH - Tommy Gun (Epic)

FIX MY HEAD - Swirling Vortex (No Options)
CONTROL DE ESTADO - Licencia para Matar (KOFB Records)
ACCIDENTAL GUN DEATH - No Reason (Blind Spot)
NASA SPACE UNIVERSE - Inspence Experience (Gradual Limbo)
ZYANOSE - Media (MCR Company)

Demo Feature
LOW VISION - Just Believe (Self-Released)
LOW VISION - This World is Pain (Self-Released)
LOW VISION - Touch the Truth (Self-Released)
LOW VISION - Wanna be… (Self-Released)

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