Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

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McBAIN - Fuck That Noise (Self-Released)

Studio 3 Session
McBAIN - Fuck That Noise (CIUT)
McBAIN - Skate Like You Fuck (CIUT)
McBAIN - Get Outta Town (CIUT)
McBAIN - P.M. Me Baby (CIUT)
McBAIN - So Bad (CIUT)
McBAIN - Slow (CIUT)
McBAIN - Shadow People (CIUT)
McBAIN - Fuck Relationships (CIUT)
McBAIN - Interview (CIUT)
McBAIN - Fuck Relationships (CIUT)

FUCKED UP - Baiting the Public (Deranged)
VICIOUS CYCLE - I’m Watching You (Self-Released)
PIXIES - Oh My Golly (4 AD)
TRAGEDY - Crucifier (Feral Ward)
HUSKER DU - The Biggest Lie (SST)

CAREER SUICIDE - Moron (Deranged)
BLACK FLAG - Rise Above (SST)
THE CLASH - Spanish Bombs (Epic)
CURSED - Into the Hive (Goodfellow)
FUGAZI - Waiting Room (Dischord)

CRAWLERS - I Hate Michael Vick (Blind Spot)
NO SLOGAN - Howard Jones (Residue)
BITE DOWN - Hand Painted Casket Expo (Crucial Response)
KUNG FU KILLERS - Now More Than Ever (Zodiac Killer)
ADIXION - Track 4 (MCR Company)

Demo Feature
GAS CHAMBER - Price for Greatness (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Spelling Backwards (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Return the Shape (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Childhood’s End (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Strontium (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - The Nineteeth Hole (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Experiment on Direction (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Comfort Food (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Last of the Dogs (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER - Drug Induced Coma (Self-Released)

DECEIVING SOCIETY - Difference of a Place (MCR Company)
CLOWN - Bastards Law (MCR Company)

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