Friday, June 29, 1990

Tuesday, June 26, 1990

Flyer - Saturday June 2, 1990

The bass player, Alisdiar Jones, made this flyer. Other flyers can be viewed at

Tuesday, June 19, 1990

Fratricide "Scream Bloody Vengeance" ep

This was a post humous release for Fratricide that was relased on the German label Heart First Records, which is a label that has released a lot of bands from Vancouver. The first song was recorded at Casablanca Studio on 8 tracks on May 23rd, 1987. The rest were recorded live on CFRO Co-op Radio, January 2nd, 1987.The songs on here are:

1. Scream Bloody Vengeance
2. Poison Control
3. Beaten Senseless
4. Final Solution

Melonville, a great blog that focuses on a lot of punk out of the west coast, has a download up for this ep.

Tuesday, June 12, 1990