Wednesday, April 26, 1978

Flyer - April 26, 1978

Larry's Hideaway

Saturday, April 1, 1978

Zine - The Pig Paper #08

Issue 8 of the Pig Paper came out in April 1978 and interviews with Elvis Costello, Steve Leckie and Freddie Pompeii of the Viletones, pieces on the Forgotten Rebels, the Dishes, Teenage Head, the Diodes, a show review of the Runaways and the Heartbreakers, some photos of Elvis Costello, Mickey Skin, Margeretta Passion, Frankie Venom, Carole Pope, Robert Gordon, and loads of gossip. The gossip section writes about how the Hotel Isabella has started to do shows at the time. The Cads had gotten back together with the old bass player from the Diodes. There are also some great photos.