Saturday, August 30, 1997

Flyer - Friday, August 30th, 1997

Full Contact Interview - What Happens Next?

This is an interview I did with Max Ward about What Happens Next? Max Ward is many things to many people, but at the time of this he was the drummer for WHN? This interview was for Full Contact Magazine and appeared in issue 4. Rod Orchard was the guy behind the zine and he had these translated into Kenji so there is a Japanese translation alongside the English. Pretty cool. This came out in late 1997.

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The Forgotten Rebels in MRR

The Forgotten Rebels are one of the early Hamilton punk bands. Derek Dykeman of Soap and Spikes zine did an interview back in August 1997 and was Published in the March 1998 issue of MRR, issue #178. This issue is sold out, but you can read the Forgotten rebels interview by clicking on the cover of the issue above.