Saturday, April 27, 1985

Thursday, April 25, 1985

Tuesday, April 23, 1985

Flyer - Tuesday April 23, 1985

Porcelain Forehead played this Montreal show with the Dead Kennedys. Their are pictures of Porcelain Forehead at Indy Foto.

Friday, April 19, 1985

Thursday, April 18, 1985

Flyer - Thursday April 18, 1985

Another big Jill show. Articles of Faith come in from Chicago. I think this show may have got Jill to start a label called Lone Wolf Records because one of the first releases was to be an Articles of Faith LP. Dead End opened up this show and October Crisis came in from London to play.

Sunday, April 14, 1985

Saturday, April 13, 1985

Thursday, April 4, 1985

Flyer - Thursday April 4, 1985

Sudden Impact and Terminal Rage from Don Mills open up for Suicidal Tendencies at Larry's.

Monday, April 1, 1985

Zine - The Pig Paper #18

MRR Review - Beyond Possession "Telll Tale Heart" ep

Steve Spinalli wrote this review for MRR of the Beyond Possession ep. This appeared in issue #24, which came out in April 1985. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.