Tuesday, December 28, 1999

Ductape was a fanzine and a web radio show based in North York.

Saturday, November 27, 1999

Spotty Botty ep

Spotty Botty featured Roddy and joolz who are now in the Terminals and Preston who is in Murdersquad T.O. Preston released the record on his own label Wounded Paw records. Shawna played guitar. The songs on here are:
1. Crap
2. Culprit
3. Drunk 'n Violence
4. Gettin on Your Nerves
5. Sometimes

Saturday, November 13, 1999

Mexican Power Authority "Haiku Gesundheit" CD

This was the third and final release I did on Ragamuffin Soldier Records. This release came out in a CD and a double LP format. The vinyl contained 17 additional songs. This release was a collection of the band's first three releases which were originally released in cassette format. Mexican Power Authority are a band from Victoria that feature Kev Smith of the legendary Neos and Jason Flowers who is the person behind Surpeme Echo that has been doing all these great re-issues. I have heard the band described as a cross between Napalm Death and John Coltraine. They can be genre expending to say the least, but these early three releases contain a lot of the Neos flavour. The first batch of songs are taken from the "More Discipline" cassette, which was recorded in the crypt on October 27, 1991:

1. Carpsicle
2. Hey Koolaid! / Koolaid Amok
3. Koolaid Incognito
4. Koolaid Behind Bars
5. Frantic Gesticulations
6. Cul-de-sac
7. Ach du Lieber
8. Victorian Punk / Tangerine Blood / Social Elite
9. Loss of Face
10. Eskimomalt
11. Sex with the Devil
12. Scream
13. Don't Fucking Label Me / Bandana Jemima
14. Outside
15. Sex / Garbage
16. Defy What You Deify / Anyone for a Swim?
17. Blackhaus
18. Huh?
19. Laser Scorpions Karaoke
20.Zircon-enhanced Telescope
21. Endless Tamboura
22. Acid Dreams
23. Fairway Baggie Ties Suck Real Bad
24. You One More Time
25. In the Hallway of the Mountain King Crimson
26. Mean Green
27. H2O Ambush
28. Final Dignity
29. MiG-21
30. Jetstream
31. Infinite Spheres
32. Orbital Cloud Perch
33. Log Carmanah
34. Long Pig
35. Nailed to the TV
36. Police Story (The Partisans)
37. No one Likes Cooper
38. Kabbalah Tattoo
39. Superantennae (CFUV)

The next batch of songs comes from "Salmon Mask Metallica which was recorded at Digital Soundbloom on March 22-29, 1992. The songs are:
40. Unnecessary Seance
41. Hollow Ice / Mothra
42. Pathetic Zeppelin / No One Likes Cooper
43. Evil Jazz
44. 8 Deer Tiger Claw / We're Here for You
45. Automodeath / W.S.H.B.T.O.T.B.D.A.L.N.
46. Pole Shift
47. Log Carmanah
48. Bleach & Mold
49. Hesherhenge
50. Are You Taking a Survey ?
51. Grass Hut
52. Shoebox
53. Bite the Wall
54. Lunar Winds
55. My Son is a Kuwahara
56. Binaural Nebulae
57. Zircon-Enhanced Telescope
58. Myomniverse
59. Sex / Garbage
60. Communist
61. Didgeridoo
62. Origami
63. H.P. Lovecraft Dinner
64. Orbital Cloud Perch

The next batch of songs comes from the "Haiku Gesundheit" cassette, which was recorded at Ng Studios on October 11, 1992. The songs are:
65. Konnichi-wah / Ketch
66. Hopeless Astrocytoma
67. Jazzbo
68. Sky Burial
69. Constellation
70. Dresden / 10:01h / 13.2.45
71. Vigesimal Reckoning
72. Barbed Wire
73. Claustroblanket
74. Chickenpox
75. We're Here for You
76. Human Hornette Hybrid, variations 1-3 / Dead Bob (Nomeansno)
77. Nocturne no. 28
78. Angry Sock Puppet
79. Salmon Mask Metallica
80. Lament (for the Sky)
81. Rocket no. 9 Take Off for the Planet Venus (Sun Ra)
82. Hydrowurm
83. Pathetic Zeppelin
84. Trampolintophobe
85. Nying-ma pa / Revolution (Beatles) / Stupid Competition / Butcharts Gardens
86. Om (Part One) / Om (Part Two) (John Coltrane)
87. Deviated Septum / Hyperspace
88. Sonic Tofu
The rest of the songs were recorded in the January sessions at Ng Studios on January 10, 1993. The songs are:
89. Shadowtax
90. UFO
91. Frantic Gesticulations
92. Die, Motherfuckers
93. Car Alarm
94. Dustbowl
95. Illiterates
96. Flipsy
97. Endless Tamboura
98. Swastikas of the Rich 'n' Famous
99. Eve of Destruction

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Sunday, October 24, 1999

Flyer - Tuesday October 24, 1999

Wednesday, October 13, 1999

The Swarm "Old Blue Eyes is Dead" ep

Sinatra had just died. The Swarm did a song for him in a power violence tradition called 5-15-98. Chris started the Swarm after Left for Dead broke up and the band had basically the core of what would become the Cursed. So Chris was the singer, Christian and Adam played guitar, lou played bass and Mike played drums. The cover of this ep was pretty amazing with a little peek-a-boo window on the back cover and a Sinatra silhouette fold on the front. It was a great release and No Idea put it out. The songs on here are:
1. Bleeding to Death
2. November First
3. Fuse
4. 5.15.98
5. Absent from the Morning Headcount
6. Just Say "Go!"

Sunday, September 12, 1999

Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Buried Inside "In and of the Self" CD

Andrew Tweety, one of Buried Inside's guitarist was going to a recording studio run out of Raven House Studios. He worked on recorded this as a sound project with his teacher. It was like a school project even though Andrew had graduated from the course. CDs were no as common place back then so it was still a pretty big deal to release this on anything. These kids in upstate New York ran a label called Matlock Records and they released this. The CDs were assembled outside of ABC No Rio right before Buried Inside played.

1. Social Skingraft
2. The Seductive Nature of Female Sexuality 
3. In and of the Self
4. Unendowed (Come Join The Party)
5. Eve of Forever
6. Along the Edge of a Straight Razor
7. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Saturday, August 21, 1999

The Swarm / Force Fed Glass "Self Destruct" ep

This split was a picture disk. A band from Richmond named Force Fed Glass was on the split. Both bands had broken up by the time this came out hence the title of the record. The Swarm recorded a Black Flag cover for their side. Spiritfall was also behind this release, but the record was a split release with another label called Electric Human Project. Songs on here are:
1. Untreated Symptom
2. The Most Lethal Dose
3. Snizzshot in the HeartattaCk
4. Revenge (Black Flag)

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Wednesday, June 16, 1999

Zine -Full Contact 07

Issue 7 featured pieces on Dropkick Murphys, Stampin' ground, All Out War, Bad Luck 13, DS-13, Out to Win, Cold as Life, Power House, Tony Hawk and a profile on Straight Up Records.

Saturday, June 12, 1999

“Toronto’s Burning” Demo

RIOT 99 were an oi inspired punk band from Toronto made up of Drew on vocals, Howard on guitar and his sister Nathalie on bass, and Taras on drums. Taras had moved to the city from Edmonton where he played in a street punk inspired band called the Glory Stompers. Drew moved here from Australia and played in a couple of bands from the land down under. This was their first demo and it featured the following songs:

1. Fuck America
2. Decade on the Dole
3. Guttersnipe,
4. Nunfucker
5. Self-Destruct
6. Rats
7. Streetpunk,
8. Ave a Go
9. They Want to Control you
10. Start a Riot
11. Thieves in the Night
12. Kill Raver Scum

Friday, June 11, 1999

Bureaucrats LP

I know the cover kind of looks like Nazareth's "Razamanaz", but they were an awesome punk band from Ottawa that started up in 1978. They had at least one ep out. This LP was released posthumously and collected studio recordings with 3 live tracks. The band featured the Sidwell brothers who were from Scotland so the British accent is not a fake. The band broke up in 1981 but did a reunion show in 2001. The release doesn't seem to have a label behind it, so this could have been self-released. Below are the liner notes.

The songs on here are:
1. Grown Up Age
2. The Game
3. Bureaucracy
4. Today & Everyday
5. Frustration
6. Girl of your Dreams
7. Now and Then
8. Feel the Pain
9. She's an American
10. A Question of Sport
11. Passion Bastards
12. You Never Wanted Me
13. as If We Didn't Know
14. Vaccination
15. Killing Ground

Thursday, June 3, 1999

Marilyn's Vitamins "Meanwhile During the Class war" ep

Marilyn's Vitamins mostly released material on Raw Energy. Their last ep was on Ugly Pop Records. This was originally to be part of a Toronto hardcore series of 7" releases. Like those records they had a limited Drew Barrymore cover for each of the releases. The songs on this ep were:
1. The Executions of May 16th
2. It's good to be Here
3. Zundel, Voltaire and Me
4. I Consume, Therefore I Am

Monday, April 26, 1999

Various Artists " Smash the State, Volume 3" LP

This was the last of the re-issue series by Frank Manley. As the other two did, this featured long lost punk singles released in their entirety. The songs found on this collection are:

1. Gentlemen of Horor - Rich Kids
2. Gentlemen of Horor - Overhead Projector
3. Gentlemen of Horor - Rough Hike
4. Gentlemen of Horor - God Knows You By Name
5. Gentlemen of Horor - Bank

The Bureaucrats were from Ottawa and their single originally came out in 1980

6. Bureaucrats - Feel The Pain
7. Bureaucrats - Grown Up Age

Siggy Magic and The Hey-Hoe Band were from vancouver and this was released in November 1978.

8. Siggy Magic and The Hey-Hoe Band - Commercials For Free
9. Siggy Magic and The Hey-Hoe Band - Tooth Decay
10. Siggy Magic and The Hey-Hoe Band -Passive and Blue

The Allies were from Toronto and this was recorded in 1979 so that they could get gigs.

11. The Allies - Night In The City

The Discords were from Montreal and this 7" came out in 1982.

12. Discords - R.C.M.P.
13. Discords - Dead Cubans
14. Discords - Kill The Rich
15. Discords - N.D.G.

The Red Squares were from Ottawa and their single originally came out in 1982

16. Red Squares - Ottawa Today
17. Red Squares - Transmitter

Reaction were from St. John's Newfoundland and this came out in 1978.

18. Reaction - The Kids Arrived

Da Slyme were from St. John's Newfoundland and this material came out on a double LP in 1978-1979.

19. Da Slyme - My Only Concern Is ...
20. Da Slyme - Kickin' Till I Die
21. Da Slyme - I'm A Piss-eyed Sleazoid
22. Da Slyme - One Chord Punk Rock Song

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Friday, April 2, 1999

Flyer - Friday April 2, 1999

Bill Corbett did this show. It was awesome especially given that the show was on good Friday and the title of the show calls into question the myth of christiniaty. Bill would come to do artwork for our ep on Deranged. Chris was able to get Teen Crud on the bill and we driove up together. I remember rocking out to Slayer and realizing that's where Katie ripped the riffs for "I'll Do Anything" from.

Saturday, March 27, 1999

AK 47 "Red Anthem" CD

This was AK 47's second release. This was their first CD though. It was a split with Hudson Mack who Tony used to also play in. AK 47's material was:
1. Useless
2. Set The Captives Free
3. You Are Not Alone
4. Waste Of Time
5. A Single Spark
6. Manifesto
7. Truth
8. Borders
9. Take Back
10. Almost Over
11. Stolen Lives
12. Fear Nothing
13. Punk Rock Anti-Cop Song
14. The Only War
15. Red Anthem
16. Mumia

The lyrcis for "Red Anthem can be checked out on the band's website http://www.akfortyseven.net/ under the discography section.

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Friday, January 29, 1999

Flyer - Friday January 29, 1999

Danko performed with Countdown covering Youth of Today's "Flame Still Burns", Minor Threat's "In My Eyes", and Negative Approach's "Can't Tell No One".

Tuesday, January 19, 1999

Legion666 "Hell at Last" ep

Kang inspired hardcore band from Toronto featuring John McDonald of Skew-G, Paul Abrash of One Blood, Ian and Derek from Blowhard, and Pat Laso from the Blundermen. Darren Cosgrove did the artwork. Ugly Pop released the record. Songs on here are:
1. Abuse in Isolation
2. Tomorrow's Prayer
3. Exhausted
4. Close Your Fucking Book

Tuesday, January 12, 1999


There are two pieces on DOA in this issue. There is an interview done with Joey Shithead in Seattle around the time of "Festival of Athiests" release. MRR also does a feature on DOA in their Pioneers of Punk section. Copies of issue 188 are still available through back order at http://maximumrocknroll.com/back-issues/.