Saturday, June 12, 1999

“Toronto’s Burning” Demo

RIOT 99 were an oi inspired punk band from Toronto made up of Drew on vocals, Howard on guitar and his sister Nathalie on bass, and Taras on drums. Taras had moved to the city from Edmonton where he played in a street punk inspired band called the Glory Stompers. Drew moved here from Australia and played in a couple of bands from the land down under. This was their first demo and it featured the following songs:

1. Fuck America
2. Decade on the Dole
3. Guttersnipe,
4. Nunfucker
5. Self-Destruct
6. Rats
7. Streetpunk,
8. Ave a Go
9. They Want to Control you
10. Start a Riot
11. Thieves in the Night
12. Kill Raver Scum

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