Monday, January 19, 2004

Radio - Sunday, January 18, 2004

RAMMER - Rammer (CIUT)
RAMMER - From Russia with Hate (CIUT)
RAMMER - The Last Scientist (CIUT)
RAMMER - Butcher / Extinctions Embrace (CIUT)
RAMMER - Waste Lair (CIUT)
RAMMER - Throat of Hell (CIUT)
RAMMER - Interview, Part 1 (CIUT)
RAMMER - Interview, Part 2 (CIUT)

Sunday, January 18, 2004

The 3Tards "The Greatest Hits, Volume 2" CD

This was the band's first release and they borrowed the Cockney Rejects trick of calling it by the worng number and giving the illusion that the band has many releases out with a Greatest Hits title. Their drummer used to play in Sacrifice. They remind me of a cross between the Dayglos and My Dog Popper. This CD came out on Wounded Paw Records. The songs on are:
1. 3tarded
2. Hooked on Hydro Ponics
3. Tsetse Fly
4. Hell Fart
5. Bigger the Better
6. Direct TV
7. She Slapped Me
8. Loser
9. The Mullet
10. She Males
11. Gay Heavy Metal Singer
12. Little Dog, Big Dick
13. Sunday Night in Hamilton with Meghan Dove

Saturday, January 3, 2004

Career Suicide "Anthology 2001-2003" CD

This CD collected the bands recordings for their first two years as a band. Deranged released this at the beginning of 2004.
"SARS" ep on Deranged
1. Quarantined
2. Sucker
3. Part And Parcel
4. While You're Ahead
s/t ep on Kangaroo
5. Fall Out
6. Hapless
7. Brought To The Brink
8. Out Of Hope. Out Of Rope And Out Of Time
9. Bend At The Crease
10. Stay Right Here
11. Jonzo's Leaking Radiation
s/t LP on Ugly Pop
12. Punitive Damages
13. Let It Go
14. Look The Other Way
15. Day By Day
16. You Call This Life?
17. Catch Up
18. Ruin And Wreck
19. Who's Walking Who?
20. Another Sign, Another Year
21. Moron
22. Closed Eyes
23. Affectations
24. Shutup
25. Career Suicide
26. Urban Slobs
27. Stay Away
28. Social Circle
29. Last Word
30. Like All The Rest
31. Square One
32. Blood Type X (Chronic Sick)
First Demo
33. Dicta-Flag
34. Shit Up
35. Mental Threat
36. Doom Ryder
37. Spleengenerate
38. That Other Song
39. Todd Killings (Angry Samoans)
40. Leftover Bonus Crap
Second Demo
41. Closed Eyes
42. Too Much
43. Moron
44. Shit Up

Friday, January 2, 2004

Radio - Sunday, January 2, 2004

KEEP IT UP - Dog Eat Dog (Unreleased)

WITCH HUNT - A War on Reality (Profane Existnce)
HRYDJUVERK! - The Possibility of Life's Destruction (Holy Shit)
DISRESPECT - Timmy (Profane Existence)
CAREER SUICIDE - Signals (Slasher)

GORILLA ANGREB - Kobenhaven (Liggar I Ruiner) (Kick 'n Punch)
SMALLTOWN - When the OIl Runs Out (Deranged)
CARBONNAS - I'm a Stray (Die Slaughterhaus)
REGULATIONS - We're Blank (Busted Heads)
KAMIKAZES - Killer Time (Zaxxon Virile Action)

TERMINAL STATE - I'm Through (Hate the 80's)
FUCKED UP - Litany (Test Pattern)
UNITED MUTATION - DC Scene Scroustimwerd (Outside)

KEEP IT UP - Intro / Facing Battles (CIUT)
KEEP IT UP - Check Yourself (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Zero Tolerance (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Don't Forget These Kids (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Opinions are Like Assholes (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Full of Shit (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Let Babylon Fall (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Make No Mistake (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Dog Eat Dog (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - United Party (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Thinking Straight (Feelin' It)

KEEP IT UP - Interview (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Opinions are Like Assholes (Unreleased)

SHAM 69 - Angels with Dirty Faces (Captain Oi!)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Out of Control (Captain Oi!)
THE BUSINESS - Harry May (Taang)
COCKNEY REJECTS - East End (Captain Oi!)
7 SECONDS - If the Kids are United (Pazzafist)

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - White Noise (Rough Trade)
DAMNED - See Her Tonight (CBS)
UK SUBS - Telephone Numbers (Progressive)
FEAR - Gimme Some Action (Slash)

LEFT FOR DEAD - Standing By (No Idea)
OUT COLD - Nailgun Murder (Acme)
BULLET TREATMENT - Drop Out (Basement)
ARTICLES OF FAITH - Buy this War (Alternative Tentacles)

INTENT - Patriotic (Suspect Device)
NINE CURVE - Thrash Again (Depression)
DEATH TOKEN - Ant Farm (Spild af Vinyl)
DESTRUCTION'S END - Dark Exodus (Mike Fitzgerald's Records)
THE FARTZ - Satan (Alternative Tentacles)

SVENSKT NARINGSSIV - Dodens Dosa (Self-Released)
SVENSKT NARINGSSIV - Sa Sager Jag (Self-Released)

SVENSKT NARINGSSIV - I Din Burk (Self-Released)

SVENSKT NARINGSSIV - Party Brops (Self-Released)

SVENSKT NARINGSSIV - En Javel (Self-Released)

SVENSKT NARINGSSIV - Knappast Batte Forr (Self-Released)

Thursday, January 1, 2004


This issue came out in January 2004. The issue starts out with an interview with Nate Smith from Exclaim and Dudman on his thoughts on the Japanese hardcore scene. there was an e-mail interview with Erin McDermot of the Deadly Weapons. Lorne Chaitov tells us about the Zombie Walk with loads of great photos. A Year in Review for 2003. This issue has columns, reviews, gossip, show listings, and a flyers page.