Friday, January 2, 2004

Radio - Sunday, January 2, 2004

KEEP IT UP - Dog Eat Dog (Unreleased)

WITCH HUNT - A War on Reality (Profane Existnce)
HRYDJUVERK! - The Possibility of Life's Destruction (Holy Shit)
DISRESPECT - Timmy (Profane Existence)
CAREER SUICIDE - Signals (Slasher)

GORILLA ANGREB - Kobenhaven (Liggar I Ruiner) (Kick 'n Punch)
SMALLTOWN - When the OIl Runs Out (Deranged)
CARBONNAS - I'm a Stray (Die Slaughterhaus)
REGULATIONS - We're Blank (Busted Heads)
KAMIKAZES - Killer Time (Zaxxon Virile Action)

TERMINAL STATE - I'm Through (Hate the 80's)
FUCKED UP - Litany (Test Pattern)
UNITED MUTATION - DC Scene Scroustimwerd (Outside)

KEEP IT UP - Intro / Facing Battles (CIUT)
KEEP IT UP - Check Yourself (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Zero Tolerance (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Don't Forget These Kids (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Opinions are Like Assholes (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Full of Shit (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Let Babylon Fall (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Make No Mistake (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Dog Eat Dog (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - United Party (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Thinking Straight (Feelin' It)

KEEP IT UP - Interview (CIUT)

KEEP IT UP - Opinions are Like Assholes (Unreleased)

SHAM 69 - Angels with Dirty Faces (Captain Oi!)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Out of Control (Captain Oi!)
THE BUSINESS - Harry May (Taang)
COCKNEY REJECTS - East End (Captain Oi!)
7 SECONDS - If the Kids are United (Pazzafist)

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - White Noise (Rough Trade)
DAMNED - See Her Tonight (CBS)
UK SUBS - Telephone Numbers (Progressive)
FEAR - Gimme Some Action (Slash)

LEFT FOR DEAD - Standing By (No Idea)
OUT COLD - Nailgun Murder (Acme)
BULLET TREATMENT - Drop Out (Basement)
ARTICLES OF FAITH - Buy this War (Alternative Tentacles)

INTENT - Patriotic (Suspect Device)
NINE CURVE - Thrash Again (Depression)
DEATH TOKEN - Ant Farm (Spild af Vinyl)
DESTRUCTION'S END - Dark Exodus (Mike Fitzgerald's Records)
THE FARTZ - Satan (Alternative Tentacles)

SVENSKT NARINGSSIV - Dodens Dosa (Self-Released)
SVENSKT NARINGSSIV - Sa Sager Jag (Self-Released)

SVENSKT NARINGSSIV - I Din Burk (Self-Released)

SVENSKT NARINGSSIV - Party Brops (Self-Released)

SVENSKT NARINGSSIV - En Javel (Self-Released)

SVENSKT NARINGSSIV - Knappast Batte Forr (Self-Released)

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