Sunday, January 18, 2004

The 3Tards "The Greatest Hits, Volume 2" CD

This was the band's first release and they borrowed the Cockney Rejects trick of calling it by the worng number and giving the illusion that the band has many releases out with a Greatest Hits title. Their drummer used to play in Sacrifice. They remind me of a cross between the Dayglos and My Dog Popper. This CD came out on Wounded Paw Records. The songs on are:
1. 3tarded
2. Hooked on Hydro Ponics
3. Tsetse Fly
4. Hell Fart
5. Bigger the Better
6. Direct TV
7. She Slapped Me
8. Loser
9. The Mullet
10. She Males
11. Gay Heavy Metal Singer
12. Little Dog, Big Dick
13. Sunday Night in Hamilton with Meghan Dove

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