Wednesday, December 23, 1992

Peanut Gallery “Remotecontroleosis” ‘92 demo

Peanut Gallery were from Vancouver and pre-dated Insult to Injury and Submission Hold. They released a demo in 1992 called “Remotecontroleosis”. The songs on it were:

1. 5 Alive
2. TV Sinner
3. Fine Line
4. Sorehead / Lighter Shade of Gray

Sunday, December 20, 1992

The Hanson Brothers "Gross Misconduct" LP

The Wright Brothers join forces with some other folks from BC to do a hockey / Ramones tribute. the Hanson Brothers were characters in the move' Slapshot' that Paul Newman was in and they played a bunch of goons. They had glasses held together with hockey tape. Fit in with the glass wearing brothers in NoMaensNo. The songs on here are:

1. No Emotion
2. It's a Secret
3. A Night Without You
4. My Girlfriend's a Robot
5. Sabrina
6. Butthead
7. Go Away
8. Comatose
9. Road Pizza
10. No More Headcheese
11. Duke It Out
12. Lovesick
13. Jack Off
14. Total Goombah!

Wednesday, December 16, 1992

Mexican Power Authority "eiskonfekt" / Insult to Injury split ep

MPA does a split with Insult to Injury from Vancouver who would go on to become Submission Hold. Jason's label Break Even pressed this and there was 1,100 copies. the songs on the MPA side are:

1. unnecessary seance (1:00)
2. constellation (0:57)
3. dustbowl (0:44)
4. deviated septum (0:02)
5. car alarm (0:39)
6. flipsy (1:20)
7. icy blue razor of logic (1:23)
8. nocturne no. 28 (0:09)
9. eve of destruction (0:36)

Jason Flower helped record the Insult to Injury side. the songs on the Insult to Injury side are:

1. Backlash
2. Broken Whole
3. Fear Hating
4. Ed Anger