Monday, July 31, 2017

Top 10 - July 2017

1. RAT CAGE "Caged Like Rats" (La Vida es un Mus)
2. ANTI SYSTEM "At What Price is Freedom" (Boss Tuneage)
3. D.O.G. "Declaration of Genocide" (Even Worse)
4. RIXE "Blaspheme de Feu" (La Vide es un Mus)
5. PMS 84 "Easy Way Out" (Discos Enfermos)
6. STRUL "Lennart Och Asen" (Ken Rock)
7. BATO Demo (Self-Released)
8. RATA NEGRA "Oldo Absoluto" (La Vida es un Mus)
9. NO FAITH "Forced Subsrvience" (Iron Lung)
10. PURA MANIA "Cerebros Punk" (Histeria)


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Radio - Sunday July 30th, 2017

Tonight's show features new releases to have come out in July. There is a themed set on landlords given how difficult it is to rent a place in Toronto. There is also a demo feature by a new power violence band from Halifax called Cutie. You can here the show on the player above or download an MP3 file here. Starting out with a skate core band from Calgary that had a song released on a Thrasher comp. Here is a different song.

RIOT .303 – Murder the Prime Minister (Thrasher)

I focused on a top 10 releases in July, but here is some songs by some re-issues that came out in July. 

CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS - Right to be Italian (Area Pinata)
ATTENTAT - Go Fan I Mej (Rykkmann)
CHESTER – Lime and the Coconut (Back from the Dead)
ID - Obcy (Warsaw Pact)

Landlords can be pretty callous at the best of times so here are some songs with ire geared against them.

DOA – Slumlord (Sudden Death)
CRIMPSHRINE – Sleep, What's That (Lookout)
DEATH – Keep on Knocking (Thrill Jockey)
CIRCLE JERKS – Leave Me Alone (Faulty Products)
DEAD KENNEDYS – Let's Lynch the Landlord (Alternative Tentacles)

Some songs that came out in July but didn't make it in to the Top 10.

SYNDROME 81 - Le Condor de la Rade (Primatour Crew / Offside / Savage)
SOCIETY'S ILLS - The Great Unknown (Self-Released)
C.H.E.W. - Askin' For It (Is It Over Yet / Neck Chop)
EXITOCA –Ser Nada (La Vida Es Un Mus)
PATHETIC SOCIETY - Propaganda Wars

X – Unheard Music (Slash)
RIK L RIK – Black and Red (Posh Boy)
THE DILS – Class War (Soul Jazz)
RED KROSS – I Hate My School (Posh Boy)
THE SHRINE – Deep River (Livin to Die)

Here are my Top 10 picks for July 2017

10. PURA MANIA “Cerebros Punk” - Grandes Esperanzas (Cvrecs / Hysteria)
9. NO FAITH “Forced Subservience” LP - The Line Is Drawn (Iron Lung)
8. RATA NEGRA “Oido Absoluto” - El Autómata (La Vida Es Un Mus)
7. BATO - Feeble (Self-Released)
6. STRUL “Lennart och asen” - Vinnarlivet (Ken Rock)
5. PMS 84 “Easy Way Out” ep -Zero Tolerance (Discos Enfermos)
4. RIXE “Bapteme du Feu” -Tenter Le Diable (La Vida Es Un Mus)
3. D.O.G. “Declaration of Genocide” - Life Is Empty (Even Worse)
2. ANTI-SYSTEM “At What Price is freedom?” - False Flag Media (Boss Tuneage)
1. RAT CAGE “Caged Like Rats” No Consolation (La Vida Es Un Mus)

YOUNG CANADIANS – Hawaii (Sudden Death)
DROOGS – J.K.O. (Friends)
PERSONALITY CRISIS – Losing Time (Risky)
SLOW – Have Not been the Same (Zulu)
RANDY RAMPAGE – The Last Song (Friends)

Tonight's demo feature is from Halifax. We recorded Outcry this past week and the guitar player moonlights in this power violence band. You can find the demo on bandcamp.

CUTIE – Marked / Backed (Self-Released)
CUTIE – No Pleasure (Self-Released)
CUTIE – Spirit / Army (Self-Released)
CUTIE – Hermit Crab (Self-Released)
CUTIE – Marked / Backed (Self-Released)
CUTIE – Marked / Backed (Self-Released)

REIZ - Sex (Spastic Fantastic / Kink / Pifia)
CONMAN – Cling (Self-Released)

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Outcry studio 3 session

I met Rosie a year and a bit ago on SHEXD. She did a set of music on Haligonian punk bands and we spoke about trying to get Outcry to come in and record a session. Well tonight this plan came to being. I almost met Steve, the guitarist, when we did an interview with Alienation, but he was too sick to come in. Steve plays in a lot of bands from Halifax as do Adam (Bass) and Johnny (Drummer). It's rare that we get out of town bands into the studio so in the interview (Part 1 and Part 2) we took every opportunity to ask about the goings on in Halifax. More photos can be found on our facebook page. Look for the Outcry album.

The songs recorded include:

1. Chatter
2. It's a Joke
3. Walking
4. Weekend Night / History Lesson
5. Soldier Soldier
6. War Aesthetic
7. Screaming
8. New One
9. Process

They also recorded a CIUT ID and an EXD ID.

This session was recorded by Ian Wilkinson and video taped by Aldo Erdic from Punks and Rockers. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Radio - Sunday, July 23, 2017

Tonight's show featured a lot of new hardcore, a studio 3 session with Sick of Shit, and a demo feature by escort from Olympia, Washington. We started out with Cockney rejects because they were in town on Friday. Download the show here


MDC - No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA (Swamp Cabbage)
P 38 - Rien À Signaler
KRIMEWATCH - Machismo (Boss Tuneage)
BRAIN SLUG - Hammer Riffing (Self-Released)
COMMON IGNORANCE – Quit (Self-Released)

OBSTRUCTION – Hardcore Hand (Self-Released)
REHASHED - 1000 Ways to Die (Unrest)
POLIS ACKEL - Resignation Agreement (Imminent Destruction)
AMYGDALA - We are the Resistance (Self-Released)
PROTOCOL - Brute Force (Self-Released)

Sick of Shit are a great new band from Hamilton who drove in through rush hour traffic to record a session on June 20th. Schizophrenic just released their first ep titled “Fuck You, Volume 1” but the band has more material. Here is a mix of old and unreleased songs along with an interview to get into their heads starting off with a song from the record.

SICK OF SHIT – State of Grace (Schizophrenic)
SICK OF SHIT – Interview (CIUT)
SICK OF SHIT – Brain Drain (CIUT)
SICK OF SHIT – Interview (CIUT)
SICK OF SHIT – Second Coming (CIUT)
SICK OF SHIT – Interview (CIUT)
SICK OF SHIT – Eyes of the Hated (CIUT)
SICK OF SHIT – Interview (CIUT)
SICK OF SHIT – Interview (CIUT)
SICK OF SHIT – Interview (CIUT)
SICK OF SHIT – Hidden Hand (CIUT)
SICK OF SHIT – Interview (CIUT)
SICK OF SHIT – Interview (CIUT)

FLOZ – Floz (Bad Wolf)
FUSE – Deceit (Self-Released) – All Girl band from Singapore
TIGRESS- Brotherhood (Not Normal Tapes)
WILD THING – N.Y.F.(Self-Released) - Houston
SHORT FUSE – Domesticated (Spastic Fantastic)
SNAKE HANDLER - Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) (Victimized / Foreign Legion)
BLYSTEX – Peligroso (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is Escort from Olympia, Washington. The band was played on played MRR radio 1553, ad I read a review of them in their publication but I didn't realize that they feature members of Perfect People, Dogjaw, Rvivr, Scrivener, and Deep Trench.

ESCORT - Fuck Me Hard (Self-Released)
ESCORT - Nope (Self-Released)
ESCORT - Burn It Up (Self-Released)
ESCORT - Whore for Whore (Self-Released)
ESCORT - You Are Enough (Self-Released)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Radio - Sunday, July 16th, 2017

It's summertime so we started out tonight with an ode to Summer and drinking. Listen to the show on the player above or download an MP3 here.

KNUCKLEHEAD - Summertime Beer Song (Self-Released)

OND TRO – Udenfor (Spaghettti Cassetti)
PETITE - 11-15 (Self-Released) Portland
RADIUM DOXY - Evil Things (Self-Released)
BUTANNA - #3 (Self-Released)
GROUPOEM - Dirt Church (Self-Released)
ODD – Dementia (Self-Released)
BAD CAOP BAD COP – Womanarchist (Fat Wreck Chords)
MINETA – Ska (Self-Released)
TALENTLESS HACK - Laugh At Me (Ha Ha Ha) (Self-Released)
ARCHIE AND THE BUNKERS - You're My Pacemaker (Dirty Water)

CHANNEL 3 – You Make Me feel Cheap (Posh Boy)
NEW BOMB TURKS – Tattoed Apathetic Boys (Crypt)
THE RIP OFFS – Go Away (Rip Off)
THE RIPPERS – Stop to Drive Me Mad (Slovenly)

VIDEO FILTH - No Remorse (Dark Radio / Total Fucker)
AKTIVE PUMP - El Juego (Doomsday)
COLAPSO - Vete a la Verga (Doomsday)
FUTURE TERROR - Atomic Annihilation (Self-Released)
APARA - Escapa del Vacío (Doomsday)
HARHAT – Henkinen Ydintuho (Imminent Destruction)
HENRY FONDA - These Boots are Made for Talking (Spastic Fantastic)
NAUX - Why Not Violence? (Self-Released)
TOTAL BLISS - Flesh Prison Pt. 2 (Self-Released)

NOMEANSNO – Sex Mad (Alternative Tentacles)
DEVO – Jocko Homo (Warner Brothers)
BRIEFS – So Stupid (BYO)
CONSERVATIVES - Nervous (Blogged and Quartered)
THE SAINTS – No, Your Product (Harvest)

SIEVEHEAD - Young Heart (Static Shock)
FUERZA BRUTE - Cerdos Fascistas (Foreign Legion)
ROGUE TROOPER – Bonehead (Foreign Legion)
DREAM PROBE - Colonización (Self-Released)
SYNDROME 81 – Traitre (Our Way of Life)
LUX – Dominated (Self-Released)

We learned about Toxic thoughts through a band member from a previous demo feature who was also in Durs Coeurs. He thought we played Toxic Thoughts on the show. Well we have now. Thanks for tipping us off.  You can download a copy of the Toxic Thoughts demo from bandcamp.

TOXIC THOUGHTS – Leprechaun (Self-Released)
TOXIC THOUGHTS – Trapped (Self-Released)
TOXIC THOUGHTS – Mental Torture (Self-Released)
TOXIC THOUGHTS – Leopold’s Ghost (Self-Released)
TOXIC THOUGHTS – Human Trash (Self-Released)
TOXIC THOUGHTS – The Void (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Radio - Sunday, July 9th, 2017

Started off with brand new Submachine because this city loves Submachine and the title track is bookended by awesome samples like the Price is Right sample at the end of the song. Great band, great new material. Tonight's show features a top 10 from June, a session with Blank Stares and a demo feature by Charged SS from Mexico City. We go out with a tribute to Body Heist, who's singer CJ just passed away and the memorial service was today. Download the show here.

SUBMACHINE – People (Frog Manchu)

June 2017 - Top 10
10. LETHAL DOSE - Demo - Won’t Play (Self-Released)
9. TOTALOVE “Lo que toco lo Destruyo” cassette - Mas Vacio (Self-Released)
8. DROOL Demo - Social Insects (Self-Released)
7. FUCK YOU PAY ME “Dumbed Down” LP - Dark Side of the Spoon (Tank Crimes)
6. F.I.T.S. “Feeding Illness to Society” - They Don’t Approve (Blowblood)
5. STATE FUNERAL “Tory Party Prison” - Austerity’s Deathgrip (Self-Released)
4. FATIGUE “Scab” - March (Warthog Speaks)
3. AXE RASH “Head vs Wall” – Implode (Imminent Destruction)
2. OBSTRUCTION - Demo - City Violence (Self-Released) - Dallas
1. ESCORT Demo - Fuck Me Hard (Self-Released) - Olympia

BLANK STARES are a new punk band from Toronto that came in and recorded a session on June 13th, which was the singer's (Travis) birthday. Travis was in on the show once to do a tribute to Vassil when he passed away. They played in a band together called TERMINAL LICKS. I also knew Taras from CITY SWEETHEARTS which was a band that Vassil played in, so you can see the world's intersecting here. Mikey has also been in at the station. He dropped by once for fundraising although he doesn't remember it. Mikey plays bass in FIRST BASE and runs a great little label called Hosehead Records. And Andrew, the synth player, plays in CENTURY PALMS who have been played on the show a few times. Lots of six degrees of separation threads going on with this band and the show. I was glad to have them in and be able to celebrate Travis' borthday with a Hamburger Cake that Taras picked up. Anyway it shouldn't be understated how good this band is by their lineage. They share a strong resemblance to the UNDERTONES in terms of vocals and they have a catchy new wave vibe a la TRANZMITORS / FASHIONISM.

BLANK STARES – Summer’s Here (CIUT)
BLANK STARES – I’ve Been Trying (CIUT)
BLANK STARES – Lonesome Nights (CIUT)
BLANK STARES – Forget About Me (CIUT)
BLANK STARES – Computer Love (CIUT)
BLANK STARES – Back 2 Skool (Self-Released)
TOMMY AND THE COMMIES – So Happy (Self-Released)
PINK WINE – Glass City (Self-Released)
STATUES - You Must Be Crazy (Deranged)
POINTED STICKS – La La La (Sudden Death)
TALK SHOW HOST - We're Not Here to Make Friends (Self-Released)
THE NOBLE SAVAGES - Hangin' at This Ain't (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from Mexico City called CHARGED SS, a d-beat band with a couple of recordings on Doomsday Records. This is an early demo of theirs that was recorded in 2015 but was just released.

CHARGED SS – Destruccion (Self-Released)
CHARGED SS – When Children Meet Death (Self-Released)
CHARGED SS – War is War (Self-Released)
CHARGED SS – Puercos de Mierda (Self-Released)

BODY HEIST – Blind Date with John Q-Zack (Self-Released)
GRIT - Rundown Town (Self-Released)

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Radio - Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

This is our Canada Day show starting off with a first nation's band out of Calgary

NO MORE MOMENTS – I used to be a Skateboard King (Self-Released)

TRIGGERHAPPY – Shit for Dessert (Sonic Unyon)
ASEXUALS – Be What you Want (First Strike)
RUGGEDY ANNES – Dead and Gone (Tabb)
NO EXIT – No Excuse (Self-Released)
BLUE PETER – Do the Robot (Ready)

MALIBU KENS – Wednesday Morning at 5am as the Day Begins (Exploding Debut)
DISHRAGS – Past is Past (Modern
MODERNETTES – Barbra (Quintessence)
BUNCHOFUCKINGOOFS – Alcoholiday Turned Alcoholocaust (Back Alley)

DEATH OF GODS – More than One (Hatebreeders)
WHITE NOISE – Skater’s Life (Self-Released)
BEYOND POSSESSION – My Disease (Death)
FRATRICIDE – Blind Faith (Ugly Pop)
RAMMER – Cryptocracy (Schizophrenic)

Dave Stevenson, guest host, comes in to do a series of tributes to Canada Day
BORN WRONG – True Patroit Love (Schizophrenic)
CURIOUS GEORGE – Canadian National Front (Nemesis)
DOA – I am Canadian (Sudden Death)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS – Canadian Hate-Triot

NOMEANSNO – Oh Canaduh (Alternative Tentacles)
CHIXXDIGGIT – The Kid is Hot Tonight (Acquarius)
GRIM SKUNK – Raise a Little Hell (Acquarius)
MALEFACTION – R.C.M.P. (G7 Welcoming Committee)
MOANING LISAS – Kill the Hosers

HOCKEY TEETH – Stolen Land (Homewreckords)
LAGER LADS – Made in Canada (Blind Beggar)
MARILYN’S VITAMINS – How to Debate a Nationalist and Win (Raw Energy)
NOMEANSNO – Canada is Pissed (Wrong)
PROPAGANDHI – I want to see Oka Everywhere (Bad Food for Thought)

THE QUEEN HATERS – I Hate the Bloody Queen
MIDGET MILITIA – Log Drivers Waltz