Tuesday, October 31, 1978

Monday, October 30, 1978

Pointed Sticks "What Do You Want Me To Do" ep

This was Pointed Sticks first ep. The band won the Second Georgia Straight Battle of the Bands and and recorded this first single. It was released on Quintessence Records out of Vancouver. Bob Rock produced this ep and he would go on to produce records for the likes of Metallica and Motley Crue. Three Chord City has a neat write up on the band. The songs on here are:
1. What Do You Want Me To Do
2. Somebody's Mom

Sunday, October 29, 1978

Friday, October 27, 1978

Flyer - Friday October 27, 1978

Flyer - Friday October 27, 1978

Flyer - Friday October 27, 1978

This flyer was sent to us from Henry Martinuk.

Monday, October 23, 1978

Battered Wives "Ugandan Stomp" ep

The "Uganda Stomp" is battered Wives first ep. The ep came out on Bomb Records. The song makes a reference to the old Sun single "Ubangi Stomp" by Warren Smith. The number is deliberately offensive in the punk tradition and uses some reggae. The song is about former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin and the band gave a copy of the single to the Ugandan embassy. The B-Side is a song called "Giddy" which was never released on other vinyl but did get released on the CD version of "Cigarettes". Check out Short Sharp Kick in the Teeth for a download of the ep.

Thursday, October 19, 1978

Wednesday, October 18, 1978

Wednesday, October 11, 1978

The Dishes "Hot Property" ep

This is the second Dishes ep and was recorded or released a year later. The band still put it out under Regular Records but they tagged it with General Idea, which was a label going around OCA for punk related things. A song about the Crash 'n Burn is "Summer Reaction". The band has a big Bowie influence. This was produced by Headley Jones who was a DJ on CFNY. The songs on here are:

1. Hot Property

2. Summer Reaction
3. Secret Storm

The Ugly "Stranded in the Laneway (of Love)" ep

The most notorious punk band in Toronto were the Ugly. When they were around they only released this ep which didn't really sound the way folks were use to hearing them. The record was self-released on a label called Explosion Records and featured the songs:

1. Stranded in the Laneway (of Love)
2. To Have Some Fun

Thursday, October 5, 1978

Flyer - October 1978

Tuesday, October 3, 1978

Monday, October 2, 1978

Sunday, October 1, 1978

Zine - Battered Wives zine #1

Click image to download.