Wednesday, February 29, 2012

S.H.I.T. demo 2012

This is a new group from Toronto featuring members of PURITY CONTROL, OWL EYES, and VIOLENT FUTURE. Like a lot of the recent recordings coming out of Toronto this is recorded by Jonah Falco in the FUCKED UP practice space, but there is a good biting feedback to the guitar sound that reminds me of URBAN WASTE. The vocals make use of an echo delay which makes me think of Sakevi from G.I.S.M. or Springa on “How Much Art?” The piercing guitar sound of URBAN WASTE with the echo refraction of G.I.S.M. is a pretty noisy combination. Download this demo at or write Greg at

Monday, February 27, 2012

Radio - Sunday February 26th, 2012

Click here for the MP3 file of the Equalizing-X-Distort broadcast for Sunday February 26th, 2012. On this show we debuted the Naughty Girls "Bad Habits" ep, the Dream Dates "Surfer Joe" 45, the Spits tour 12", and the new Kremlin demo titled "Unscrewed". Loads of great muisc of the punk and hardcore persuasion. Here is the playlist.

MOSKWA - Co Dzien (Warsaw Pact)

TV FREAKS - Brain/Head (Schizophrenic)
DREAM DATES - Surfer Joe (Ugly Pop)
CRASH KILLS 5 - Special School (Ugly Pop)
ARSON - Raw Power (CIUT)

GEORGE HARRISON - I Wish We Were a Japanese Hardcore Band (SVRSH)
ACID REFLUX - Do You Like Mangos? (No Way)
FAST FOOD - Panini Power
FIX MY HEAD - I Sharted My Pantaloons (Vinyl Addict)
ACxDC - Fuck It Dood, Lets Go Bowling
BRUISE VIOLET - My Goal Is To Hoola Hoop With A Fruit Loop (Emancypunx Records)
BAD REACTION - Keep God Out of Peanut Butter (Flat Black)

THE SPITS - Last Man On Earth (In The Red)
SCHOOL DAMAGE - I Wanna Be Wasted
LEATHER UPPERS - Heavy Kids (Goner)
UNTOUCHABLES - Nic Fit (Dischord)
F.U.'S - Walking Tall (Ganstanka)

PUNCH - How Nothing Lasts (625 Productions)
POISON PLANET - Tidal Levelling (Refuse)
RESIST CONTROL – Kleptocracy (Feral Kid / Shock to the System)
BACKSLIDER – Lies and Bullshit (Blastcat)
WAKE - Dire (Self-Released)
SPAZZ - Dewey Decimal Stitchcore (625 Productions)
BASTARD NOISE - Blitz the Pigs (Deep Six)

OK? - Duress (Life's A Rape)
CEREMONY - Holocaust, orig. by Crisis
CURSED - Into The Hive (Goodfellow)

M BLANKET - Mayonaise (Slow Burn)
MARILYNS VITAMINS - Erst Zundel, Voltaire and Me (Ugly Pop)
PINHEAD GUNPOWDER - Before The Accident (Matador)
SUPERCHUNK - Punch Me Harder (Matador)
RAMONES - You Didn't Mean Anything (Sire)

NOTHING - Bombs over Berlin (Refuse)
ANCHOR - Sleeping World (Refuse)
BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY - Damnatio Memoraie (Refuse)
BURST IN - 94-98 (Refuse)

FANZUI XIANGFA - Beijing Hardcore
SQRM - Waste (Youth Attack)
ELECTRO HIIPPIES - Mega Armageddon Death (Peaceville)
DOPPELGANGER - Lane Puked Up Taco Bell (625 Productions)
URBAN BLIGHT - Quit Harshin' My Buzz (Self-Released)
BOSTON STRANGLER - Disconnect Me (Fun With Smack)
SCHOOL JERKS - Another Product (HRS)
RAPID LOSS - Kill You Dead (Self-Released)
TOTAL WAR - Nuclear Meltdown Hysteria (Self-Released)
DISCHARGE - War's No Fairytale (Clay)
TOTAL CONTROL - Shame Thugs (Iron Lung)
NEO-CONS - Overstimulation
BORN DEAD ICONS - Covering (Dead Alive)
VILE INTENT - Teeth (Choking Hazard)

Demo Feature
KREMLIN - Esprit de corps (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Zero (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Abuse asylum (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Unscrewed (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - No choice (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Drunk in the gulag (Self-Released)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Violent Future demo

VIOLENT FUTURE are a new band formed out of former members of BAD CHOICE. But the band is more than that with the singer from URBAN BLIGHT playing guitar and the main city’s promoter, Greg “Stuck in the City” Benedetto, on drums. So there is a classic east coast vibe to the band because that’s the music that the members grew up listening to. Think of that primal sound hardcore sound that east coast bands produced while trying to reproduce the bands coming out of the early UK HC scene. It’s the link that makes sense out of seeing that guy with the leather jacket with the ANGELIC UPSTARTS logo on the back who was at the NEGATIVE APPROACH segment for “Why be something that you’re not” video. There certainly is the NEGATIVE FX or DYS sound, but there is also a CRIMINAL DAMAGE vibe in the songs where you can hear this creeping oi sound to the material. And the comparisons don’t stop there. Christian writes bleak lyrics that capture the dire times of the mid 80’s in the Thatcher/Reagan era. Songs like “Fatal Reality” sum up just how dire things have gotten. Or “Goon Life” becomes a metaphor with how bully culture has become all pervasive in society. This is an inspired back to basics release by today’s scene veterans. And you can download the file at

Flyer - Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Radio - Sunday February 19, 2012

Click for download

TOTAL CHAOS - Hooligans Holiday (Voltage)

SNIFFING GLUE - Can't Tolerate Anything (Searching for Fame)
DEAD KENNEDYS - California Uber Alles (Alternative Tentacles)
HAYMAKER - Cameras in the Streets (Dranged)
HIS HERO IS GONE - Scare Tactic (Feral Ward)
CONFLICT - Do you get the picture (Mortarhate)

DISARM - Nazista de merda (Terroten)
FALLAS DEL SISTEMA - Pro Choice (Noseke)
CALAFIA PUTA - L.A. Surf (Grabado)

ANCIENT FILTH - Fore Fathers of the Apocalypse (Shock to the System)
JESUS H. BOMBS - Greed Machine (Bookoven)
GAG ORDER - Existence (Self-Released)
CHEAP SOLUTIONS - d.b.c. (Searching for Fame)
SUBVERSE - Drunk Song (Boss Tuneage)

BORN WRONG - Party banter (Self-Released)
BORN WRONG - Burn a debt (Self-Released)
FLASH GORDON - Yakinu Warfare
FLASH GORDON - 9 Years of Sodom

DISCO VIETNAM - Neon Angst (Searching for Fame)
KRAUTBOMBER - Nichts mit der sache (Searching for Fame)
THE HIGH SOCIETY - Schatten uber Nurnberg (Searching for Fame)
HYSTESESE - Headlocked (Searching for Fame)
PRESS GANG - Fed up with everything (Searching for Fame)
SHOT NERVES - Doomsday Distraction (Self-Released)
SHOT NERVES - All Ages (Self-Released)
APPARATUS - Class Conflict (Disarmament)
PEACE OR ANNHILATION - Atom bombs (Self-Released)

THE RETROS - All Talk, No Action (BDR)
STATUES - Where are You? (Deranged)
NEGATIVE LIFESTYLE - Radio silence (Deranged)
FUNEROT - Dead end (Inimical)
KNIFED - Fuck Dublin (Lengua Armada)
FRONT LINE - The red hour (Beach Impediment)

AM-NECIA - Unidas el Cambron
RUIDO DE ODIO - La Prensa (Bizarre)
TROPEIZO - Monopolizene el saber (PBT)
DISVASTACION - Soldiers of Dent (Self-Released)

ILEGAL - Krisis de conciencia (Lengua Armada)
BAD BRAINS - Banned in DC (Caroline)
NO PROBLEM - Spoiled little jerk (Deranged)
HOUSE OF COMMONS - Feed Us, Feed Us (Artcore)
VENGEANCE - Behind my back (Searching for Fame)

F.P.O. - Drink it, Smoke it, Sniff it (625 Thrash)
RED INSECT - Police Bastard (Obrazek)
APATIA - Rasizm (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)
SOUND YOUR ALARM - Tax (Inget Javla Chafs)
BOMBANFALL - Halsning fran helvetet (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
VIOLENT FUTURE - Goon Life (Self-Released)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Government Takeover (Self-Released)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Bloody Victims (Self-Released)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Violent Future (Self-Released)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Life Sucker (Self-Released)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Fatal Reality (Self-Released)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Radio - Sunday February 12, 2012

Click for download

0:30 SECOND FLASH - Another Time (Re-Run)

TRANZMITORS - Just the Other Day (Deranged)
THE EVAPORATORS - Bunk (Mint Records)
DAYLIGHT ROBBERY - Patience Loser (Dirt Cult)
TV FREAKS - Four Wheels (Schizophrenic)
AVERSIONS – Clara Militch (Die in Style)

BIG BOYS - Mutant Rock (Touch&Go)
DEMICS - Talk's Cheap (Ready)
AGAINST ME - Baby, I'm An Anarchist (No Idea)
THE CLASH - Spanish Bombs (Epic)

HAZARDOUS WASTE - Preteen Junkies (Schizophrenic)
THE STUPIDS - This is the Norm? (Manic Ears)
FRATRICIDE - Poison Control (Heart First)
DIN SKEVF - Balla Ur (Gaphais)
RAPID LOSS - Complete Wreck (Self-Released)
AMEACA CIGANA - Stains Cota (Raw Records)

THE LAST - Bombing of London (Bomp)
DEVIL DOG - Get In Line (Crypt)
DIDJITS - Headless (Touch & Go)
NEW WAVE HOOKERS - Action Satisfaction (Junk)
HICKEY - 40oz of Bad Karma (1234GO)

BOLLOCKS - All Rock Stars Should Be Drafted (Fetal)
SAVAGE CIRCLE - Kill Yourself
ZERO DEFEX - Drop The Bomb On Me (Radical)
SUICIDAL YOUTH - Punks, Skins and Anarchy

THE CROWD - Trix Are For Kids (Poshboy)
CAUSTIC CAUSE - Look To The Left (Mystic)
ANARCHY 6 - Slam, Spit, Cut Your Hair, Kill Your Mom (Giant)
KILLING CHILDREN - Killing Children (Gravelvoice)
YOUTH GONE MAD - Ode To Darby (Smoke Seven)
SQUIRM - Fuck You, Brooke Sheilds! (S.I.N.)
AUTHORITIES - I Hate Cops (Mystic)
IDIOT SAVANTS - School's Prison (Affirmation)
NO MERCY - I've Got Brain Damage (Fartblossom)
CLITBOYS -I Hate The Ku Klux Klan (B.C. Tapes)
WHITE PIGS - Kill Kop (Swinch Kwilson)

ARTIFICAL PEACE - Outside Looking In (Dischord)
CHILD ABUSE - Live Too Fast (Mutha)
NO THANKS - Are You Ready? (Big City)

BORN WRONG - Enjoy The Show (Self-Released)

SNAKE CHARMER - Corrosive Tensions (Self-Released)

SNAKE CHARMER - Code (Self-Released)
SHOT NERVES - Radios are Music Graves (Self-Released)
SHOT NERVES - Peace Tower (Self-Released)

DISOBEY - Making That Funny Smile (Self-Released)

DIRECT APPROACH - What Did We Do? (Self-Released)

GAG REFLEX - Social Control (Self-Released)
CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Allergie de contatio (Deep Six)
OXBAKER - Mountain of Wealth (Schizophrenic)
WOLBACHIA – After No Dawn (IFB Records)
PSUDOKU – Blackhole3 (625 Thrash / Crucificados)
DEMOLITION - Intro (Self-Released)
DEMOLITION - Here to Stay (Self-Released)

DEMOLITION - Don't Need Your Help (Self-Released)

DEMOLITION - Us Against You (Self-Released)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Radio - Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Click for download

DEMOLITION - United We Stand (Self-Released)

IT’S NOW – Es ahora (Commitment)
KAUNEUS JA TERVEYS – Paikallinen Legenda (Ointi Timmien)
LEGION666 – Inherent flaws (Schizophrenic)
ANATOMI-71 – for Sverige ur tiden (Halvfabrikat)
VIIMEINEN KOLONNA – Sormit Irti (Roku / Gasmask / Psychedelica)
RAPID LOSS – Kill you dead (Self-Released)
KVORTERINGEN – Forintelsemaskineriet (De Nihil)
UNRULED – Forced Mistake (Schizophrenic)
UNLEARN – Ritual Humiliation (Deranged)
LAUTSTURMER – Out of Mind, out of luck (Not Enough)

BGK - Jonestown Aloha! (Alternative Tentacles)
LOS OLVIDADOS - So Dull (Alternative Tentacles)
EXCEL - Never cook away (Caroline)
BEYOND POSSESSION - I'll never rest in peace (Death / Metal Blade)
BORN AGAINST - Well fed fuck (Kill Rock Stars)

RAMONES - Baby I love you (Sire)
MEAN JEANS - Throwin' Stones (Dirtnap)
MONKS - Love in Stereo (Capitol)
MYSTERION AND THE DEMONS - Monster Girls (rule the world) (Self-Released)
FIFI AND THE MACH III - Cherry Boy Cutie Boy (Get Hip)

ROACH MOTEL - Burger King is Dead (Florida's Dead)
SCHOOL JERKS - Ugly MInds, Ugly Faces (Cowabunga)
NEO CONS - Hardcore Elite (Abscess)
GENERATION HEXED - Doin' the World a Favour (Taint Pretty)

SABOTAGE - Our World (Self-Released)
ASILE - Soldat (Self-Released)
IRON CAGES - Desparation (Self-Released)
SKINFATHER - Dead Diety (Self-Released)

JAWBREAKER - Kiss the Bottle (Blackball)
CHOKING VICTIM - Born to Die (Tent City)
DOWNBELOWS - Ciccone (October 32)
PEZZ - Never Enough (BYO)

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS - Song for future generations (Self-Released)
STRESS CASE - Lean X Cuisine (Self-Released)
HOAX - Dead Weight (Kat works)
FORLDARD - TV Lies (Sound Action)
FUNGY GONE WEST - SJ shaves my mohawk (Sound Action)
FRIDGE MAGNET - Police Stupidity (Sound Action)
NO SIDE - Rock star (Self-Released)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Class Assassins "Treason / Start Again" ep

The Class Assassins don't get such a great review from the new MRR (#346).

Rehashed "Code Black" CD

Saskatoon's Rehashed get reviewed in the February issue of MRR (#345).

Schizophasia "3000" LP

Schizophasia gets reviewed in February's issue of MRR (#326).

Zine - Das Bande #1

Gena Meldazy, who used to be a DJ on EXD, has pulled together a zine on inspirational women in the punk scene. Das Bande contains profiles and interviews of these women who got into punk, what they think of the male over representation in the scene, what they think about the advances in technology and whatnot. It is funny because I just read this in depth interview with Alice Bag that Martin Sorrendeguy did in MRR and I was still left wanting to know more about the background of the times. Das Bande has even shorter interviews often being the equivalent of one page each. And although we live in a time were brevity is preferred I somehow feel cheated on not getting more of their story. It is like we get a teaser from Jill Bain (a.k.a. Jade Blade) about the DISHRAGS in Victoria. The DISHRAGS were one of the first all female punk bands in Canada and yet I know very little about them. I did learn that her cousin started Vancouver’s first band the FURIES around the same time, which made it easier for her to take the steps in starting up a RAMONES inspired band. However I wish I knew about who they played with and crazy show stories or scene stories about the early Victoria scene. I know that Jason Flowers attempted at capturing some of those stories with his comp “All Your Ears Can Hear”, but this too suffers from being restricted by space and so you only get one or two stories. I feel there is so much more to be said about the DISHRAGS and maybe that is the purpose of this zine. To give you a teaser that you will take and research more of. One of the profiles that I enjoyed was of Janick Varning who does the Varning fests in Montreal. Janick used to sing in an awesome band called HELLBOUND and sadly nothing is said about that in her piece. But her greater contributions of starting up the Katakombes which is a punk run space that shapes itself off the squat system in Europe does get mentioned. That is significant. And her background was interesting to learn growing up in foster homes and being inspired by Chris Boarts-Larson of Slug and Lettuce fame. Reading Sandy Miranda’s profile saddened me a bunch because she sounded down on punk. I knew Sandy as someone who was super enthusiastic about the scene and wrote a great zine that doesn’t get mentioned in here. Anyway, Sandy’s piece was very different from what I expected. Juls Generic’s piece was very good. Juls sang in MARGARET THRASHER before moving to Newfoundland where she has been in a couple of bands since. She is also a regular columnist in MRR so there have been a lot of updates on Juls regularly. But this piece is Juls’ back story. Zoe Dodd has a portrait of her in the zine and I wish someone had taken the time to get Zoe’s story to paper given she grew up in the north and moved to Toronto and sang for the BAYONETTES and did shows here. And there are a bunch of other women from the past and present that could have been included in this issue. I guess the door is wide open to continue on telling the herstories of the scene. Hopefully this is not a one off project. Tara Bursey did sketches and is responsble for the SCHOOL JERKS record covers. She also did an amazing re-make of the “Warriors” movie film poster for an EXD benefit show. Tara is a talent and I would have loved to know more about her back story. But you do get Liz Worth, the author of “Treat Me Like Dirt” and you get Megan Speers of Wanderlust who also did the cover artwork for this issue. Catherine Roussel of STRIVER is in here. And Emily Kendy of Absolute Underground. My last pet peave is the wasted pages. The zine is done on legal sheets folded in half. The inside pages are not copied on making for a full page that has not been cut out. It doubles the size of the zine and makes it difficult to flip pages. I wish that technical thing had been figured out but the size is a unique size making the zine stand out. (Gena Meldazy –