Monday, February 6, 2012

Radio - Sunday, February 5th, 2012

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DEMOLITION - United We Stand (Self-Released)

IT’S NOW – Es ahora (Commitment)
KAUNEUS JA TERVEYS – Paikallinen Legenda (Ointi Timmien)
LEGION666 – Inherent flaws (Schizophrenic)
ANATOMI-71 – for Sverige ur tiden (Halvfabrikat)
VIIMEINEN KOLONNA – Sormit Irti (Roku / Gasmask / Psychedelica)
RAPID LOSS – Kill you dead (Self-Released)
KVORTERINGEN – Forintelsemaskineriet (De Nihil)
UNRULED – Forced Mistake (Schizophrenic)
UNLEARN – Ritual Humiliation (Deranged)
LAUTSTURMER – Out of Mind, out of luck (Not Enough)

BGK - Jonestown Aloha! (Alternative Tentacles)
LOS OLVIDADOS - So Dull (Alternative Tentacles)
EXCEL - Never cook away (Caroline)
BEYOND POSSESSION - I'll never rest in peace (Death / Metal Blade)
BORN AGAINST - Well fed fuck (Kill Rock Stars)

RAMONES - Baby I love you (Sire)
MEAN JEANS - Throwin' Stones (Dirtnap)
MONKS - Love in Stereo (Capitol)
MYSTERION AND THE DEMONS - Monster Girls (rule the world) (Self-Released)
FIFI AND THE MACH III - Cherry Boy Cutie Boy (Get Hip)

ROACH MOTEL - Burger King is Dead (Florida's Dead)
SCHOOL JERKS - Ugly MInds, Ugly Faces (Cowabunga)
NEO CONS - Hardcore Elite (Abscess)
GENERATION HEXED - Doin' the World a Favour (Taint Pretty)

SABOTAGE - Our World (Self-Released)
ASILE - Soldat (Self-Released)
IRON CAGES - Desparation (Self-Released)
SKINFATHER - Dead Diety (Self-Released)

JAWBREAKER - Kiss the Bottle (Blackball)
CHOKING VICTIM - Born to Die (Tent City)
DOWNBELOWS - Ciccone (October 32)
PEZZ - Never Enough (BYO)

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS - Song for future generations (Self-Released)
STRESS CASE - Lean X Cuisine (Self-Released)
HOAX - Dead Weight (Kat works)
FORLDARD - TV Lies (Sound Action)
FUNGY GONE WEST - SJ shaves my mohawk (Sound Action)
FRIDGE MAGNET - Police Stupidity (Sound Action)
NO SIDE - Rock star (Self-Released)

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