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Radio - Sunday, April 29th, 2012

D'Arcy interviews Dave, TJ, and Burger from the TV Freaks. Rob chimes in with some influence questions. And there is a lot of music interspersed amongst the story telling. You can listen to the show and here is the playlist.

SUPERSNAZZ - I am a Cliche (Estrus)

SUICIDE SQUAD - I Hate School (Small Axe)
SVART FRAMTID - Disiplin (X-Port Plater)
KILLJOYS - Johnny Won't Go to Heaven (Raw)
DISGUISE - Juvenile Delinquent (Chiswick)
VICTIMS - TV Freak (Self-Released)
TV FREAKS - I Can't Win (Schizophrenic)
NEW BOMB TURKS - Dragstrip Riot (Crypt)
THEE MIGHTY CAESERS - Baby Who Mutilated Everybody's Heart (Crypt)

TV FREAKS - Mall Punk (CIUT)
TV FREAKS - Freelancer (CIUT)
TV FREAKS - Co-Worker Blues (CIUT)
TV FREAKS - Identity Crisis (CIUT)
TV FREAKS - Real Pain (CIUT)
TV FREAKS - I Can't Win (CIUT)
TV FREAKS - Bird Song (CIUT)
TV FREAKS - You're Cool (CIUT)
TV FREAKS - Spilt Milk (CIUT)
TV FREAKS - Brain/Head (CIUT)

TEENGENERATE - All I Want (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
GAUNT - Good Bad Happy Sad (Bag of Hammers)

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Flyer - Wednesday, April 25th, 2012


TV Freaks studio 3 session

This session was plagued with problems. The headphone jack wouldn't work for Nate so he couldn't hear the rest of the band. Jon set up a monitor and it would cut out periodically. Then the computer had trouble getting the sound. There is some sort of elctro magnetic field at U of T that fucks with our sessions somertimes. This was one of them. After a couple of restarts the recording was working. Then TJ's guitar went out of tune for "Spilt Milk" and "Freelancer" on the recording below. Burger couldn't get the beat to "I can't win", which is just like the LP, but they nailed it after the fifth take.

And we found out that we had one less hour to work with for tonight's session so we were feeling the pressure. Aldo showed up to video tape everything. Gigi's showed up with a pizza.

And the session wound up becoming one of the smoothest sessions in terms of recording the songs. You just never know.

1. Mall punk
2. I can't win
3. Casual Encounters
4. Spilt Milk
5. Freelancer
6. Co-worker Blues
7. Brain/Head
8. Identity Crisis
9. Bird Song
10. Hobby
11. Real Pain
12. You're Cool

14. EXD ID

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Radio - Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Click here to download Equalizing-X-Distort for Sunday April 22nd. This show was a fundraising show for CIUT. In preparing for the fundraising show I spent a lot of time thinking about the relationship that punk has with radio. I was thinking back to the trouble that the Sex Pistols had to endure when “God Save the Queen” came out and I had caught wind that the same single is going to be re-issued this year given the Diamond Jubilee for the coronation because the first time around the single was banned. I remembered that the “Some Product” release had some of those hostile clips and when I listened to them I remembered why punk bands wrote so poorly about the radio. I thought back to the TV interview that a young Hana Gartner did with Steve Leckie of the Viletones. This was before the days when she became a respected journalist for CBC’s “Fifth Estate”. She reflected the same generation gap exposed witnessed in the Sex Pistols interview with Bill Grundy. She was ignorant and unprepared and deflected all negative attention. This was the first real sign that the CBC was going to badger or ignore the punk scene in Canada. Thirty years on and nothing has changed. The CBC continues to ignore the big punk stories in their own backyard and treat it like it doesn’t exist. It infuriates me how they rely on overexposed cultural territory while claiming to be the public broadcaster. Does Feist or K’naan really need more exposure? It infuriates me how the active punk scenes across the country and I can see why punk bands write so poorly about radio. The only exception are the new wave bands but they (Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson) were always more cozier with the mainstream media than punk ever was. They had a chance of getting airplay so you can’t bite the hand that feeds you. So for fundraising, we wanted to have a look at how lucky we are to have CIUT, with the 14 hours of punk they dedicate to this genre through shows like EXD or Heavy Rebel Rumble or Dementia 13. In fact since the last drive a new show has been added to the roster called “Rock ‘n Roll radio” which is further testament to CIUT getting behind punk rock. Here is the playlist reflecting part of our tribute.

MPA – Super Antenna (Ragamuffin Soldier)

SEX PISTOLS – Is the Queen a Moron? (Virgin)
THE PROFESSIONALS – Payola (Captain Oi!)

BUZZCOCKS – Radio Nine (I.R.S.)
BUZZCOCKS – Airwaves Dream (E.M.I.)
THE CLASH – Capitol Radio One (Epic)

HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS - - Fun Tonight (Uru)
THE BRIEFS - Poor and Weird (Cut and Run)

RAMONES - We want the airwaves (Sire)
SCREECHING WEASEL – Radio Blast (Lookout)

SLIGHT SLAPPERS - I won't belong to your side (No Idea)
LURKERS - ain't got a clue (Captain Oi!)
FEEDERZ - Velvateen (Broken)

C.I.A. – I Hate Radio (Big City)
RHYTHM PIGS – Radio Silence (Unclean)
THE F.U.’s – Radio UNIX USA (Lost and Found)

STILL LITTLE FINGERS – You can’t say crap on the radio (Chrysalis)
KNUCKLEHEAD – Hostage Radio (Longshot)

KURBITS I.R. - Livlos (Really Fast)
SATANIC THREAT - I Ain't gotta worship (Gloom)
EYESORE - Radio Dependent (Realid)

XTC – Radios in Motion (Virgin)
TRANZMITORS – Look what you’re doing (Ugly Pop / Cat Call)

TITS - We're so glad Elvis is dead (1977)
HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH - Geh doch nach drueben (MOVby)
BIKINI KILL - New radio (Kill rock stars)
BLIND SOCIETY - The fine line (Black)

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Radio - Sunday, April 15th, 2012

This broadcast is for the weekly hardcore punk show on CIUT called Equalizing-X-Distort. This show in particular is the broadcast from Sunday April 15th, 2012 and featured a live interview with Hockey teeth who were a hardcore band from the early 90's that had a big impact on the Toronto hardcore scene. They are playing a 20th Anniversary reunion show this coming Friday so it was a good time to take a look back at their contribution.
HOCKEY TEETH - Hockey Teeth (Outcast)
HOCKEY TEETH - Blowin' in the Wind (Outcast)
HOCKEY TEETH - Hit and Run (Outcast)
HOCKEY TEETH - Not so long ago (Homewreckords)
HOCKEY TEETH - The final shock (Homewreckords)
HOCKEY TEETH - Power and control (Outcast)
HOCKEY TEETH - Just let me think (Outcast)
HOCKEY TEETH - Game face (Outcast)

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Radio - Sunday, April 8th, 2012.

The show started out with a critique of religion given that it is Easter Sunday. Rob did sets of music on L.A. and Australia. Tonight's demo feature is a new d-beat band from Sweden called Crutches. Here is the sound file for this show.
LEGION666 - True Atheist Faith (Self-Released)

BAD RELIGION - Voice of God is government (Epitaph)
MDC - Church and State (R Radical)
DRI - God is Broke (Death)
DISCHARGE - Religion instigates (Captain Oi!)
DEAD KENNEDYS - Religious Vomit (Alternative Tentacles)
MINOR THREAT - Filler (Dischord)

X - Los Angeles (Slash)
CIRCLE JERKS - Behind the Door (Frontier)
YOUTH BRIGADE - Sink with California (BYO)
BLACK FLAG - No values (SST)
WHITE FLAG - Jungle (Positive Force)

SNIFFING GLUE - Fed up with Everything / I know Better (Searching for Fame)
EVACUATE - Final Solution (Voltage)
DEFIANCE - Spoils of the Last War (Punkcore)
PETTYBONE - Justice Tonight (Emancypunx)

THE RINGS - I wanna be free (Chiswick)
LEGIONAIRES DISEASE BAND - Downtown (Self-Released)
63 MONROE - Weekend Punks (Rave Up)
THE LOOTERS - La La La (Rhino)
ZERO COOL - Your thick head (Self-Released)

POISON PLANET - Boycott Everything (Refuse)
HAYMAKER - A Million More Dead Cops (Deranged)
DOUBLE VISION - Phony (Refuse)
CRITICAL POINT - Falling in Line (Commitment)
NOTHING - Waiting (Refuse)

AC DC -Rocker (Atlantic)
RADIO BIRDMAN - Non-stop girls (Sub Pop)
THE SAINTS - This perfect day (Sire)
HARD ONS - Fifteen (Vinyl Solution)

UNHOLY MAJESTY - Hyperborean (A389)
YOUNG AND IN THE WAY - And we have killed him (A389)
WEEKEND NACHOS – Priorities (A389)
DESPISE YOU - Repeat until you fail / All the regimes you hold most dear (Deep Six)
THE SPOILS - Pigs Suck (Deep Six)

REAGAN YOUTH - Degenerated (New Red Archives)
GUITAR WOLF - Invader Ace (Matador)

Demo Feature
CRUTCHES - Shitstorm (Self-Released)
CRUTCHES - Forena er! (Self-Released)
CRUTCHES - Skapad vinnare (Self-Released)
CRUTCHES - I will never kneel (Self-Released)
CRUTCHES - Systrar and broder (Self-Released)

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Radio - Sunday April 1st, 2012

We had an April's fools day theme for the first half of the show. D'arcy did a tribute to Siesta Nouveaux. And we closed out with a demo feature by a new project band featuring former members of Terminal State. Their new band is called Monument. You can listen to the show by clicking here.

THE FREEZE - No Exposure (Dr. Strange / Schizophrenic)

BATTERED WIVES - Uganda Stomp (Bomb)
THE BOYS - Sway (Quien Sera) (Get Back)
THE BIG BOYS - Hollywood Swinging (Touch and Go)
THE DICKIES - I'm a chollo (Captain Oi!)
THE EVAPORATORS - Milkshake Murder (Mint)

TOY DOLLS - Spiders in the Dressing Room (Captain Oi!)
SNUFF - I think we're alone now (Sixth International)
THE TRANZMITORS - Jimmy's at the Mod Shop (Meaty Beaty)
STATUES - Rocket to Russia (Deranged)
PISSED HAPPY CHILDREN - Pop goes the Weasel (New Beginning)

ADRENALIN OD - House Husband (Grand Theft Audio)
BEDLAM - Burnin' Love (Buy Our Records)
ANGRY SAMOANS - Hot Cars (Triple X)
DESCENDENTS - I wanna be a bear (New Alliance)
DESCENDENTS - I'm not a loser (New Alliance)

THE HANSON BROTHERS - Butthead (Alternative Tentacles)
SCREECHING WEASEL - Murder in the Brady House (Underdog)
SPOILED ROTTEN - Everybody hates Johnny (Amp)
TYRANNA - Johnny (Boppa Do Down)

TH'INBRED - Positive Song (Bowzen)
CRUCIAL YOUTH - Positive Dental Outlook (Faith)
PROJECT X - Straight Edge Revenge (Lost and Found)
COLT TURKEY - the Hammer hits hard (Crucial Response)
JUD JUD - Fast song (No Idea)
GOOD CLEAN FUN - Sweet Tooth (Underestimated)
R.A.M.B.O. - Rock out with your black bloc out (625 Productions)
R.A.M.B.O. - Mariano vs. the Blue Demon (625 Productions)

THE MEATMEN - One down three to go (Touch and Go)
FEARLESS IRANIANS FROM HELL - Foolish Americans (Boner)
CHICANO-CHRIST - Fajitas (Nemesis)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Government is Asshole (Deranged)
NEW BOMB TURKS - We give a rat's ass (Crypt)

DEMOB - No room for you (Round Ear)
BLITZ - Criminal Damage (No Future)
SCHOOL JERKS - 4F (Cowabunga)
HAZARDOUS WASTE - Slave (Schizophrenic)

NO-YARD - Snatch Brain (Too Circle)
VASELINE CHILDREN - Not the end (Too Circle)
FY FAN - Statusstegen (Too Circle)
SLAPENDENODERM - Hope you die 2 (Too Circle)
REIGN OF BOMBS - Cold fucking world (Too Circle)
FILTHPACT - Scared to live (Too Circle)
LIGHT STEPS - Dead head authority (Too Circle)
MAD MANIAX - Nashikuzushi (Too Circle)

Demo Feature
MONUMENT - Mission Statement (Self-Released)
MONUMENT - Nothing but shoes good (Self-Released)
MONUMENT - Deadline (Self-Released)
MONUMENT - News fats daze (Self-Released)
MONUMENT - Stones (Self-Released)
MONUMENT - Police Presher (Self-Released)
MONUMENT - PC Squad (Self-Released)
MONUMENT - More more rules (Self-Released)

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Pick Your Side "Let me show you how democracy works" LP

This is Pick Your Side's first full length. Even though this recording features a full band, the sound is very similar to the "Survival Prayer" ep. Raw hardcore with this heavy low end crushing feel that compliments the anger spewed forth in the lyrics. This is a band that picked up where Haymaker left off. This recording was done in a real studio out of Chatham which is a studio space made from a converted church. In an interview with the band I learned the follwoing about their songs:
 1. Dark Future is a song about environmental cons and the lies behind it. The line "your dark future is a lie" is how they line up on environmentalism.

2. Plug-in Generation is a song about this generation's reliance on technology from smart phones to social networks and Jeff has a doomsday senario for them which involves an electro magnetic pulse that would render this all obsolete.

3. More Cops, More Crime is the observation that we have seen an escalation in police hirings at a period when crime goes down. They have to justify their existence and as a result everday people get hassled and incarcerated. That's how the cycle works.

4. Meltdown is a song about nuclear disaster experienced in recent times in places like Fukushima with a line like "you can't pretend - leaking into the ocean, you can't escape the pain".

5. How to Cope is Jeff's personal coping strategy. The anxiety that comes with a bleak future requires a day-to-day perspective in order to sleep at night. He calls it his own PMA, which he has tattooed on his hand.

6. Looking Back is a song about regret within the hardcore scene. There were many divisions over debates on ideology and this is Jeff's song about how he wish he could take it back because losing friends over this was not worth it.

7. Paranoid or prepared? Despite the cautions of conspiracy there are some very real ones eroding civil liberties. This song is a warning about the new slave nation of microchipped humans.

8. This too shall pass is an optimistic song about history demonstrating that we survive the bad times.

9. My Troubles is an autobiographical insight into problems weighing a person down. In some ways it is a first hand account at how depressing reality can be.

10. Ham Sandwich is slow and plodding like Infest's "Fetch the Pliers". The song attacks religion singling out some of the more fundamentalist sects of the Muslim faith.

11. Doomsday Demise is a song that takes on these apolcalyptic religions that use faith to scare people into belief.

12. It could be better is a song about police oppression which dare I say sounds informed by real life events. The song talks of the falsehoods of freedom with Freedom of speech being held up as the golden goose. How free are we in a police state? Just because it doesn;t happen to you doesn't mean the crackdown doesn't happen.

13. Matter of time predicts the collapse of our capitalist system which is unsustainable built around lies and falsehoods.

14. New War talks about Class War being the new enslavement principle.

15. All your fault is a song about spin doctoring lead by lawyers to let corporations off the hook blaming everyday citiznery solely for the mess we're in.

16. No good will come from this is another civil libertarian warning about the erosion of our rights.

17. 2 Headed Snake is directed at an unamed culprit who lies from both sides of their face like a two headed snake.

18. Right Turn is a callous call for survival in what has become a system that has focused us on the me. It reads like a paradise lost realization and ultimately expresses disdain for our system.

This full length came out on a389 Records.

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Flyer - Sunday April 1, 2012