Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TV Freaks studio 3 session

This session was plagued with problems. The headphone jack wouldn't work for Nate so he couldn't hear the rest of the band. Jon set up a monitor and it would cut out periodically. Then the computer had trouble getting the sound. There is some sort of elctro magnetic field at U of T that fucks with our sessions somertimes. This was one of them. After a couple of restarts the recording was working. Then TJ's guitar went out of tune for "Spilt Milk" and "Freelancer" on the recording below. Burger couldn't get the beat to "I can't win", which is just like the LP, but they nailed it after the fifth take.

And we found out that we had one less hour to work with for tonight's session so we were feeling the pressure. Aldo showed up to video tape everything. Gigi's showed up with a pizza.

And the session wound up becoming one of the smoothest sessions in terms of recording the songs. You just never know.

1. Mall punk
2. I can't win
3. Casual Encounters
4. Spilt Milk
5. Freelancer
6. Co-worker Blues
7. Brain/Head
8. Identity Crisis
9. Bird Song
10. Hobby
11. Real Pain
12. You're Cool

14. EXD ID

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