Thursday, April 26, 2001

The Spys "Original Punk Rock From Canada 1979-1980" LP

This LP was a collection of the 7", demos from 1979 and some material from the live reunion show in 1995. This was released by Incognito out of Germany who released the awesome "Back to the Front" comps, which are the best sort of KBD type of releases that I have seen. The band was made up of Elad on guitar, Coma Joe on bass, Dave O'Gormanon drums, and Frank Carlone on vocals.

The songs on this release are:

1. Machine Shop
2. Underground
3. I Wanna Be Like You
4. Been Through the Mill
5. Welcome to the Cruel World
6. Watching You
7. Ludwell Woodwork
8. Best I Can Get
9. Face the Eighties
10. I'm a Miner
11. Don't Touch that Dial
12. Last Generation
13. Machine Shop
14. I Wanna Be Like You
15. Better Off Dead

Monday, April 16, 2001

Motherfuckers "If It Ain't Puke, It Ain't Punk" CD

The band made about 150 - 250 copies of this CD which was also included on the "Mother of All Fuckers" CD in 2007, but the songs were re-mastered. The band was a 5-piece at the time with Andrew McColl on bass, and Hunter and Scott Belton both playing guitar. Scott Belton left the band before the disc was released, and Andrew shortly after. The songs on here are:

1. Pissed in the Pit
2. Rock Bottom
3. Apathy & Boredom
4. Ode To Beer
5. Anarchy In The Girls' Room
6. Somethin' Else

Wednesday, April 4, 2001

The Statics "Original 1980 Punk Rock Recordings" ep

Glenn Salter found out about this band through a compilation that he came across at a flea market for Mississauga compilation called "Mississauga Live". Glenn tracked down the band and did an interview with various band members to find out the band's story which is an insert that coems with this single. Glenn approached Simon Harvey of Ugly Pop about  working together on this single and it comes out in April 2001 pressing 800 copies. It's a great little find especially given that the Statics were the only punk band on the comp.
The songs for this ep come from that comp. The recording was a live off the floor from the Newport Hotel, which was a place that bands from Mississauga played at.

I have heard from people that the song "Rebel Like Me" is the stand out on the single. It is the most punk sounding number of the three.

"Mr. Bill" is about the SNL plastiscene character that would get crushed in the end. the guitar sound is probably inspired by the band's love for Teenage Head although others have compared it to Chuck Berry.
The B-Side track "The Story" is an autobiographical story about the band. We do learn from the insert that the band had 10 originals, but I am not sure how many more were recorded.

Regardless, this was a great little archeoligical unearthing.

Sunday, April 1, 2001

MRR Inerview - Deranged Record

I did a record profile on Deranged Records when the label was first starting out. Gord and I were roomates at the time and we helped each other out on all sorts of projects related to the scene. I thought his label was doing great things and continues to this day. That's a sign of a good label. Issue #215 of MRR is still available at but you can download a PDF of the interview with Deranged by clicking on the image above.

MRR Interview - Nomeansno

There was some kind of ban on Nomeansno that went back to Tim's fight with Jello. Nomeansno were on Alternative Tentacles which was Jello's label so as a consequence MRR has never doen an interview with the band. And Nomeasno have done loads so it seems weird. This interview isn't an in depth one but it does capture the band at a period of time. the interview was done in Chicago at the Fireside Bowl and appeared in the April 2001 edition of MRR (#215). This issue of the zine is still available at, but you can get the interview in a PDF format by clicking on the zine cover above.