Wednesday, April 4, 2001

The Statics "Original 1980 Punk Rock Recordings" ep

Glenn Salter found out about this band through a compilation that he came across at a flea market for Mississauga compilation called "Mississauga Live". Glenn tracked down the band and did an interview with various band members to find out the band's story which is an insert that coems with this single. Glenn approached Simon Harvey of Ugly Pop about  working together on this single and it comes out in April 2001 pressing 800 copies. It's a great little find especially given that the Statics were the only punk band on the comp.
The songs for this ep come from that comp. The recording was a live off the floor from the Newport Hotel, which was a place that bands from Mississauga played at.

I have heard from people that the song "Rebel Like Me" is the stand out on the single. It is the most punk sounding number of the three.

"Mr. Bill" is about the SNL plastiscene character that would get crushed in the end. the guitar sound is probably inspired by the band's love for Teenage Head although others have compared it to Chuck Berry.
The B-Side track "The Story" is an autobiographical story about the band. We do learn from the insert that the band had 10 originals, but I am not sure how many more were recorded.

Regardless, this was a great little archeoligical unearthing.

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  1. I remember the rehearsal hall on Towns Rd in Etobicoke , had a lot of fun there and Dean Stillie's basement.. the good old days..( but we never realized it..)