Thursday, April 26, 2001

The Spys "Original Punk Rock From Canada 1979-1980" LP

This LP was a collection of the 7", demos from 1979 and some material from the live reunion show in 1995. This was released by Incognito out of Germany who released the awesome "Back to the Front" comps, which are the best sort of KBD type of releases that I have seen. The band was made up of Elad on guitar, Coma Joe on bass, Dave O'Gormanon drums, and Frank Carlone on vocals.

The songs on this release are:

1. Machine Shop
2. Underground
3. I Wanna Be Like You
4. Been Through the Mill
5. Welcome to the Cruel World
6. Watching You
7. Ludwell Woodwork
8. Best I Can Get
9. Face the Eighties
10. I'm a Miner
11. Don't Touch that Dial
12. Last Generation
13. Machine Shop
14. I Wanna Be Like You
15. Better Off Dead

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