Sunday, January 27, 2002

Zine - Konflict in the Kino, Issue 01

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This is a film zine done by my friend Dion Conflict. He has an awesome blog at I help do the layout. It is a crime that folks don't get to see this zine so I put them up for download like the EXD zines. This issue starts off with an article on Gerald Damiano, a Director involved in the adult film industry. The second story is about Dion's tryout at Much Music as a cultural reporter.

Sunday, January 6, 2002

Sunday, January 6, 2002

THE CLASS - Survivors (CIUT)
THE CLASS - Class Anthem (CIUT)
THE CLASS - Elected the Rejected (CIUT)
THE CLASS - Friday Nite (CIUT)
THE CLASS - Hope and Glory (CIUT)
THE CLASS - Apathetic Youth (CIUT)
THE CLASS - Out in Force (CIUT)
THE CLASS - It's for Life (CIUT)
THE CLASS - You've gotta lot to Learn (CIUT)
THE CLASS - the Kids (CIUT)
THE CLASS - Leeches (CIUT)
THE CLASS - Dead Generation (CIUT)

THE CLASS - Interview (CIUT)

Flyer - Sunday January 6th, 2002

Tuesday, January 1, 2002


This issue came out in January 2002. This issue featured a band from Scarborough called the Class. This band was originally called NBC and would later become Action, but the Class was what they were in the interim. They were interviewed at CIUT on January 6th, 2002. A retrospective look at 2001 appeared in this issue. These were thoughts put together based on the monthly Top 10s that were compiled over 2001. There were reviews, show listings, and a rumourmill.