Friday, June 26, 1998

Sunday, June 21, 1998

Wadge / Pantalones Abajo Marinero split ep

Wadge's side of this split is rapid fire grind with power violence heaviness and sampling. There is no way you would know that all these instruments were played by one man, Paul Pfeiffer. It blows me away everytime I hear Wadge material. Paul enlists a bunch of singers, some with some experience, like Tim Freeborn from Sons of Ishmael, and others who are is friends. They all do a great job and screaming and growling out lyrics. If Heresy sounded more precision like they would sound like Wadge so Wadge takes the fastcoe sound to the next level of blurr. The songs on here are: 
1. Don't Fuck with the Devil
2. Ever Frantic, Ever Calm
3. Never to be Revealed
4. Gnaw in Vain
5. Your THroat, Your Life
6. Before They Get You

The split was done with another one man band from Minnesota Pantelones Abajo Marinero. Their side is also rapid fire drumming and slower metal played riffage. The vocals are done in those often ridiculed death core style of vocals. There isn't any information about songs. I think Regurgitated Semen Records migt have been behind the release.

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