Monday, November 28, 2005

Radio - Sunday, November 27, 2005

THIRD DEGREE - Sick (SelfMadeGod)

November Top 10
DECONDITIONED - Taxes at Play (Beginning Era)
A.N.S. - Turn It Off (Beginning Era)
ACIDIC SOIL - Black Door (Revive)
ZOE - The Power Remains (MCR Co.)
THE VENDETTA - Tonight (Pure Punk)
TWATS - Death of Cuteness (Overdose on Records)
BOMBENALARM - Klarkommen Forever (Unsociable)
I SHOT CYRUS - Hey Loco!!! (Underground Punk Support)
INSANE YOUTH A.D. - Attack of I.Y.A.D. (Hibachi)
MARTYRDOD - Hor Varningen (Havoc)

THE OUTCASTS - Just Another Teenage Rebel (Cherry Red)
THE DIODES - Death in the Subrubs (CBS)
PROTEX - Just Want Your Attention (Bootleg)
THE POLES - CN Tower (Nimbus 9)
RIVER CITY TANLINES - Nothing Means Nothing Anymore (Soul is Cheap)

ABRASIVE WHEELS - Burn em Down (Captain Oi!)
DISRESPECT - Vicious Circle (Profane Existence)
A.P.A. (formerly known as ADOLPH & THE PISS ARTISTS) - Abrasive Punk (Retch)
TERMINAL STATE - I'm So Terminal (Deranged)
PEDESTRIANS - Wire to Wire (Residue)

INEPSY - Inferno Machine (Feral Ward)
MOTORHEAD - Iron Fist (Bronze)
TRAGEDY - The Ending Fight (Tragedy)
BORN DEAD ICONS - Doomtown (independent)

CLOSET MONSTER - A Gun that I Can Borrow (this news shits in print) (Underground Operations)
CRADLE TO GRAVE - No More Enemy (Squirrel Fox)
SPRAY PAINT - To the Place on the Third Floor (Squirrel Fox)
TOY DOLLS - Her with a Hoover (Captain Oi!)

The RUTS - Stepping Bondage (Captain Oi!)
THE TRANZMITORS - Some Girls (Self-Released)
999 - Inside Out (Albion)
THE SKIDS - Melancholy Soldier (Captain Oi!)
THE PROFESSIONALS - The Magnificent (Captain Oi!)

Demo Feature
NO FATE - My Blood (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - Speaking Up (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - You Cant Break the Broken (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - Blockhead (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - Peter Moustache (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - Fists Up (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - I Hope a Piano Falls on You (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)

LOWLIFE - Thinking Naturally (Canada Punk History)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dirty BS ep

This was recorded at Audiolab. Dirty BS featured Dave KW on vocals, Josh and Laurie on guitar, Chris on bass, and Ivan on drums. The songs on here are:

1. 15 Years
2. Chronic Infection
3. Remains
4. Appropriation
5. Mercy Bullet

Monday, November 21, 2005

Radio - Sunday, November 20, 2005

THE VAPIDS - Satellite Debris (Amp)

TRANZMITORS - Glamour Girls (Unreleased)
SOLUTION - Nightmare (MCR Co.)
BUSINESS - Tell us the Truth (Captain Oi!)
SHAM 69 - I Don't Wanna (Captain Oi!)
AIRBOMB - I'm So Sick (Retch)

REPLACEMENTS - Customer (Twin/Tone)
QUEERS - Love Love Love (Lookout)
RIVERDALES - She's Gonna Break Your Heart (Lookout!)
RAMONES - The KKK Took My Baby Away (Sire)

Studio 3 Session
THE VAPIDS - I am a Square (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - In from the Kill (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Lucy Potato (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Curtain Jumper (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Dead Letter Department (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Bad Lieutenant (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Pocket Full of Nails (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Product of Your Family (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - In For the Kill (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Dee Dee, King of Rock (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Black Therapy (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - God Bless the Internet (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Human Target (Drunk)
THE VAPIDS - Interview (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Don't Play games with my Heart (D.I.Y. or Die)

OBSERVERS - Manipulator (Deranged)
MARKED MEN - She Won't Know (Shit Sandwich)
FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS - Land of Treason (Criminal I.Q.)
VEE DEE - TV Police (Criminal I.Q.)

REGULATIONS - Police Siren (Havoc)
COCKNEY REJECTS - Police Car (Captain Oi!)
SEXHEAD - The Tricks I Know (Sexhead)

Demo Feature
BEAR PROOF SUIT - Past Tension (Self-Released)
BEAR PROOF SUIT - We Won't Repent (Self-Released)
BEAR PROOF SUIT - Prosecutors Will be Violated (Self-Released)
BEAR PROOF SUIT - Laughing Song (Self-Released)
BEAR PROOF SUIT - People Die Every Day (Self-Released)
BEAR PROOF SUIT - Police Story (Self-Released)
BEAR PROOF SUIT - Bear Proof Suit (Self-Released)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Radio - Sunday, November 13, 2005

RIOT BRIGADE - All Fall Down (D.I.Y. or Die)

FALLOUT - Bigots and Bastards (Longshot)
ANGELS, SAINTS and HEROES - Broken Heartland (Self Released)
SINKIN' SHIPS - Tits on Toast (Sink & Destroy)
CRASHED OUT - Heroes (Captain Oi!)
SICK 56 - In the Red (JSNTGM)

DUCKY BOYS - Hooked on Junk (Bootleg)
SLANDER - Petticoat Junkie (Punk History Canada)
BRATS - Psychotic (Bootleg)

Studio 3 Session
RIOT BRIGADE - You've spit on my for the last time (CIUT)
RIOT BRIGADE - From All Sides (CIUT)
RIOT BRIGADE - Rise to the Occasion (CIUT)
RIOT BRIGADE - No Comply (D.I.Y. or Die)
RIOT BRIGADE - Rise to the Occasion (D.I.Y. or Die)

RUTS - Stepping Bondage (Captain Oi!)
PROFESSIONALS - 1-2-3 (Captain Oi!)
SKIDS - Test Tube Babies (Captain Oi!)
TEENAGE HEAD - Let's Shake (Attic)
THE VAPIDS - Little Boxes (Double Hell)

MELLAKKA - Ei (Partners in Crime)
JEZUS AND THE GOSPEL FUCKERS - Alcohol / Police (Kangaroo)
NEGATIVE APPROACH - Hypocrite (Reptilian)
GEZA X - I Hate Punks (Dionysus)
RAMONES - I Can't Be (Bootleg)

Demo Feature
MISSILE CRISIS - Outside the Gates (Delinquent)
MISSILE CRISIS - Generation Kill (Delinquent)
MISSILE CRISIS - Ha Ha, You're Dead (Delinquent)
MISSILE CRISIS - Thrash Attack (Delinquent)
MISSILE CRISIS - Living Dead (Delinquent)
MISSILE CRISIS - Captain Buzzkill (Delinquent)

YOUNG CANADIANS - No Escape (Sudden Death)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Radio - Saturday November 12, 2005

PEDESTRIANS - Caution Final Exit (CIUT)
PEDESTRIANS - Left on Destruction (CIUT)
PEDESTRIANS - Modern Defect (CIUT)
PEDESTRIANS - Why Kill What's Dead, Take 1 (CIUT)
PEDESTRIANS - Why Kill What's Dead, Take 2 (CIUT)
PEDESTRIANS - Flag of Yesterday (CIUT)

Flyer - Saturday November 12, 2005

Monday, November 7, 2005

Knucklehead "The New Black List" CD

Knucklehead become a five piece adding James on second guitar and Eric on drums. Stumble Records out of St. Catharines releases this. The songs on here are:

1. Cosmetic Youth
2. Jacob Burke
3. The New Black List
4. Safe and Out of Reach
5. Prime Time Reality
6. Bodies at Midnight
7. Bill Jones' Curse
8. Born in a Big City
9. Dead End Boys in Dark Glasses
10. Better Living
11. Shelters
12. The World in Black and White

Radio - Sunday, November 6, 2005

THE TRANZMITORS - Dancing in the Front Row (Self-Released)

FREEZE - I Hate Tourists (Schizophrenic)
9 SHOCKS TERRROR - New Design (Havoc)
PINKEYE - I Pink 2 Blues (Slasher)

RIVER CITY TANLINES - Time 2 Get Right (Misprint)
AGNOSTIC FRONT - Victim in Pain (Bootleg)
PEDESTRIANS - Annihilate (Residue)

AGAINST ME! - Mediocrity (Fat)
POINTED STICKS - Marching Song (Sudden Death)
THE MODERNETTES - Won't Have to Worry (Sudden Death)

FLAK - Only the Dead (Police Target)
LEBENDEN TOTEN - Expansion Games (Wicked Witch)
ASS END OFFEND - End Result (Wantage USA)
THE BAD VIBES - You're My Fucking Problem (Steel Cage)

REGULATIONS - Hollywood Smile (Havoc)
CATHOLIC BOYS - Hurt to Hate (Bancroft)
ABSOLUTE RULERS - 13 Lessons (independent)
THE KRUNCHIES - Wargasm (Criminal I.Q.)
FUCKED UP - Colour Removal (Test Pattern)

NATION OF FINKS - Love Hardcore, Hate You (Kangaroo)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Wet My Pants (Deranged)
CAREER SUICIDE - Lost on You (Slasher)
BALLAST - Imagine (Profane Existence)

REGISTRATORS - Chainsaw Love (Rip Off)
LOLI & THE CHONES - Radiation (Rip Off)
FLIP TOPS - Secrets and Lies (Vinyl Warning)
DIODES - Tired of Waking Up Tired (Epic)

WHICH SIDE - All or Nothing (Break the Cycle)
WASTED TIME - Enemies of Common Sense (Self-Released)
BRAIN HANDLE - Dishevelled (Self-Released)

PARANOID CHOKEHOLD - God Squad (Self-Released)

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Wadge "The Road to Hana" CD

Wadge are a band put together by Paul Pfeiffer from Newcastle, Ontario. Paul is an amazing drummer who has learned to play guitar and bass as well and when he is not barking out lyrics to his favourite made up tales about Don Ho and Mr. Ferley he is convincing various hardcore frontmen from the Toronto hardcore scene like Tim Freeborn of Sons of Ishmael or Chris Colohon of the Swarm / Cursed to do some vocals for his grind songs. He also has a bunch of local friends like Brad and Goebbles who make up the mainstay of the vocals on his various releases. This release was inspired after a trip or two to Hawaii. Regurgitated Semen Records put this out. The songs on here are:

1. Tiki Timewarp

2. Defenders of Ko Hawai'i Pae `Aina
3. Ukulele Princess
4. All in Time
5. Conclude the Charge
6. Honolulu Firefight
7. Seven Sacred Pools
8. Three Cheers for Larry/Dead Nugent Pt. 2
9. Newa Justice
10. Converting You Into a More Useful Form
11. Sound Investment in Your Future
12. Piss on their Ashes
13. Reload the Guns
14. Taste My Chrome
15. Curse the World (Pahoa-A'u-ku version)
16. Two Plus None
17. Orgy of Bullets
18. Fondle the Liver

19. Menehune Meltdown
20. Surfing Molten Lava
21. The Rapa Nui Mangler
22. Burn with the Wisdom
23. Genital Rampage
24. Coming to Get You
25. Those Vacant Stares
26. Token Status
27. Moonlight Lullaby
28. Hot Lead, Cold Steel
29. The Hawaiian Art of Bone Breaking
30. Molokini from the Sky
31. Moai I'aom
32. Return to Tradition
33. Alaoha Daze
34. Sunset on Maui

Top 10 - October 2005

Top 10 - October 2005

1. BRODY'S MILITIA "The Appalachian Twelve Gauge Massacre" CD (Sound Pollution)
2. BOXED IN "Distance" ep (Heart First)
3. STRUNG UP "Warfucked" ep (Kangaroo)
4. V/A "Internationally Pist 2" ep (Punks Before Profit$)
5. V/A "Japan Thrash Revolution" CD (625 Productions)
6. SCURVY DOGS "Relieve Yourself" ep (Kangaroo)
7. TOAMOL "Tragedy of a Mind Once Lost" Dbl ep (Heart First)
8. HELLSHOCK "Warlord" ep (Profane Existence)
9. THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE "Turn Illness Into a Weapon" CD (Sound Pollution)
10. HOSTILE TAKEOVER "Fucking Up and Fallin' Hard" ep (625 Productions)

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