Monday, November 28, 2005

Radio - Sunday, November 27, 2005

THIRD DEGREE - Sick (SelfMadeGod)

November Top 10
DECONDITIONED - Taxes at Play (Beginning Era)
A.N.S. - Turn It Off (Beginning Era)
ACIDIC SOIL - Black Door (Revive)
ZOE - The Power Remains (MCR Co.)
THE VENDETTA - Tonight (Pure Punk)
TWATS - Death of Cuteness (Overdose on Records)
BOMBENALARM - Klarkommen Forever (Unsociable)
I SHOT CYRUS - Hey Loco!!! (Underground Punk Support)
INSANE YOUTH A.D. - Attack of I.Y.A.D. (Hibachi)
MARTYRDOD - Hor Varningen (Havoc)

THE OUTCASTS - Just Another Teenage Rebel (Cherry Red)
THE DIODES - Death in the Subrubs (CBS)
PROTEX - Just Want Your Attention (Bootleg)
THE POLES - CN Tower (Nimbus 9)
RIVER CITY TANLINES - Nothing Means Nothing Anymore (Soul is Cheap)

ABRASIVE WHEELS - Burn em Down (Captain Oi!)
DISRESPECT - Vicious Circle (Profane Existence)
A.P.A. (formerly known as ADOLPH & THE PISS ARTISTS) - Abrasive Punk (Retch)
TERMINAL STATE - I'm So Terminal (Deranged)
PEDESTRIANS - Wire to Wire (Residue)

INEPSY - Inferno Machine (Feral Ward)
MOTORHEAD - Iron Fist (Bronze)
TRAGEDY - The Ending Fight (Tragedy)
BORN DEAD ICONS - Doomtown (independent)

CLOSET MONSTER - A Gun that I Can Borrow (this news shits in print) (Underground Operations)
CRADLE TO GRAVE - No More Enemy (Squirrel Fox)
SPRAY PAINT - To the Place on the Third Floor (Squirrel Fox)
TOY DOLLS - Her with a Hoover (Captain Oi!)

The RUTS - Stepping Bondage (Captain Oi!)
THE TRANZMITORS - Some Girls (Self-Released)
999 - Inside Out (Albion)
THE SKIDS - Melancholy Soldier (Captain Oi!)
THE PROFESSIONALS - The Magnificent (Captain Oi!)

Demo Feature
NO FATE - My Blood (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - Speaking Up (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - You Cant Break the Broken (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - Blockhead (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - Peter Moustache (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - Fists Up (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - I Hope a Piano Falls on You (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)

LOWLIFE - Thinking Naturally (Canada Punk History)

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