Friday, November 30, 1979

Dream Dates "The Mess You're In" ep

This is the second ep of the Dream Dates to come out. This is part of the same recording as the first ep. Ugly Pop released this in 2000, but the recording is from November 1979. There is a cover of Iggy's "Search and Destroy" on the B-Side. After this single came out Zurich Chainsaw Massacre released both eps as a 12" over in Europe.

1. The Mess You're In
2. Search and Destroy

Simon did a bunch of limited edition versions of his early releases with a Drew Berrymore cover. This one was limited to 30 copies.

Thursday, November 29, 1979

Dream Dates "Moans on the Phone" ep

Simon Harvey of Ugly Pop met up with Dicky Fix and found out about his early band the Dream Dates. They wound up putting out two eps of the band's material. This was the first which was recorded at Kill Kill Studios in November 1979. The ep didn't come out until 2000. The material is along the vein of Teenage Head and the Forgotten Rebels in terms of being melodic first wave punk. My wife sings the A-Side all the time from having heard it at home. This was some great punk rock archeology work by Simon.

1. Moans on the Phone
2. Heartattack Rhythm

Wednesday, November 28, 1979

Tuesday, November 27, 1979

Sunday, November 25, 1979

Subhumans "Firing Squad" ep

This came out on Quintessence in 1979 as a 7". The songs on here are:

1. Firing Squad
2. No Productivity

Saturday, November 24, 1979

Flyer - Saturday November 24, 1979

Tyranna headlines a show at the Picadilly Tube which was a place on Yonge Street that didn;t have many punk shows. Willie English opened up.

Thursday, November 22, 1979

Saturday, November 17, 1979

Tuesday, November 13, 1979

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Friday, November 9, 1979

The Diodes "Released" LP

This was released on Epic Records in 1979. The songs on here are:
1. Red Rubber Ball
2. Teenage Nation
3. Photographs from Mars
4. Madhouse
5. Mercenary Flight
6. Tired of Waking up Tired
7. Jenny's in a Sleep World
8. Weekend
9. No Right to Make me Bleed
10. Terminal Rock

Thursday, November 1, 1979