Friday, October 31, 1986

Release - SNFU "She's Not on the Menu (Dance mix)" ep

During the summer of 1986, SNFU go back into the studio to re-record "She's not on the Menu", which they planned to release independently. Instead of the straight forward punk version that was originally recorded they added a funky bass line and gave it a "Mix" subtitle. Instead of "Dance mix" they made a play on that and called it a "Dunce Mix".

There were delays with the pressing of "If you swear, you'll catch no fish" so SNFU wanted to release something so that the people knew the band was still active.

The songs on the B-Side, "Life of a Bag Lady" and "This is the End" were from the West Watch recording back in 1982. This was SNFU's earliest recording and would later get released as a 7" and represented the recording that the Stern Brothers had heard prior to the "Something to Believe in" compilation.

The EP was limited to 500 coloured vinyl copies with silk-screened covers. The record was supposed to be mail order only, but Cargo helped distribute the single and was impressed with how well the single sold.

Thanks to Chris Walters notes in "SNFU...What no one else wanted to say".

Monday, October 27, 1986

Young Lions "Welcome to the Freak Show" LP

Here is MRR's review back when this came out in 1986. The review appeared in MRR #47. And the rveiew is correct. From what I have read the A-side was recorded at one time and the B-side a few years later when Chris came back to town to finish it. According to Kill From the Heart, tracks 1-5 recorded November 1983, tracks 6-13 recorded September 1985. The B-Side showcased the Young Lions Replacements meets Husker Du inspiration that happened later on. Yodel Gems was a label put together by some of the memebers of the New Mr. Orrs. The songs that appeared on this release are:

1. Freak Show
2. Shithole
3. Gutter Rat Blues
4. Lizard for a Day
5. Pray for Julie
6. In the Fields
7. Progress
8. Motor City Jam
9. Royal Killers
10. United
11. One Brick at a Time
12. Freedom Fighter
13. Outlaws

Friday, October 17, 1986

Flyer - Friday October 17, 1986

The bass player, Alisdiar Jones, made this flyer. Other flyers can be viewed at

Tuesday, October 14, 1986

Monday, October 13, 1986

Groupoem "What you See Here, Hear Here, Say Here, Stays Here When you Leave Here" 12"

Local Toronto band with a great camper that was converted into a touring van. The band featured Nobody on vocals, Terry Robinson on guitar, Darren Katamay on bass, and Christopher Flea on drums. This was recorded in 9 hours by Matt Miller and was self-released. The songs on here are:
1. Nice Stunt
2. Drink Beer till it Hurts
3. Why I'm the Roast of Beef
4. Told
5. Hammers
6. Frank Sinatra of Misery

Friday, October 10, 1986

Flyer: Friday October 10, 1986

This was a huge show. A lot of metalheads were at it. I remember hearing DRI play songs like "5 Year Plan" so "Crossover" was about to come out. Aggressive Rock was a co-sponsor and I remember Brain Taylor working the door. And I remember a huge circle pit.

Flyer - Friday October 10, 1986

This was a legendary show. It was probably the biggest show ever in Toronto from a hardcore perspective. This was the first big crossover show. I remember seeing loads of metalheads at this show and I remember them being a bit more violent in the pit, but it was a learning process. We were trying to figure out how to get along. The Ukranian Hall is now a Buddhist Temple. The "Corssover" album had just come out and DRI weren't as good as the time I say them at Ildiko's. But this show has it's place in T.O.'s history books.

Thursday, October 9, 1986

Negative Gain "Back from the Dead" LP

Negative Gain were an awesome hardcore band from Oakville. They were one of the fastest bands we had at the time and remain one of the fastest bands to have been part of the Toronto scene. This made them perfect candidates for Pushead's label because Pushead's motto was the faster the better. The singer, Peter, commited suicide after the record was recorded but before it was released giving the title an unintended meaning.
The band had a demo and this record. A couple of these songs came out on my comp "Ontario: Yours to Discover". Songs found on the LP are:

1. No Life at All
2. Face First
3. Descend on Youth
4. Dark Places
5. Nuclear Winter
6. Live or Die
7. We Believe
8. Night Stalker
9. One Way Livin'
10. Prsident's Women
11. Piss Me Off!

12. Back from the Dead
13. Situation All Fucked Up!
14. When the Pounding Stops
15. Psychic Hours
16. Destiny's Uncertain
17. What's the Reason
18. Loss of Self
19. Night of the Rat
20. My Old Man

Wednesday, October 8, 1986

Bunchofuckingoofs "There's NoSolution, So There's No Problem"dbl ep

This was the first release by BFG. There is so much to write about BFG, but let's just focus on this release. It was a double ep. The records were put out by Steve's nephew who hung out with the Goofs. He called his label Back Alley Records, which was fitting because at the time the entrance to the fort was through a back alley. The songs on here are:
1. Alcoholiday Turned Alcoholocaust
2. Too Bad
3. Creating Criminals 2 Create Employment
4. Exploding Glue Bags
5. Religion
6. Putting Us Down
7. Preprogrammed
8. Total Breakdown

Thursday, October 2, 1986

Photos: DOA at RPM

This show was at RPM and according to a review in Mute Elation zine the show took place on October 2nd, 1986. I remember that psychedlic backdrop. I remmeber this being a mismatch of bands and venue. The RPM was located donw by the water front and is transportation inhibited. There was no TTC buses that went near here so there was a lot of walking involved in geting to the show. And the stage at RPM was shoulder height which was unusual for shows back then so there was no stage diving. The club was also really big which made it seem like there was a poor turnout even though there was probably a couple of hundred kids at the show. And it was a 19+ venue and the club was pretty strict about ID. Lots of things sucked about this show but DOA was not one of them.

Zine - The Pig Paper #28

Wednesday, October 1, 1986

Zine - Nerve #29

Issue #29 of Nerve featured Skinny Puppy on the cover and was published in October 1986. This issue also featured pieces on Georgia Satellites, Run DMC, Daddy Cool, and Stompin' Tom Connors. There are regional reports on Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, London, and Montreal, music and show reviews and columns.