Thursday, August 31, 1978

Flyer - Thursday August 31 - Saturday September 2, 1978

Thanks to Henry Martinuk for sending us this.

The Viletones "Look Back in Anger" 7"

This was the second 7" by the Viletones. This was released on Razor Records and contained the songs:
1. Don't You Lie
2. Dirty Feelin
3. Back Door to Hell
4. Swastika Girl
5. Danger Boy

Sunday, August 27, 1978

Friday, August 25, 1978

Friday, August 18, 1978

Flyer - Friday August 18, 1978

From the archives of Henry Martinuk.

Flyer - Saturday August 18 - Sunday August 19, 1978

The Curse had just gotten back from New York and they did a gig at the Turning Point. Ruby T's had just started singing for the Curse. Mickey had left the band at this point. Alina Solina had been added on keyboards for the line up. This version of the Curse would go on to become True Confessions.

As for Tyranna, John Zeigler had just left the band. This was the second set of gigs that Tyranna started playing.

From the archives of Henry Martinuk. Thanks aso to Gerry Smith for the context of the show.

Wednesday, August 16, 1978

Thursday, August 10, 1978

Photo: Tyranna at Wade Avenue

This is an early version of Tyranna taken in August 1978. Johnny Bubblegum is on the left, than Rabies and John Zeigler was probably one of the guys on the right. The picture was taken by an artist from the Wade Artist Collective.

Saturday, August 5, 1978