Tuesday, December 14, 1993

Zine - Full Blast #1

Full Blast was the second zine that Louanne started doing. Louanne used to do a zine called Tunga Tunga and the editorial pages of this issue explain the new zine and Louanne's newfound love for the garage inspired scene of punk that was happening in the early 90's. Full Blast became one of her expressions for this scene. Louanne also started up a record store at Bloor and Bathurst by the same name. I bought many great records here.

Something unique about this zine was that Louanne started the issue off with record reviews, whereas most zines buried them in the back. Louanne landed an interview with the New Bomb Turks who were just getting known at the time and inspired a lot of people to garage inspired hardcore. Louanne also did an interview with Screeching Weasel when they played hat the Silver Shack on March 14th, 1993. There is also a piece on the Cult of Camille Paglia that was a reprint of a letter from the Village Voice. there was also some zine reviews which show a snapshot of the time and includes a review of the Smash the State book that had just come out and is arguably the most important Canadian punk book to have come out.

Friday, December 10, 1993

Wednesday, December 8, 1993

DOA "The Only Thing Green" ep

This was a benefit single for the "Friends of Clayquot Sound" done by Alternative Tentacles. My brother was out there around this time and said the deforestation was just unbelievable. He sent me an arial postcard which looks like someone had shaved the earth. It was aweful because they were clear cutting. The B-Side had a cover of Jhnny cash's "Folsom Prison Blues".