Saturday, January 24, 1987

Flyer - Saturday January 24, 1987

The Nils play Hamilton.

Saturday, January 17, 1987

Flyer - Saturday January 17, 1987

I put on this show. It put the show on at an anti nuclear organization's organizing space. Money from the rental for the day went to them. they were pretty close to where the El Mocambo was. Hyper as hell were from Kent and headlined the show. They lived in a place called the smurf House because the house was painted blue. They had a song called "ROTC Nazi". False Hope and Youth Inc. were from Cleveland. MSI opened up which meant they also helped out with loaning equipment.

Thursday, January 15, 1987

Zine - Mount the Purple Sceptre

Glenn did many zines and in the end he changed the name of the zine for every issue. This version of his zine was inspired by the Sons of Ishmael song "man and His Penis Sceptre". This helps explain why Sons of Ishmael are on the cover and the picture of Tim is the gesture he would make when he sang the song so Gl;enn has caught him in the moment. I interviewed my friend Jim about his band Half Off, who were a straight edge band from California. Glenn was inspired by horror movies so there are some reviews of those, as well as a piece on Clive Barker. Mike from BSL did an interview with the Stupids who were a skate band from the UK. there are a few pages of rad horror art done by Paul Douglas Jr. There is a page of zien reviews. There is an interview with the Nils and Glenn used a picture I took. There is a collage on Evil Dead 2. Glenn interviewed Chris Jones from Verbal Assault. There is an interview I did with Face First who were a straight edge band from Oklahoma. Glenn did an awesoem job with music reviews and including pictures of the bands with them. It looks amazing. there is an interview with SNFU in Guelph. And Paul from Holland's Larm did a mail interview with Glenn which was amazing. Glenn was the original guitarist in Death of Gods and then left and started up MSI.

Friday, January 2, 1987