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Release - SNFU "The One Most Likely to Succeed" LP

This is SNFU's sixth full length, but their fifth studio album and their second of three albums to be released on Epitaph Records.

The band started recording this album in December 1994 just before Christmas. This album was recorded at Mushroom Studios in Vancouver. The recording was finished in less than two weeks with one minor hiccup where Chi didn't make it into the studio.

The producer was Dave "Rave" Ogilvie and he mixed the album at Bryan Adams West Vancouver mansion where he installed a studio in the basement.

Chris Walter's describes how the conditions were ideal for the band for the first time ever. He also has the band members recount some funny incidents while in the studio that you should read about in his book titled "SNFU:..What No One Else Wanted to Say".

The mixing was finished in mid-January.

The band shot a video for "Eric's had a Bad Day". The song is about Eric Thorkelson who hosted a hardcore show on CITR called "Flex Your Head". Eric also played bass in Strain. He was one of the first guys SNFU meet when they moved to Vancouver. The song was also released as a single.

The band also did a video for "Big Thumbs" which would also be one of the favourites from this record, along with "Drunk on a Bike".

Brett from Epitaph, was stoked that this album was more punk than the last. They pressed 80,000 jacket covers but the back cover artwork didn't have Dave Rees' name on it. They used them regardless.

Marc Belke feels this was the best album SNFU ever did.

Chris Walter's gives the entire album a great review starting on page 157 of his book. He says of "The One Voted Most Likely to Succeed" that is was
Shorter and punchier. Quirky numbers such as "Joni Mitchell Tapes" or "Stangely Strange" were gone, replaced with slicker, faster tunes all less than three minutes long.

The first track "Rusty Rake," opens with a one two punch of the Belke guitar attack and Chi Pig's distinctive vocals. A song concerning gratitude, "Rusty Rake" also features a nifty bass breakdown courtesy of Rob "Starbuck" Johnson.

Jumping directly the next track, "A Better Place" depcts an old woman contemplating a life that has run its course. Despite its lively tempo , the song carries with it the disturbing reminder that life is short.

On "Big Thumbs" the singer considers shovelling the sidewalk in September, a task unusual for Vancouver at any time of year. The song is more about headaches and Brett from Epitaph wanted the band to call the song "Oh My Headcahe", but Chi refused to budge.

"Drunk on a Bike" is the second bona fide fist pumping sing-along smash of the album. With its infectous melody and memorable riff, "Drunk on a Bike" is a return to the simple but effective punk stylings that made SNFU popular originally."It's the bike couriers' mantra" says Chi Pig.

"Manuel" is a weird but likeable song about a Mexican who has a little accident.

"My Mold Collection" is an even weirder song, presumably about the things Chi Pig found growing in his fridge.

Side one ends with the lightening fast ode to hoarders entitled "Bumper Stickers" that contains the immortal line "coaster collecting is fascinating."

"Eric's had a Bad Day" opens side two bombards listeners with an avalanche of raging guitars and pounding rhythms. As anthemic as it is memorable, the song is mereky a breathless precursor of faster things to come.

The bass driven "King of Skin" is a tribute to pornmaster Larry Flynt. As always, Chi's lyrics are as playful as they are morbid, and although Flynt is not dead yet, the imagery of Jerry Falwell gloating over his muddy grave is chilling.

"Mutated Dog" is another whimsical and gruesome flight of fancy from the depths of Chi Pig's twisted mind. Nifty but ultimately meaningless, this song was one fo Marc Belke's favourite to play.

"Bizarre Novelties" explores solo acts of sexual deviance in an offhand way that makes thumbscrews and nipple clamps seem boring.

"Lovely Little Frankenstein" is loaded with double meanings, and the singer might again be offering hints as to his own sexual orientation. The riff heavy collection of hooks would give any video producer plenty of ideas.

Mike "Gabby" Gaborno of the Cadillac Tramps and Bif Naked appear on "One Last Loveshove", which changes from a lovesick lament to scathing rejection when the protagonist abruptly ditches his or her lover. The song informs the listener that not only is the relationship over but so is the album.

Although "The One Most Likely to Succeed" owed more to Dag Nasty or Down by Law than it did to the Circle Jerks or Black Flag, the twnety seven minute album was both feisty and enjoyable. This one had more of a chance making for a literal reading of the title. This was released on May 4th, 1995

01. Rusty Rake
02. Better Place
03. Big Thumbs
04. Drunk on a Bike
05. Manuel
06. My Mold Collection
07. Bumper Stickers
08. Eric’s Had a Bad Day
09. King of Skin
10. Mutated Dog
11. Bizarre Novelties
12. Lovely Little Frankenstein
13. One Last Loveshove